Yard Machines Gas Riding Mower

A compact but powerful option that comes with a powered rear engine is a formidable choice as well. A Briggs and Stratton OHV engine is a reliable companion that is sure to get the job done pretty fast. While it may look less brawny that its peers from afar, its overall handling and agility on bends is a sure plus that compensates well on this regard. For most interested buyers, this is a great entry level purchase for midsized lawns.

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Rear engine specification and ability

The power packed in this machine enables both power and speed advantages that are easy to tune with the work requirement. A 6-speed transmission allows for smooth navigation even through uneven ground. Manufacturers have succeeded in packing the necessary power to run this superb machine. 190cc. Capacity goes on to establish an economic mower that is remarkably fuel efficient.

Lawn management at its very basic function includes keeping a reasonable grass or shrub height that is consistent. This engine is designed for this sole task and will put up a good job. A rear engine design keeps the entire frame quite compact as the seat is right on top. Manufacturers have done well in keeping things functional and to a bare minimal.

24-inch cutting deck

While the cutting deck may not be the largest in its class, 24 inches lets the operator tackle lawns in neat and clean cut strips. Access to the desired site usually is usually through a narrow gate into the property and lawn. This specification alongside an overall compact frame allows it through such circumstances which may prove a challenge to other bulkier and heavy duty mowers.

One can navigate around different space allowances to get that desired look that is at par with any other personal preferences. While on a particularly long stretch of lawn, speed advantages and maneuverability will make up for the cutting deck 24-inch clearance. After adjusting cutting height, mowing proceeds easily.

Anti -corrosion coat

Yard Machine mowers are made of a high quality composite material that can withstand wear and tear over time. Different parts of the mower are exposed to the impact and wetness that accompanies lawns at different seasons during the year. The cutting deck also needs to be pressure washed by water to rid it of grass and any other kind of debris as well.

For this reason quality grade stainless steel and other polymers on the steering wheel and controls ensure an extended lifeline. The mower can stand the test of time while maintaining a good as the new look. Front axle and power train component are covered in the warranty period as a show of confidence in the quality invested during manufacture.

Transmission and clutch

The best way to handle this mower is through a series of levers that control speed and other operations. 6 -speed transmission allows better handling on different kinds of ground. The coordinating speed with the terrain allows for better control.

Optimized steering

For the most part, the mowing job depends on steering. A rubberized steering wheel allows a motor like feel that the operator is used to. Responsive handling will go a long way in keeping the machine on course right from the start. Easy handling ensures that the operator does not get exhausted and can perform their role effortlessly and conclusively.

Fine tuning on other controls and levers present on the mower is a well -deserved the treat that the client will enjoy while mowing their lawn. By following the best practices and maintenance regimen, one will always enjoy superior handling. Owner’s Manual contains advice on how to best handle this machine to enjoy a hassle free process throughout.

Low back seat

Typical riding mowers are tasked with carrying out extensive services that may take up a considerable period. The operator may at some point feel overwhelmed if they are not comfortable right from the start. Alow back seat provides the best kind of support and posture that feels just right. Padded comfort keeps one relaxed and alert throughout the entire performance leading to better productivity.

Features designed with the end user’s needs in mind give the necessary incentive for them to carry on with their duty with little interruption. Adjustable seat option lets one calibrate to just the right position. With all the rumbling going around, it is calming to know a simple aspect such as comfort has been prioritized.


  • The pricing plan is among the most affordable at just under $1000.
  • Compact size allows movement in most areas without any tactical difficulty.
  • Fuel efficiency saves on running costs.
  • Low back seat lets the user operate the machine comfortably.


  • A larger fuel tank is much more desirable for lengthy assignments. 190 cc. means that one has to refuel frequently especially when on a lengthy assignment
  • Cannot perform reverse mowing.
  • This is a single purpose mower. Grass and other debris left after a typical stint will have to be collected afterward and disposed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Yard Machine capable of towing?
A: No. This machine does not allow towing services.
Q: What are the warranty terms on this purchase?
A: There is a standard warranty that runs for three years from the date of purchase. For more information about the specific warranty on parts such as front axle and cutting deck, please contact the manufacturer or the official dealers.


For those looking for an entry level riding mower with basic features, this is an excellent choice. It combines standard mowing capability with fuel efficiency. Apart from the distant rumbling while on the operator’s seat, there is little else that the user needs to worry about. An affordable price tag is a real bargain that will fit into the budget nicely.

Performance has been embedded into a compact frame alongside some user-friendly features that improve the quality of the ride. The mower is a formidable entry-level pick that will deliver an exceptional job.