Yard Machines 140cc 20 -Inch Push Mower

Looking for an excellent low-priced mower that is easy to start and push around small spaces? The Yard Machines 140cc 20 -Inch Push Mower is a light machine that is pushed without strain and is small enough to glide through tight spaces.

Powered by an efficient 140cc Powermore OHV engine, the push mower cuts grass quickly. Its loop handle increases user comfort while the 7 -inch by 7 -inch front and rear wheels makes it easy to maneuver. The lightweight mower is ideal for mowing small and medium-sized yards efficiently.

Features of Yard Machines 140cc 20 -Inch Push Mower

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Powerful Engine

At a price below $200, the mower comes with the lesser -known PowerMore OHV engine which is light, quick -to -start and powerful enough to do the job on small to medium-sized lawns. While for some people the Power More engine is a reason to avoid this mower, it is important to remember that even Honda and Briggs & Stratton engines usually fail after some years and that at a rating of 140cc this engine offers good value for money.

Easy to Maneuver

At just 621b, the Yard Machines 140cc 20 -Inch Push Mower is just the ideal weight for a push mower. And for those who struggle to push lawn mowers, the combination of light weight with large, rugged wheels makes the mower easier to push around the yard.

The mower also comes with a comfortable loop handle which makes it convenient to use for a long period of time without your hands getting calloused.

Good Cut Quality

Supplied with a 20 -inch cutting deck and a 140cc engine, the push mower offers good quality cut
irrespective of lawn conditions. It cuts tall and thick grass decently and leaves behind clean and tidy lawns.

Since the mower is lightweight and easy to move around even through tight spaces, it is perfect for routine (weekly) maintenance of small and medium-sized lawns, allowing you to achieve great trims quickly. Nevertheless, its balanced wheel height and low weight means it can’t give a perfect cut on extra -tough grass such as Bermuda.

Different Height Settings

Yard Machines 140cc 20 -Inch Push Mower is capable of operating at 3 different height settings, allowing you to set the right height for your lawn. Height adjustment is performed manually by unscrewing the wheels from supporting sockets and re -attaching carriage bolts in different holes.

While adjusting the height manually can be time-consuming, it is compensated for by the lower price of the mower compared to other mowers with height adjustment feature.

Detailed Operational Manual

Yard Machines lawn mower 140cc 20 -Inch comes with a detailed manual explaining how to set it up and operate it. Each and every step has been carefully elaborated with labeled images, ensuring you master every bit of information.

No Major Maintenance

Yard Machines lawn mower 140cc 20 -Inch doesn’t have several parts that can get damaged over the years. Hence, it does not have serious maintenance issues. In fact, almost everything in the push mower (including the wheels) is bolted on.

Only the blades may require casual sharpening or replacement, but when oiled regularly their life is prolonged. Indeed, once assembled, the lawn mower will not cost a penny for years, rendering it highly cost-effective.


  • Has a strong, powerful motor that supplies adequate power for routine mowing of small to medium-sized lawns.
  • Affordably priced and offers good value for money.
  • Low maintenance and does not cost a penny for years once assembled.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around as it comes with large, rugged wheels for increased mobility.
  • It gives a good quality cut with tall and thick grass. You can manually adjust the height as desirable.
  • Comes with a loop handle for more comfort.


  • Not ideal for extra -tough grass such as Bermuda.
  • Its assembly and height adjustment is quite complicated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Is the Powermore OHV engine economical?
A. Yes. The four-cycle engine is very good, quiet and economical. You can perform two full mowing sessions on one tank.

Q. Does it come pre -oiled or the oil is separate?
A. It comes with pre -measured oil which you just pour in.

Q. Is the mower easy to start?
A. Slightly difficult. You may have to yank the start cord a number of times before it start.

Q. Does it come with a mulcher?
A. No, it doesn’t. This is a low-cost mower for small and medium-sized lawns so it lack’s some of the features of more costly mowers.


The Yard Machines 140cc 20 -Inch Push Mower cuts grass decently and is one of the cheapest mowers available. Its unique appearance and small size makes it ideal for those who find it difficult to move heavier mowers during routine sessions. It is also backed by a powerful Powermore OHV engine which supplies just enough power to mull through any small to medium-sized suburban lawn. If you are a person who likes putting things together, takes time to understand how machines operate and would not mind getting your hands dirty, then assembling and operating this lawn mower suits you perfectly.

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