When you are looking for a machine that will give your yard a perfect finish with the least effort, then you should probably consider purchasing this 140 cc yard machine. Personally. I go for a small size and good output. However, finding a machine that is small and powerful can be a headache. This is because most manufacturers sacrifice power to give you a small and easy to handle the machine.

I was almost giving up until a friend told me of this amazing machine. He has a medium sized lawn, and I was amazed at how fast he accomplished the chore because the machine was easy to handle. Although it set me back by almost $200. I currently consider the investment worthwhile. I have even discovered additional features that make it a perfect piece of equipment. Here is why I would recommend it to anyone:

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There is no need to buy a Ferrari only to drive it on a terrain meant for four-wheel drive trucks. My yard can at times get pretty messy especially during summer when the grass grows tall and get tough with time. I chose a tougher grass species because I believe my kids should be able to play games without me worrying about uneven and ugly looking dents. However, one disadvantage with tough grass is that when you use a weak mower, you can’t get a smooth finish. This is why I think this yard machine is the best push mower. The 140 CC engine will cut about just any grass species. It does not matter if you have tough weeds because it will cut just as smooth.

Manual Height Adjustment

I hate mowing and since my husband died two years ago. I often hire someone to do the work. Most people I hire ask me whether the height of my mower is adjustable. Some time back I became curious and asked what it is about the height being adjustable that people worried about. I realized that when the height can be adjusted it makes the machine very easy to handle. It does not matter whether you are short, tall, or of average height. When I had my nephew over last summer, he had an easy time using the machine although he is quite tall. The manual thing makes it easy and direct, and you will seldom need to use the manual.

Sturdy and Strong

The deck is made of steel which makes this machine very strong. I have had experience with plastic decks, and they are amazing because of the light weight. However, one disadvantage with plastic is that chances of breaking are pretty high. I was forced to buy a new machine early this year just because the previous one broke as I was cleaning the underside. With this Yard Machine, I can do just about any repair and cleaning without having to worry about breaking the deck. Furthermore, the deck holds the engine very well keeping it safe from tones and any hard materials on the lawn.

20 Inches Wide

You do not want to spend the whole day working on your lawn. This is exactly why manufacturers try as much as possible to give you mowers with a wider width. This is important because you get to cover a larger area with little effort. The Yard Machine gives you the 20-inch cutting capability for every trip you make. The machine is heavy as compared to most push mowers. However, the wide width is an advantage especially when you have a large yard.

Large and Strong Wheels

My yard is wide and the grass considerably tough. This means that when I use a mower with weak wheels, I risk getting stuck. The 140 CC yard machine has large wheels which make it very easy to handle in most terrains. Unlike a car, the mower has a wheel that is fixed. This makes it very difficult to negotiate corners as you are mowing a lawn. If you have weak wheels and you try too hard, you risk ending up with broken wheels. The manufacturer makes up for this problem by using very strong wheels. With a wider base, it becomes easy to negotiate corners which are very necessary if you have a small yard.


  • The machine is perfect for medium sized lawns that might be challenging for most small push mowers.
  • The deck is made of steel which means you don’t need to worry about stones.
  • The extra weight caused by the large engine gives the wheels a solid hold on the ground
  • Adjustable height makes it easy for anyone to use


  • It is rather heavy, and cleaning and repairing might be tasking
  • The machine lacks a mulcher because it is light weight

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting rid of grass after cutting might be a problem for most people. This is because the when the dead grass die it mostly looks ugly on the yard. If you are thinking of attaching a bag to this mower don’t.

The machine runs with a four cycle engine. This means that it is economical when it comes to fuel consumption. This is the kind of machine that will cover a wider area on a full tank.

You might also want to know what kind of oil the machine uses before making a choice to purchase one.

This Yard Machine uses a 30 weight oil.

Final Verdict

The reason most people opt for lightweight mowers is that they are easy to handle. However, what most manufacturers do is give you a lightweight machine but with reduced output. However, this is not the case with this particular machine thanks to its 140cc engine. This means that you can work on yards with tough grass and stubborn weeds with little worries about the machine getting stuck. Pushing it is also rather easy.

The extra weight caused by the large engine gives this machine a stronger hold on the ground. This means that you will use little effort even when you are mowing a soft and wet lawn. If you are looking for a mix of power and easy handling, then this one gives you the best option.