Yamaha YPG-535 88 -Key Portable Grand Piano

The YPG-535 features the 88 keyboard with the soft touch action. It comes with the best sounds availed at the push of a bottom. You can record virtuoso performances using the built-in recorder. This inbuilt 6 –track recorder allows you to record your pieces, ideas and compositions while developing your music career. The USB ports and Yamaha Education suite provide more connectivity and seamless usage. Main functionality features include USB MIDI, high resolution display and USB storage capability. The lyric chord and notation displays allow you to play sounds easier and more professional. This portable grand digital piano comes with a stand and a sustain pedal.

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The high resolution stereo piano sample provides realistic sounds. Both beginners and intermediate players will also appreciate the Yamaha Education Suite. The high resolution stereo sampling makes the sound pitch -perfect. The Grand Hammer Standard action allows you to play different levels of resistance. It comes with a PA -150 energy saving adapter which cuts electricity usage in half. This model comes with a panel which is easy to use. There are ample piano eccentric features like Graded Soft Touch with different resistance levels, piano style keys and a high resolution piano sample. YPG-535 is ideal for use by students and teachers.

Size and Design:

Yamaha YPG-535 is bigger in stature but still remains portable. It comes with an awesome keyboard stand. It measures 58 by 22.5 by 12.5 inches and weighs 37 pounds. This is still portable compared to other heavy pianos in the market. It comes with 5 inch speakers and 6W amplifiers. The keyboard has alining painted nicely with a black color.

Impressive Sounds:

Yamaha YPG-535 is a suitable option when looking for the best piano with realistic sounds. Pressing this portable grand resets the entire keyboard to a studio sampled piano. This makes it perfect for practicing. This model comes with a variety of voices and styles which make the art of playing music more entertaining. You only need to select your favorite sound, music style and keyboard follows diligently. It is equipped with 361 XGlite voices and a sample piano based on selection of special voices.

These voices include a trumpet, flute, soprano and tenor Saxes and a plan flute. Performance Assistant: YPG-535 features the performance assistant technology which ensures that you play the right melody, node or chord. This is simply done by selecting a song followed by pressing the assistant performance button Chord Mode. You can then proceed to play the keyboard. Every note played is guaranteed to fit your music. You can even control the pitch and pace by moving your fingers slowly or faster up and down the 88 keys.

Built -In Education Suite:

The Yamaha Education suite teaches you how to play by breaking down songs into individual components like rhythm and pitch. This is followed by sound reconstruction after mastering. The accompaniment is paused by the Waiting Mode until the notes indicated on the display are played. There is a chord dictionary displayed on the screen. Your Tempo mode is used to adjust the tempo and monitor your play as per your accuracy. The Minus One mode allows you to play the piano after which it provides a grade at the end. This model comes with 30 built-in songs plus other 70 on a CD-ROM. It also includes an interactive education system with a left and right hand division as well as 7 lessons for each song for learning.


The USB ports allow you to connect the piano to your computer and download songs from the internet into the internal Flash ROM. You can plug-in and play for easy recording or playback with MIDI files. You can transfer data back and forth easily between your keyboard and computer. Yamaha YPG-535 also provides a registration memory which allows you to save up to 16 settings. These can be uploaded any time. This shared digital keyboard allows different people to use the piano and store personalized settings. Strong custom sounds and settings allow you to perform better while playing.


  • comes with a 6 -tracker recorder
  • includes four speakers
  • features a large LCD screen for learning purposes
  • comes with a matching sound


  • absence of non -weighted keys
  • provides low scale polyphony with just 32 notes

Frequently Asked Questions

– Does Yamaha YPG-535 have an internal speaker?
Yes. It has quality internal speakers which eliminate the need of earphones.

– Does this keyboard feature a MIDI output connector?
No. It provides only a USB connection.

– How do you add external speakers? There is a quarter inch jack at the back which supports external audio.
– Are the keys weighted?
The keys are not weighed but they still provide some assistance.

Final Verdict:

The performance assistant technology allows you to play perfect sounds each time for any keys. Yamaha YPG-535 is a fun piano to play. It has a cool user interface and a good speaker volume. It provides connectivity external components which allow you to move data to and fro. It has quality instrument sounds and fun rhythms. This piano comes with over 500 different voices which range from instruments to strings, to drums and brass sections. You can choose from 127 panel voices and 12 drums plus SFX kits. This model is perfect for lovers of music who want to learn more about how to play. The recorder allows you to monitor your performance over a long period of music sessions.