Yamaha P Series P35B 88 -Key Digital Piano

Yamaha P35 is the pioneer and best piano in the Yamaha’s legendary P -series. It comes with quality sound features including electric pianos, horns, organs, strings, voices and harpsichords. Unlike other intermediate pianos, P35B is moderately priced. This provides you with an opportunity to improve your musical collection without straining your budget. It comes with a full -set of hammer graded keys.

P -35B has all the features for a quality piano which are necessary for practice and playing. It comes with an inbuilt 12W speaker system eliminating the need for ear or head phones. This is very portable piano with a weight of only 35.7 pounds. This makes it perfect for all your needs from home practice to studio sessions, to partying. Yamaha succeeded in making a versatile keyboard to be used for different purposes.

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Apart from portability, it shines with other stunning features like Advanced Wave Memory technology. This allows you to apply digital filters to your recorded samples in order to distort, arrange and create richer sounds. AWM makes use of dual waveforms on the left and right plus two microphones. The full 88 keyboard is also provides comfortable feeling. The keys are also well varied to create the right amplification regardless of the strength used to strike the keys. P35B also comes with MIDI ports for connection with other technologies.

Compactness and Portability:

Just like other P -series, it has a slim and compact design. This allows you to store and transport it easily for multiple uses. P35B measures 58.2 by 16.1 by 11.8 inches. This allows you to place it in multiple places in your home. This piano comes with a nice black finish. However, it does not come with any USB capability. There are MIDI input and output ports which allow you to connect your tablet, computer or smartphone for use with music and recording apps. This machine can also be employed as a viable MIDI controller with 16 different MIDI channels. You can easily hook up other keyboards for full integration to the existing setup.

Graded Hammer Keyboard:

It features the 88 -key digital keyboard size. The P35B key board is supported by Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard action system. This allows you to maintain healthy playing habits to avoid falling out of touch by providing a realistic piano feeling. It provides well -weighed keys while replicating the real hammer action of an acoustic piano. The keys are well graded along the keyboard. Just like a traditional acoustic piano, the lower note keys have a heavier touch while the higher note keys are more responsive to light touch. The sensitivity of the keyboard can also be adjusted to match a unique playing style.

Piano Sounds:

amaha P35B has the sounds of an acoustic piano with 10 voices in total. The sounds have been mastered by the manufacturer with recorded samples from full concert grand pianos. The grand piano sound is more clear and advanced. On the other hand, the electric sound has a modern sound based on FM synthesis construction with the sound of metallic tines being struck. It features two pipe organs, two harpsichords, a spacious string section and a vibraphone which combine to produce an amazing sound. There are less bells and whistles but there are enough utility effects. P35 provides 3 types of reverb namely: no chorus, sorry, transpose and metronome.

AWM Technology:

P35B employs Advanced Wave Memory digital technology to record an acoustic instruments sound. The AWM deep stereo sampling creates a deeper, spacious and rich sound by using a pair of waveforms captured by two microphones. This system creates three layers of piano concert samples and avails them at a touch of the piano player. It allows the piano to respond well and provide the best performance. It comes with only 32 notes of polyphony but it is less likely to run out of tunes while playing.

Simple Operation:

he tones incorporated are simple and straightforward. The keyboard depicts a minimalistic design with few buttons. It is controlled using a function button at any key configuration. A power button, volume slider and a grand piano controls are found just on the surface of the piano. The dual setup is perfect for any teacher or student. The keyboard can be split in the middle to provide equal portions of the keyboard. The teacher can play together with the student at the same octave thus eliminating any confusion to the student. The 4 inch headphone output also allows students to practice on their own.


  • Portable
  • Provides MIDI ports
  • Comes with plugin earphones
  • Full set of weighed 88 keys
  • Affordable technology
  • Variety of sounds


  • Few bells and whistles
  • USB support
  • Limited polyphony
  • No recorder

Frequently Asked Questions

– Can it be plugged into a speaker system for gigs?
It works well with speaker systems especially for gigs.

– Does the keyboard come with any other tones? P35B has 10 tones one grand piano in mono, one grand piano is stereo, two electric pianos, two harpsichords, two pipe organs, one string and one vibraphone.

– It there a music stand provided?
It comes with a music stand but you may need to buy a stand for the keyboard separately.

– Are the keys textured or just standard plastic keys?
The keys are very smooth.

– Can the P35 be connected to 2 external speaker monitors?
Yes it can be done using the MIDI ports found at the back.

Final Verdict:

P35B provides a superb sound in a portable instrument. This sound machine delivers in areas of affordability, design, class and quality. It provides excellent touch and tone at an amazing price. This is a reliable keyboard that will prove to be useful in the future even with provision of new models. The inherent AWM technology allows you to make quality music.

The keys are also well varied thus allowing you to produce consistent sounds at any punch. Yamaha P35B also comes with various sounds. The size and weight eliminate storage and transportation worries. This piano can be split to accommodate two individuals especially for training purposes. It provides ample connectivity. This is a solid investment which caters for all your playing needs.