Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

This is Yamaha’s new ensemble piano with different interactive features. It is one of the best piano when it comes to learning, playing and sharing music. It packs unique functional and easy to use features suitable for both beginners and experienced players. The key action and sound quality provide a realistic experience. It allows you to enjoy a realistic sound sampling plus a wide range of classical piano sounds. You are also provided with a song file catalog with XG song files.

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This allows you to play songs done by top artists. This 88 -note keyboard is loaded with intelligent functions which provide a realistic playing experience. It features the Damper Sound Resonance capability which produces a sympathetic string variation after pressing the pedal. All 88 keys are weighted for heavier touch at the low end and for lighter on the higher end, just like a real acoustic keyboard.

This piano is optimized in a way that allow you to play from keyboard song files and acquire an instant backing band. The USB recording capabilities also provide a seamless connectivity. This allows you to transfer your plays to a computer and share them. This model comes with 128 polyphonic notes and 100 preset notes, among other types of sounds. This product measures 58.9 by 21.5 by 12.8 inches and weighs up to 69 pounds.

Sound Sampling and Damper Resonance:

Yamaha DGX650B employs the Pure CF technology which provides a well -recorded CFII1S9 foot concert grand piano. This type of recording comes with various sound levels ranging from pianissimo to fortissimo. It also allows you to experience the soft transition or two handed chords with pure power. The XG sound set is designed in a way that allows you to play along and follow songs that are arranged professionally. This piano comes with only two 6W speakers which limit the production of a reverberating volume.

The damper resonance feature helps in creating a sympathetic interaction between strings found in acoustic pianos. The damper pedal is employed for the performance while the harmonics and other strings wash over the notes being played until you release the pedal. 128 -Note Polyphony: This high note technology provides adequate horsepower for dropout –free performances. This is viable even while layering two voices. You can also play the two handed cords with a ground breaking pedaling during the layering feature. This piano is capable of playing a piece without cutting it short. This digital piano adapts to your skill level while helping you to become a more advanced player.

The GHS 88 -Note Keyboard:

Just like all Yamaha models, the DGX650B provides an amazing key action. It features a weighed action with lighter touch on the high end and heavier touch on the low end. This is very similar to hammers found inside an acoustic piano. It also features a tough feel bass register which changes to lighter feel for keys in treble. Their response can be adjusted using four different settings namely; Hard, Soft, Medium and Fixed. Practicing on GHS action enables you to perform in an acoustic piano.

Sound Experience:

he Graded Hammer Standard provides the ideal acoustic touch and tone. This enhancement creates proper finger technique. The GHS keyboard is paired with a powerful front –facing stereo speaker system. The speakers are contained in a large enclosure. It also includes separate tweeters and woofers which provide high quality bass and pure treble. These features provide an original touch and tone while employing the subtle dynamics and tonal hatches to enhance performance. There are 147 preset voices, 15 drums and sound effects and 381 G-lite preset voices. These ensure that you don’t run out of sounds to play with. DGX650B also includes 36 reverb channels, 237 DSPs, 44 choruses, 5 master EQs and more.


Yamaha DGX650B digital piano allows you to start playing your music immediately. The style recommender feature provides you with a list of suitable beats based on how you are playing. This allows you to choose the perfect settings for a specific sound. Just before playing, the Smart Chord function turns your singular noted and left-hand playing into a rich and fully arranged sound. This technology automatically embellishes the key chords being pressed. DGX650B also comes with a large and crystal clear display for showing music notations, lyrics and chord changes. It also comes with 100 preset songs from artists like Coldplay and Elton John. There are 195 preset voices, 1.7 Mb of storage and the Yamaha Educational suite which breaks down songs into individual components making them easier to learn.


The AUX line output allows you to connect to other devices like computers, smartphones and more. DGX650B allows you to record performances or MIDI sounds as uncompressed audio files for your CDs and flash drives. You can then copy your music files to your computer, make CDs or transfer data to a portable music player. You can even share files over the internet. The WAV files stored in the USB flash drive can also be played externally. This product also comes with one year warranty from Yamaha.


  • Style recommender provides a list of suitable styles
  • Great acoustic sound, tones of voices
  • Comes with a matching sound
  • Realistic key action
  • Comes with a 6 -tracker recorder
  • High polyphony levels
  • Enhanced connectivity


  • Output volume is not as high enough
  • Limited Speakers

Frequently Asked Questions

– How do you set the split set feature?
This is the point where you have completely different voices on play. It can be changed by accessing the Function Menu then moving to the Split Point. This is followed by touching the new key to be the new split point.

– How does the sound quality compare with P105?
The bas sound is a bit similar but the main advantage comes in the high number of whistles and bells.
– What is the level of structural integrity in the stands? They are very sturdy.

– Is the power adapter cable adaptable with 220V as well as 110 V?
It is only compatible with 110 V.

Final Verdict:

This is another great piano from Yamaha with bells and whistles combined with a solid and key action. It allows you to adjust sounds in order to facilitate coherent plays. It is fully equipped despite having limited speakers. This piano is packed with connectivity features which allow you to import, export and download music files. The style recommender, smart function and clear display make it a user friendly model. This piano is ideal to both beginners and advanced players. This product is well priced for its technology. The key action is great and the sound is very impressive.