Wireless Vs Wired Baby Monitor – Which Type Do You Prefer?

To go wired or wireless is an age old question that has been asked by millions of parents looking to buy a video baby monitor. So, which one should you go with? Well, for starters, each type has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages, the choice will solely depend on your judgment. Below is a list of tips that will help you make the right informed decision.

Health Hazard

There is a lot of debate on whether wireless devices pose a health risk or not due to the continuous emission of Electro Magnetic Frequencies. Although studies have shown one can get ailments such as cancer from high exposure to EMFs, little information is available on whether the same applies when the radiation is in small quantities.

Since children have a more fragile bone structure than adults, exposing them to microwave radiation may not be a good idea. Another scary thought is that since babies have a less developed skull, microwave radiations can easily reach the brain hampering your child’s development.

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There are many reasons why parents would want a wireless video baby monitor compared to a wired video monitor. One of the reasons is that they are always up and about and they need something that can follow them every single step that they take. Wired baby monitors, on the other hand, can keep you confined to one particular room.

To get the best out of your wireless video baby monitor, it is important to ensure it is charged at all times. Another drawback of a wired video monitor is that when the lights go out, so does the baby monitor.

Risk of Strangulation

Parents know that with kids around you can never be too careful. Anything can harm them, and it is your duty to keep tabs on them. Babies for instance always try to stuff things in their mouths and some may end up chocking them.

While it may like a wise thing to install a wired video baby monitor, letting the connecting cables run freely can leave devastating consequences. Babies may play around with them only to strangle themselves with it. With wireless video baby monitors, things like these are unheard of.


Wireless video baby monitors usually offer the best service when it comes to portability and functionality. On the flip side, wireless baby monitors tend to pick up a lot of noise due to interference with other household devices sharing the same frequency. Interference may also have an impact on how well the baby monitor works.

The more the interference, the lower the efficiency. Wired video baby monitors, on the other hand, suffer very little or no interference from other devices. The only thing one should be worried about is when its cable gets loose or broken. This means there will be a break in transmission.


When choosing a video baby monitor, it is important to select the one that won’t leave a dent in your pocket or leave you with bad debts. On the shelf, wired baby monitors may seem like the cheaper alternative to the wireless monitors but when the overall cost is compounded you may find that wireless baby monitors are actually cheaper.

Source: https://amzn.to/2VRaZ2b


First, you may be forced to buy extra cables to increase its range. Secondly, installing them may not be as easy as people may think hence the need for a specialist to do it for it. This means you will also need to pay him or her for services rendered.


Wireless transmission of data is loved and loathed in equal measure. Why you may ask? Wireless technology not only allows you to monitor your baby remotely but it also gives you the freedom to move around freely.

On the download, unsecured wireless baby monitors can be used by hackers to details about your private life and steal all your valuable information. Wired monitors too can also be hacked, but the hacker needs to plug into the system to do so. This means that it is less vulnerable to hackers than wireless baby monitors.


The way in which wireless devices communicate is that they use electromagnetic wave as its medium. However, the downside to electromagnetic waves is that its range will be hampered by the presence of objects that may interfere with it. Wired communication, on the other hand, uses cables as a medium of transmission meaning its range will depend on the cable length.


As seen from the tips above, it can be frustrating to decide between wired and wireless video baby monitors. Although the health and well being of your child should always be a priority, factors such as security and interference should also be a key determiner when choosing the best video baby for you and your child.