WEISHI Long Handle Version Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor

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WEISHI is a Chinese manufacturer of shaving accessories. They use advanced technical innovation to aid their craftsman for utilizing their skills to produce fine shaving products. They make safety razors, shaving brushes, and other male grooming products. The WEISHI long handle safety razor is relatively inexpensive while still maintaining high quality. The long handle, Butterfly mechanism, and gunmetal finish give the razor some unique advantages. The razors are not very aggressive which makes them suitable for beginners.

While they are targeted at beginners the build quality is good enough to satisfy experienced users running on a tight budget. They also provide 5 YingJiLi blades with their razors.

Easy Blade Replacement

Replacing a blade on the safety razor is super easy and very quick. The razor features a Butterfly Open mechanism similar to Gillette Superspeed razor of the 1960s. The Butterfly top is based on Twist to Open mechanics. The handle has a metal knob at the end which is twisted to open the top where the blade resides.

Once you have replaced the old blade with the new one you can close the top by twisting the knob in the opposite direction. The top stays firmly closed unless you twist the knob again. This system makes the replacement of blades much easier. You don’t have to unscrew anything and the whole process only takes a few seconds. This system is especially beneficial for people just starting to use a wet shave safety razor.

Amazing Grip

The safety razor has a long handle with heavy textured grip. The handle is about 10 cm long which is enough to provide a decent area to hold even for people with bigger hands. The heavy texture is very useful as you might have to use the razor when your hands are wet and slippery. You have complete control over the razor when you hold it because of its length and good knurling on the handles. A good grip is very important for amateurs as they often tend to hold the razor lightly and end up with nicks and cuts. In fact, it is recommended to hold the safety razor as lightly as possible and let it do the work for you. With the Weishi safety razor, you will not lack control even if you don’t hold on to the razor tightly.

Best Value

Weishi safety razor is good value for your money. It is a fairly well-built razor with classic butterfly
mechanism and is still much more affordable than most 3 piece razors. For a newcomer, this is a good razor to start with. You don’t have to invest a lot to get a first-hand experience of wet shaving. Weishi is a Chinese company and although they don’t make the finest of razors on the market. They make it a point to be reasonable with their asking price. The razor is priced at a quater of what a similar razor from top brands will cost. Yet they dont shy away from using solid brass handsl and other premium materials. Unlike most Chinese firms Weishi stresses on the quality of craftsmanship and uses a good material for making razors.

Beautiful Design

The safety razor is well built and designed to impress. The black gunmetal finish not only looks good but it easily stands out in a world full of shiny chrome razors. The gunmetal finish is complemented by the premium looking black packaging box it is shipped in. The razor looks premium, is inexpensive and packaging is also well done making this an excellent gift. The handle is long and thick. The texture on the handle further adds to the beauty of this razor. Even at this price, WEISHI delivers a solid brass frame which is commendable. The frame is then given an electrochemical treatment to get the beautiful black gun metal finish. Overall you WEISHI manages to diliver more than what is expected from a budget safety razor.

Included Blades

The Weishe razors are shipped with five YingJiLi blades. These blades may not be well known in western countries but they are one of the best in China. The blades are smooth and sharp. As the safety razor is intended for starters it is extremely convenient that the razor is shipped with them as the person receiving the razor most likely won’t have blades lying around. Once you have started using the safety razor with the provided blades you can later buy a sample pack of blades to get an idea of blade brands. Since each person has a specific brand preference in razor blades anything more than five would not be required. So, with the supplied blades you can get started with shaving straight away.


  • Provides great value for money.
  • The razors are inexpensive.
  • Replacing blades is easy thanks to butterfly open mechanism.
  • Gunmetal finish is beautiful.
  • The razor is mild and perfect for beginners.
  • Five YingJiLi blades to get started right away


  • The durability is questionable.
  • Too mild for experienced wet shave enthusiast.
  • The brand is relatively new and does not have any reputation yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the razor compatible with all blades?
A: Yes, the razor is compatible with all DE razor blades so long as those blades are made to proper standards.
Q: How heavy is the razor?
A: The razor weighs 72 grams. It is heavy but not soo heavy as to throw off newcomers
Q: Does the Butterfly top stay closed while shaving?
A: The butterfly top stays closed while shaving. The only time it opens up is when you twist the bottom part of the handle.
Q: How does Weishi compare to establish brands like Parker or Merkur?
A: The quality of razor is not on par with brands like Parker or Merkur. But that does not mean that the build quality is bad. You should remember that a Merkur razor is almost 4 times as expensive as this one. Weishi is better for newcomers and beginners because it provides decent quality at a fraction of the price.


If you are getting started with wet shaving experiment this is probably the best safety razor to start with. This inexpensive razor is well constructed. The Twist to open butterfly top also makes it easier for a newbie to use. The razor itself is mild and very forgiving which is perfect for beginners. You can make mistakes and work on perfecting your technique on this razor without getting nasty cuts or nicks. The Heavily textured handle provides plenty of grip to the user. Look wise the razor certainly does not feel cheap. In fact, the razor looks refreshingly different because it has a unique gunmetal finish instead of the standard chrome finish like most razors. Overall this beginner friendly safety razor provides a great value for money whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift.