VTech DM221 Safe_Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Safe and Sound by VTech is the ideal choice for two-way audio communication with your baby. Hear every noise in your child’s room, so you’ll know when your he or she is crying or fussing. Parents with visual impairments can easily hear the sounds that infants make and hearing impaired can use the visual graph to detect sound through the monitor.

Lower sound levels allow for greater noise detection because there is no interference from static or background noise.

This product is a step up from analog monitors that can crackle and muffle other sounds. You will know when your baby is fussy or call out for you with the Safe and Sound. Enjoy the convenience of comforting your child from another room with two-way communication and crystal clear sound.

Whom this product is for

Single parents

Two parent households


Babysitters and caregivers

Important features

Two-way talk

This feature allows you to speak to your child or another person from a different room in the house. Crying babies are soothed by the sound of their mother or fathers voice. Soothe your child before you reach the room and hear their feedback. Conveniently speak with another parent or caregiver in the room without getting up.

Source: https://amzn.to/3mDWw5C

Multiple language settings

The present screen display language is English, but this unit can be easily switched to French or Spanish. This is a benefit for bilingual and multilingual households. It also makes this a user-friendly monitor for parents who employ multilingual babysitters or caregivers. The United States, Canada, and Mexico share the common languages of French, English, and Spanish which makes this a perfect monitor to meet the needs of diverse language environments.

DECT 6.0 technology

This advanced technology feature eliminates white noise, so all you hear are the sounds coming from your child’s room. You won’t have any of annoying interference produced by some monitors. What you hear is clear and pure sound. Also, there is no static that can be created by cell phones or nearby power lines.

5 level sound indicators

The visual representation of sound lets you mute the volume of your monitor without missing out on noise alerts. Graphic bars are easy to see and will alert you if there is a sound. Turning the volume up to monitor visual alerts is fast and easy. This function is particularly convenient if you are entertaining visitors. You can keep an eye on the monitor while listening to your guests.

Vibrating Sound Alert

Carry on a conversation with dinner guests while monitoring sound in your baby’s room incognito. The vibrating sound alert feature lets you know with an alternate indicator that is felt on the skin. Combined with the hands-free feature, the monitor can be worn on a belt for discrete use in social settings. You’ll know when ifs time to check on the baby, but your guests won’t be interrupted by the sound.


  • Outdoor roaming distance up to 300 yards
  • Detects slight noises ‘No interference noises
  • Versatile for use with children or physically challenged adults
  • Doubles as a walkie-talkie when two parent units are used


  • Prone to freezes and needs resetting
  • Some units have weak batteries
  • Signal loss as unit ages

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What makes this a better choice for a video baby monitor?

Answer: Video monitors can become obsessions for new parents. We spent so much time watching our baby that we decided that an audio monitor would help us to be less obsessive while giving us the peace of mind in knowing we were still monitoring our child.

Question: Is there a rechargeable battery for the baby unit and the parent unit?

Answer: Just the parent unit comes with a rechargeable battery.

Question: Can you use the two-parent unit option for parent communication?

Answer: When you use them as instructed the conversation is directed towards the baby monitor, but by double tapping the button on the unit, you can communicate with the other unit like a walkie-talkie.

Question: Does a combination of 2 baby units and four parent units work together?

Answer: The units don’t sync together, so there is no interference. Each unit relays what is heard in the baby monitor that is placed in the child’s room. This is a good option for monitoring two children at once.

Question: Does this work from one building located in proximity to another?

Answer: If the buildings are within 1000 feet of one another the units should send and receive the signal fairly well.

Question: How long does the parent unit last when the battery is at full charge?

Answer: The battery lasts up to 8 hours on a full charge overnight. If there is a lot of noise, the batteries will be used up faster.

Experts Review

The Wech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor is second on our list of the best baby monitors. It offers crisp and clear audio monitoring for parents and caregivers who prefer the sound to video. There is no interference whatsoever, so the sounds that you hear are not muffled or obscured. The audio quality is high and has been given impressive marks for multiple alert options. The visual and vibration alerts add convenience when sound must be turned down or muted. Multiple units can be used in one home without interference, which makes the Safe & Sounds a good choice for homes with multiple monitoring needs. Two-way communication is solid for up to 1000 feet under optimal conditions which make it a good choice for monitoring parents who live next door.

On final verdict

We conclude that the Safe and Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor has passed the test for inclusion in our best baby monitors reviews. We recommend it as one of the most popular choices for audio monitoring for parents, grandparents or caregivers who demand reliability and quality sound monitoring. If you have a child or loved one who needs to be monitored, this unit can give you added freedom and peace of mind.

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