VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

Instructions on How to Use:

You first need to mix up your ingredients for the dough, of course. Make sure that the dough is not so moist that it will stick to your pasta maker. Also, make sure that the dough is not too dry, or it will fall apart when it comes out. Mother thing that makes it easier when using this pasta maker is to have two people working it. One will need to hold on to the dough and feed it in while another turns the crank to make sure that the dough does not try to bunch up and get clumpy. Do this a little at a time so that you can straighten the dough as it comes out so that there is not just a big lump of clay at the end of the process. All in all, it is a very simple process even though it is a bit easier with two people working together.

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Who this Product is Designed for:

  • Housewives
  • Stay at home dads
  • Chefs
  • Cooking teachers
  • Seasoned and beginner cooks

Feature 1:

The VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker is great for making all sorts of pasta from fresh ingredients. Making your pasta is a great way to ensure that your family is eating healthy and knowing that you can make your noodles from scratch is a great feeling. For all of those great homemade pasta dishes that you would love to make you need to look into this pasta maker because it covers such a wide range of noodles for many different types of foods. Like if you wanted egg pasta for your lasagne, not a problem, you can make it yourself with this pasta maker and never have to worry about running to the store for the noodles.

Feature 2:

Like other pasta makers, this one has the clamp that will keep it stable while you are using it. As with all other machines, kitchen as well as other appliances, you have to make sure it is steady before trying to use it so that it will work properly. It also has a sturdy hand crank so that you can roll out your pasta quickly and easily. Now, this particular pasta maker is not just used for pasta; you can also roll out sugar fondant if you are decorating a cake. That is what I call versatile and very useful. So whether you are a person who just loves pasta and wan to make it on your own or if you love to create beautiful cakes this is the pasta maker for you.

Feature 3:

The VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker is also very useful in getting jus the right thickness for your pasta. There are several thicknesses that you can adjust this pasta maker to so that whether you want your noodles thicker or thinner you can get it exactly how you want it. You can also adjust this pasta maker to do the kneading and rolling, whichever you need. A nice little gift that comes with this pasta maker is a pasta measuring tool, which can come in very handy if you are only supposed to have a certain amount of dough for a certain type of pasta. So you get a lot of tools to help you make the perfect pasta when you use the VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker.

Feature 4:

Not only does the VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker do a great job making all your pasta favorites it also looks great. It is very common for people to use an appliance or any other product more if it looks nice while at the same time working well. This pasta maker is done in the retro style and looks wonderful. It is also very sturdy and will stand up to a lot of usages. So you get four great features right there, looks great, is very stylish, is very sturdy and works well for what it was designed to do. It is not often that you can get all of that rolled into one product without sacrificing a little of the quality, no quality was taken away from this product at all.

Feature 5:

Now, some of the pasta makers do not come with instruction manuals on how to use or care for the product. Mostly people go online to find out how to use them. However, with the VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker you not only get the manual on how to care for the product and use it but you also get the information on how to properly maintain the pasta maker. This is very important so that you can keep your pasta maker in good working order so that you can keep making great homemade pasta noodles. Mother great thing about the instructions being included with this pasta maker is that you do not have to put your tablet or phone close to where you are cooking, in the case of spills that could ruin them.


  • Able to roll out pasta as well as fondant for cake decorations.
  • Adjustable for different pasta thickness.
  • Free pasta measuring tool.
  • Instructions included.
  • Affordable


  • The clamp is a little hard to work unless you have at least 2 inches to clamp it onto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many cutting attachments come with this product?
A. There are four pasta cutting rollers included with this product.

Q. Is this pasta maker made of plastic
A. No, the whole product is made of stainless steel except the crank handle.

Q. How many different depth settings are there
A. There are ten settings.


This is a great pasta maker! It offers a lot of features that are just great for anyone looking to make their noodles at home. Since it offers the instruction manual where I can sit and read it without having to have the internet, I like it even better. To have good quality, sturdiness, style and all the great features that the VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker offers is usually hard to find in just one product. Whenever you decide to look for a pasta maker be sure to check into this one. I know that you will be happy with it and all the wonderful things that you will be able to make using it.