Video Baby Monitors. Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Child

Babies are heavenly sent! As a parent, nothing beats the feeling one gets whenever your kid chuckles or laughs. It is indescribable! On the flip side, a single cry can mean a lot of things. It may mean that he is unwell, hungry or just tired. With the demands of the modern day, being their physically to care for your child every single time may not be possible. Since nannies don’t come cheap, a cheaper alternative would be to get a video baby monitor. So, what are the benefits of video baby monitors to a parent?



Traditional sound baby monitors have one flaw. You simply can’t tell why there are movements or sounds in your baby’s room. A baby’s cry can mean a lot of things. With video baby monitors you can easily tell if they have had a bad nightmare or that there is a bug that is disturbing them. You can also monitor how your child is breathing. Some even can keep track of your baby’s temperatures and adjust the room temperature to your liking.

Remotely Track Your Baby

As a parent, you may feel the urge to water your plants outside or take a dip in your back yard pool but you are unable to do so because you have to monitor your baby. Going out to get groceries can also be a problem when the baby is fast asleep. Thankfully, you can easily get a wireless video baby monitor which you can use to remotely monitor your baby. Some even allow you to monitor your baby when you are miles away!

Talk to your Baby

When the first line of baby monitors hit the market, the technology at the time only allowed a single mode of communication. Complicated, right? What it means is that you could only listen to your baby’s movements and sounds, but you could in no way talk to your baby over the radio. Most video baby monitors, on the other hand, implement a two-way mode of communication meaning you can listen and even talk to your baby. This not only calms your baby letting him know that you are around but it also allows you to get him to wait on you before you reach his room without crying.


Soothe and Calm your Baby

It is no secret that lullabies can offer a soothing and relaxing experience. While most mom (or dads) will sing to calm their babies whenever they want them to sleep, not all of them are blessed with a glorious voice which may irritate the baby. In some instances, the parents may be tired or can’t think of any lullaby to sing. Luckily, most modern baby video monitors come with recorded songs. They are usually so good that no baby can resist them.

Know Your Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Did you know that your baby may not be sleeping as much as he or she ought to? Yes, on average a baby ought to rest for a minimum of 12 hours a day according to WebMD. Those who sleep less than that can easily become unhealthy. Video baby monitors can help you track their sleep patterns. Tracking can allow you to find out if they are not comfortable in their bed or that the room temperature is a bit high for them. Making corrections can go a long way in ensuring that you baby sleeps more.

Stress Reliever

Some babies are natural born actors. They can wail so hard that your neighbors get the impression that you are hitting them. In cases such as these, audio baby monitors may not be ideal since you won’t be able to determine whether your baby is genuinely crying or not. With a video baby monitor, you can rest assured that you will only ao in when he is in trouble. This can also help to train the baby to cry only when they need help rather than just crying for no apparent reason.



Video baby monitors can give you a sense of security since you will be able to monitor everything that happens in your baby’s room. This is mainly helpful for parents who have active babies. Active babies tend to climb over their cribs, frequently turn around during sleep and hit their heads on their cribs to get your attention. If you are not careful as a parent, your child might easily injure themselves. With video baby monitors, you get real-time information meaning you will be able to stop disaster even before it happens.


As a parent, nothing is more important than providing all the basic needs for your baby. Just like food and shelter, security is also another way in which you can show how much you care for your child. That is why we recommend you get a video baby monitor if you want to keep a watchful eye on your baby.