Using a Traditional Baby Monitor or a Video Baby Monitor?

When raising a baby, the cute little thing is vulnerable to a wide range of situations and circumstances. As a caring parent, some of the vulnerabilities you face include ensuring that the baby stays safe, secure, and comfortable at all times. When you are out, at night, or when you are at home simply attending to some side tasks and the baby is asleep, a baby monitor helps by sparing you the worry as it allows you to keep a close eye on your baby. Being the two main types of baby monitoring systems, which one is best between using a traditional baby monitor or a video baby monitor?


The Traditional Baby Monitor

This type is also known as the audio -only baby monitor. It has two main components, an audio signal transmitter at the baby’s location, and a receiver, normally held by the parent. Whenever the Bay makes some voices, cries, or noises, the parent can hear them from his/her end. Some audio -only monitors are also equipped with motion sensors, which trigger an alert upon detecting motion or in case the baby doesn’t move for a considerable period.

The main advantage of traditional baby monitors is that they are mostly cheaper than their video monitor counterparts and are generally safer for over -anxious parents. However, this type of baby monitor is known to be prone to interferences and may cause false alerts from time to time during use. They are also less reliable regarding the information they provide and may not be reliable for keeping track of the baby’s sleep or movement in case the baby fails to make sounds or produce noises.

The Video Baby Monitor

The baby video monitor is one of the most popular monitoring systems for babies of this day and age. In general, this system comprises a camera or a few cameras placed in the baby’s room for close surveillance. The cameras capture the activities of the baby in a video, which is then transmitted to the receiver at the parent’s end.

This transmission mostly occurs via wireless connectivity. Also, most of these video monitors also feature audio and motion detectors that allow the parent to view and hear what is going on in the baby’s nursery or crib. Some models come with night vision technology, which allows clear views in dark rooms or during the night when the baby is asleep.

Are Video Monitors More Beneficial?

Modern baby monitoring systems with visual monitors are advantageous in that they provide more reliable information to the parent regarding their baby’s status and activities. As a matter of fact, some models allow you to get live -streaming videos of your baby from cloud services.

This allows the convenience of monitoring the baby from far distances and ensuring that the nanny takes good care of your baby. However, you should expect to invest a bit more in video baby monitors as they are generally more expensive in comparison to the traditional options.

Which One Is Better and How Should One Choose?

Although both these options have their own merits and demerits, video monitors are by far more advantageous and more reliable regarding convenience as compared to their traditional counterparts. Some people tend to prefer audio monitors to video models, especially in the cases where the walls are thicker in the home. Some argue that traditional models are more power -efficient in comparison to the modern video options. However, there fairly affordable, multifunctional video baby monitors are also available in the market, including models that allow you to switch between audio mode and video modes.

Especially for parents who’d like to monitor their baby’s when away from home, at work, or out of town, the video monitor can be the most recommendable option to choose. When buying a video monitor, be sure to look at the technical features and benefits it provides. Go for a model manufactured by a reputable brand and look for features such as night vision, multiple cameras, the huge screen display (3.0 -inch LCD and above), noise reduction, easy to use, Wi-Fi connectivity, and so on. Consider the monitor’s range as well as other factors such as video clarity and compatibility of the system with smart gadgets like the Smartphone or tablet.


As revealed above, the modern video baby monitor is more advantageous than the traditional monitor for various reasons. It is simply more reliable regarding monitoring the baby’s safety, security, and comfort. Video monitors also provide more convenience in comparison. The wise thing to do when looking for the best video baby monitor is to study reviews, ratings, and testimonials online to discover some of the best models before you approach your purchase.