The Tribest Slowstar Juicer & Mincer has unique features that distinguish it from other juicers you ever came across. The Tribest model has an elegant look with sleek black & red finish. Many people find this make beautiful for a modern kitchen, hence no need to hide it under the counter. It is a quiet, double-edged auger juicer that juices your favorite vegetables and fruits in a slow and relaxed manner. The Tribest powerful 200Watt motor which operates at a speed of 47 revolutions per minute (RPM), a mincing attachment, double-edged auger and a bold modern style, the Tribest packs much into its spacing thus saving the vertical design.

The Tribest Slowstar operates at a relatively low speed of 47 RPM to make sure you’ll not lose freshness, quality, and enzymes due to friction or heat. It can hold large fruits such as apple’s & oranges and leafy veggies like spinach and kales. The juicer shines in many critical areas, and users response has been positive to date. However, Tribest has upgraded one of its seals on slow casters and included a juice tap on the spout. Therefore, if you buy this model and it and find that it doesn’t have the inclusions as mentioned above, you can reach Tribest customer service; they’ll give you such upgrades free of charge


1. Dual edged Auger

Unlike other juicers which are slow, a double-edged auger does twice much work compared to a single edged drill. The Duo blade cuts & crushes your produce rapidly while producing high yields having less pulp in your juice. It also has Ultem that is eight times stronger compared to cheap plastics found in other juicers.

2. Juice Cap

A cap represses leaks and drips when switching the containers. The cap is, however, detachable for quick and easy cleaning. You should close the Tribest juice outlet so as to pre -mix the juice, if necessary. Closing the and as well as adding water to auger housing aids to pre -rinse the juicing screen for easy cleaning.

3. Higher Torque

The Tribest powerful 200 Watt motor and a 3 -stage speed reduction prevent jamming by generating 30 ft. Lbs of torque. The Torgue is 2-4 times more than the crushing force produced by other juicers. At such very low RPM, it is critical that much torque is produced to crush through hardy vegetables like carrots, and fibrous veggies such as celery. However, not only does the higher torque prevents unnecessary delays and jamming, but also lowers overall stress on a machine. Notably, it takes three times less the amount of time required to juice your best recipes.

4. Mincing Attachment

Unlike the other juicers, added mincing attachment transforms your Tribest Juicer into a multi –purpose kitchen tool that enables you to make your favorite recipes such as fresh sorbets, nut butter, as well as sauces. This included versatility is not seen in many upright masticating juicers.

Other key features include;

• Pulp Strainer that is 100% stainless steel used for extra I pulp elimination from the juice
• 100% BPA Free on housing and Casing
• Virtually BPA free edged Ultem Auger and Screen
• Innovative pulp wiping assembly for reducing clogging because of the pulp build up on a juicing screen
• Convenient hand grip to make Fruit star simpler to operate and move around
• A Safety Switch to ensure the unit is operational only when assembled


  • Juice Yield — Tribest Juicer has excellent performance across a variety of vegetables & fruits.Relatively dry
  • Pulp implies high juice extraction
  • Quiet Juicing- low speed helps to reduce amounts of noise slow star juicer generates
  • Juice tap -prevents the juice from dripping when moved as well as cut down on spills
  • The juicer has 10 -year warranty
  • The juicer can be cleaned easily since its parts are easy to assemble


  • Speed- Standard Chute requires added time to cut vegetables and fruits into smaller pieces which can fit inside this juicer. However, quality comes at a much more deliberate pace
  • Leafy Greens -enough juice produces from foods like wheatgrass, kales, and spinach, but not Tribest juicer’s strong suit
  • Not as self -feeding like other vertical auger juicers due to the double blade auger

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can Tribest Slowstar juicer make smoothies or does it have an attachment for such?
Answer: No, the small attachment is just a mincer attachment. It is used to make sorbets, nut butter, smoothies, and sauces.

Question; for how long can you use Slowstar juicer continuously?
Answer: The Tribest Slowstar can only be used for 15 minutes continuously

Question: Does the Tribest Juicer model have a warranty?
Answer: Off course yes, a new Slowstar masticating juicer comes with a 10 -year warranty;

Question: Where can I buy Slowstar SW 2000 and what is its best price?
Answer: The Slowstar SW 2000 can be found in different online retailers such as Amazon. At Amazon, you’ll find special deals as well as reduced prices. The price keeps on fluctuating to be competitive; therefore, it’s a good idea to check Amazon for the latest price and any other deals they’re currently offering on extended warranties or shipping.

Question: What is the height of the juicer when fully assembled?
Answer: When fully assembled, the juicer is approximately 20 inches with a plunger and 18 inches without the plunger. However, you can store it in the lower cabinets of your kitchen

Question: How long can I keep the juice at temperature without losing much of the nutrients?
Answer: It is best to drink your juice immediate. However, I can only recommend duration of 24hours

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an adjustable juicer that will give high yields juicing even for the densest foods, Tribest Slowstar SW 2000 model is an excellent choice. The mincer accessory implies that you’ll be able to do much more than just the juice. However, you will be in a position to use Slowstar juicer to pate, mince, or make butter from nuts. Its duo blade auger and the powerful motor cuts through the hardest foods thus making massive amounts of juice.

The Tribest Slowstar SW 2000 has a good reputation amongst other juicers as well as a proven track record. If you’re looking for a durable, stable & elegant juicer which will do fabulous work and look good on the kitchen counter, then look no further; the Tribest Slowstar SW 2000 is a quality juicer that meets all of your juicing needs.