Top 7 Benefits of Having a Video Baby Monitor

Why would I need a video baby monitor while I already own a sound baby monitor? Do I even need a baby monitor in the first place? Yes, these are some of the question’s parents face when baby monitors are concerned. So, as a parent why should I own one? Well, below are the top 7 benefits of having a video baby monitor.


1.Know Whether your Child is Lying Down or Standing

Knowing whether a child is lying on the bed or standing is one of the ways parents know whether to go after their kids or not. When a child gets up and tries to get out of the crib, it means that he has had enough sleep so the parent should go after the child.

On the Other hand, a child who will continue to lie down after waking up will most likely fall asleep again. This reduces the chances of you interfering with your child’s sleeping patterns

2.Track the Baby’s Sleep Pattern

Did you know that sleep is vital for the healthy development of babies? It is estimated that the average 1-3-year-old baby should sleep between 12-14 hours a day (WebMD). Younger babies require even more sleep.

Video baby monitors can help parents track how long their babies have been sleep and also get an opportunity to see what might be affecting the babies sleeping patterns. This could include an open window, hard pillow or even insects.

Other reasons why you baby may not be sleeping as well as she ought to is that there is too much light in the room or that birds chipping are scaring her.


3.Give you a Sense of Security

Video baby monitors tend to offer a more realistic feeling of security compared to audio baby monitors. This is because you can watch their every move right down from when they fall asleep up to the time they wake up.

Disasters such as a baby falling over a crib can be prevented even before they occur. If you have ever been robbed by burglars before, the next time you are out with your family, ensure that you the video monitor.

It can go a long way in helping you to identify and arrest burglars who are fond of preying on you when you are not around. You might be surprised that the burglar is someone you know very well!

4.Monitor your Kids from Miles Away

Whether you are at work or on a safari, video baby monitors with access to the internet can give you the assurance that your baby is doing fine. Some of these monitors can also allow parents to record special moments and share it with others.

Others, on the other hand, come with unlimited cloud storage which means you can store as much video as you want. However, it is important to ensure that sharing of sensitive information is left to a minimal as it may hurt you as a parent if it falls into the wrong hands.

5. Allows you to Rest

The problem with audio baby monitors is that you can’t tell what exactly is going on in your baby’s room. You may also discover that half of the visits to your baby’s room were unnecessary.

Thankfully with video baby monitors you can immediately tell if your baby needs you or not. Going to see your child only when he needs you can help you rest adequately.


6.Removes Guilt

Imagine waking up one day to find you kids leg stuck on the crib railings and top of it has a bruise. Instances such as these can leave you questioning your parental skills and may be a gateway for problems such as depression for parents who are not strong emotionally.

Thankfully, video baby monitors can prevent all this from happening. It allows you to detect a problem before it even happens to save you from moments of self-guilt.

7.Track Activities of other People in the Household

If you are a working parent, hiring the services of a nanny or babysitter might be a good way of ensuring that you child gets all the care possible when you are not around. However, there have been numerous reports of nannies and babysitters mistreating children or stealing valuable household items.

Installing a video baby monitor can help deter such activities from happening since they would know that you are also monitoring them. It also helps keep them on their toes so that they don’t relax when they are on the job.


Whether you are working parent or not, it is vital to have a video baby monitor. With video monitors, you get to keep track of everything in your baby’s room as well as activities of other people in your household. Video monitors can also help reduce the sense of guilt and give you a sense of security.