Top 5 Best Masticating Juicers

Long gone are the days of fallible traditional juicers and the defective Barry -Bonds juicing. People can now enjoy better juicing yields with masticating juicers, otherwise known as cold press juicers. We all want to enjoy fine, freshly -squeezed juices, but this can be achievable only with top-notch juicers. In a bid to dig out the best of these juicers, we have thoroughly distilled top performing masticating juicers and finally came up with a few that measure up to expectations. Without pulling punches, here are the top 5 best masticating juicers you will find on the market today.

1. BLACK+DECKER JE2200B 400 -Watt Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor


Besides the powerful strainer and the slap-up stainless steel blades that are propelled by the 400 watts extractor, this masticating juicer comes with a custom cup that makes serving easy. The juicer boasts having dish -washer safe parts which are removable making it easier to clean than many other juicers. There is also a 28 -ounce pulp collector in place which you can choose a number of leftovers to be retained and use in other recipes.

Why Choose Black+Decker JE2200B Juice Extractor

  • The juicer measures 13 by nine by 9 -inches and has a large pulp container to help in utilizing counter space.
  • For added safety, there is an additional dual safety lock mechanism that has been put in place and is easily controlled with an on/off switch. This makes the 400 watts powered motor to do more without worry of any defects.
  • Its comes with a 300-milliliter pitcher which helps in collecting the freshly squeezed juice.
  • The two-year limited warranty will come in handy for anyone who is skeptic about the juicer.
    Potential concerns with the Black+Decker JE2200B
  • Some users feel that this masticating juicer has a small feed chute, which could mean that you may have to cut your veggies into smaller pieces.
  • The juicer may also be a bit slow if you are using it to crush lots of hard fruits but also chopping into smaller pieces does the trick.

In all honesty, this masticating juicer has exceeded the expectations of many users. Not just because it has outperformed many pricey juicers, but amazingly, it comes with a low price tag which is way more than a bargain. Given the performance and price tag, it’s an appliance to go for if you do not intend to spend much on a juicer.

2. HUROM HO Slow Juicer

The Hurom Ho masticating juicer is a compact, high-yield masticating juicer which irrespective of its high price tag comes with distinct features which together with its superb performance makes it stand out.


It is a slow juicer using Hurom’s own state of the art patented SST (Slow Squeezing Technology). With a powerful motor that fine presses ingredients at 43 rounds per minute and a blade -less auger that gently crushes ingredients, it is arguably the most complete slow masticating juicer that you will ever come across.

Why Choose Hurom HO Slow Juicer

  • The use of the unique SST technology helps in retaining some sensitive phytonutrients which are heat sensitive. So while you enjoy the silent, slow masticating experience, you are also retaining some good nutrients which most other masticating juicers fails to do.
  • Getting rich -color, delicious and smooth juice that is low in oxidation has gotten to a new level with this juicer, thanks to its slow, but the quality cold pressing mechanism which vastly compares to the traditional mortar and pestle.
  • To give users a safety warranty, there are safety sensors in the juicer which makes it operable only when the chamber is completely intact. It also has an inbuilt cooling system that prevents it from overheating.
  • The structure of the juicer is made with touch materials including the Heavy-duty Ultem which makes the strainer and auger durable than common plastics.
  • Its AC motor is an excellent saver given that it only consumes 150 Watts of power without any heat build up. Potential concerns with Hurom HO juicer
  • The masticating juicer has no serious concerns, but the price seems to be way above par as compared to others in this list.

If you don’t mind going deeper into your pocket to get an impeccable juicer that is more exciting and better performing, then this could be a well worthy investment. Simply put, every penny counts with the Hurom Ho masticating juicer.

3. Eurolux Easy to Use Stainless -Steel Motorized Citrus Juicer

This Eurolax is an elegant China made affordable masticating juicer that is easy to use. There are several suction cups that comes with the juicer to help provide a more stable base while using on the counter. With a nicely fitted anti -drip system, the 160 watts powered juicer can be used almost everywhere without worrying about spillages. It also boasts easy handling, thanks to its single start /stop button.


Why Choose Eurolux Motorized Citrus Juicer

  • This Eurolax juicer is super compacted and goes by the 1 -size -fits -all slogan which means that there are no extra parts other than the whole juicer which comes with a lid and a nice handle. This could mean better handling and reduced space requirements.
  • There is a built in collecting container which one can opt to use instead of collecting juices directly to the glass.
  • For richer and better juice extraction, there is a filter integrated to help in collecting pits. The cone and filter are both easily removable making cleaning much easier. The filter is also big enough which means that one won’t need to keep emptying it more often during the masticating process.
  • If something light excites you, then you will love the juicer as it is lightweight especially with the handle. Potential concerns with Eurolux Motorized Citrus Juicer
  • Perhaps a notable worry that one would want to beware of is when cleaning. The top part could be a pain to clean especially if one hasn’t handled similar juicers before. Fortunately, a few cleaning tricks such as soaking it in vinegar for a couple of minutes will do the cleaning magic.
  • Another issue that a few people may not like is the cone size. This is, however, a minor issue and may not be a big caveat if you are not handling very small sized fruits.

From a busy juicer’s point of view, this masticating juicer is great and just does a handy job of producing fresh, smooth juices. So if you have always wanted an easy to use, magnificent masticating juicer with push-button experience without breaking the bank, this could be your best bid.

4. SKG New Generation Wide Chute Anti -Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer

This wide chute masticating Juicer is a low-speed appliance and just like slow Hurom Ho, it offers minimal oxidation and maintains high yield juice output. It is powered by a 240 Watts motor rotating at 60 RPMs which preserves the juice quality and its natural taste. The model is made from stainless steel and silicone making it a heavy duty, sleek and durable. Although the juicer weighs 23 lbs, the sturdy handle makes it easy to handle and do the cleaning. Amazon customers get this masticating juicer with a one-month free trial guarantee, a two-year warranty and a further ten-year warranty on the juicer spare parts from the manufacturer.


Why to Choose the SKG Wide Chute Juicer

  • The SKG masticating juicer is perfect for anyone who wants to preserve that natural taste in their juice while also getting full nutrients with less pulp. Comparing this juicer with many others in the market has proven to be very efficient by extracting more juice.
  • SKG comes to rescue people who love to do a lot of juicing from a wide variety of produce. The wide chute also helps to masticate large pieces of produce without clogging.
  • Spare parts for this masticating juicer are readily available which means one can get them anytime should they experience faults or breakages.
  • The pulp in the juice can be easily filtered using the cloth or filter that comes with the juicer and is perfect for use in other recipes.
  • When it comes to safety, it has a good overload protection system which response by turning the juicer off whenever there is a power fault or overheating issues.

Potential concerns with the SKG Masticating Juicer

-Perhaps one clear concern is that this juicer is heavier because of the material that has been used in the making. While this may be seen as a caveat, on the other side of the scale it could also be seen as an upside as it makes it more durable. And if you also don’t mind using the sturdy handle it has, then this is the juicer you should be going for.

SKG is a top performer and undeniably one of the best masticating juicers you can find on the market today. It offers invaluable experience and fine performance that is ideal for almost every produce. Although this mastication juicer may come in more expensively than others on this list, it is worth the investment.

5. Bellemain 1000 Watt Stainless Steel Centrifugal Juicer

Bellemain centrifugal juicer is a medium priced juicer that has stood the test of time and emerged as a favorite to many of its users. There is a bonus acrylic pitcher that comes with the juicer which perfectly fits below the dispenser. There are 2-speed motors that boost the efficiency of this juicer. Its main selling point is being able to hold a large amount of produce in its feed tube and finely crash them.


Why to Choose Bellemain Centrifugal Juicer

There is a 1000 watts motor powering the centrifugal juicer and coupled together with heavy duty blades it can crush almost anything. So, be it hard produce or soft ones, you can always expect excellence from this juicer.

Many users of this juicer can swear by the superb efficiency and the high yield of the juice. It retains the natural taste, and you can as well expect less pulp. Compared to other centrifugal juicers, this is perhaps the best there can be.

The juicer has a 3.3 inches diameter feed tube which is big enough to take in lots of produce at once.

Surprisingly, even with its feed tube getting full, you can still expect speedy juice extraction that is fine and smooth with less pulp.

  • It is easy to remove the pulp compartments making it easy to clean. This also makes it easy to remove pulp when it is full.
  • Like many of its close competitors, there is an efficacious safety system that automatically shuts off the juicer and prevents overheating.

Potential concerns with the Bellemain Centrifugal Juicer

  • Bellemain may not be the most energy conservative juicer as it uses as much as triple of what some other juicers are using. Although this power is needed to deal with a huge chunk of produce within a short time, some people may not like it. So if energy saving is your concern, then you may have to look into the other juicer options.
  • Some users have also expressed concerns that this juicer would have been better if it had a good lid to avoid veggies and fruits from flying out. While this may be a personal concern that has been aired by just a few users, it is worth noting.

Designed with a well-thought-out purpose driven design, this juicer caters for everyone who loves to extract juices from different produce. And that’s not all. Bellemain juicer comes with a reasonable price.

How to choose the Best Masticating Juicer

While choosing a good masticating juicer will always be personal opinions based on one’s desires, several factors must be considered. These considerations have all been used in handpicking and coming up with the list of the best masticating juicers above.

It is also worth noting that the definition of the best masticating juicer will always be from a different personal point of view. With that in mind, here are some of the things that you should be keen to look at when looking for a good juicer.

Determine what you will be Juicing

Different people will have different needs when it comes to juicing. Consequently, there are different juicers that work best in delivering one requirement better than others. To illustrate this, some juicers are good in grinding hard produce into fine fresh juices. By the same token, others might be good in yielding juice from soft produce like bananas.

Some advanced juicers also have an extra soft fruit discs which are great for people who want to make juice from soft produce. On the other side, there are masticating juicers that have wider sieves which yield thicker juices. So whether you love smooth, soft juices or thicker ones, you now know what to look for. In many instances, a juicer that is good in squeezing juice from soft produce such as veggies and fruits could be poor in dealing with produce such as wheat-grass. This is clear evidence that a choice of juicer really depends on what you intend to use it for. It is, therefore, important to know what you intend to use the juicer for is crucial when shopping.

How do you know a good one for your juicing needs? Masticating juicers that are meant to handle hard produce are usually characterized by high power motors and heavy duty moving parts. Blades and strainers are crucial parts you should also be looking into keenly. On the other side, if you are looking for a juicer to help you make juice from soft fruits such as oranges, you can settle for lightweight masticating juicers which are always less complex in design.

The size and capacity of the Juicer

When it comes to size, there are different angles that one would want to look at it from. Some of us want to extract the little amount of juice while others would want to do it continuously and get more. With the two scenarios, one would want a smaller sized juicer while the other will need a big one. Bigger juicers mean that you can have more produce to extract more juice.

The size of the juicer chute and the feed tube are also other things worth keeping in mind. If you are going to be making lots of juice from large fruits, then you may want a juicer that has a wide chute. Having such a juicer will help you escape the extra tasks of having to chop the produce into smaller pieces. Furthermore, if you are planning on doing continuous juicing in a single session, you may need a big pulp collector or get a juicer that puts the pulp into a receptacle.

Ease of Use

There is nothing worse than buying a juicer that you are not in a position to use. Some juicers are complex to use, and if you are not willing to take some time to learn how to use them, you may not get the best out of them. Some juicers come packed with a chock -load number of features. Although most of those features could have added merits, you need to be sure whether you really need those features. Otherwise, it could all be a waste of time, money and also reduce the quality of your juice yield.

The complexity of a juicer doesn’t always mean that it will be better performing. Imagine purchasing a big juice with multiple controls, yet you don’t know how these controls affect the yield. The controls will all be useless. Some people just need a simple start/stop and reverse button as they don’t have time to focus on other controls. So while shopping around, be sure to keep in mind ease of use as a crucial factor.

Juicing Speed is Important

While some of us need speed especially if you make your juice especially if you are always on -the -go, there are some of us who need slow juicers. Why? High performance is evident with many slow masticating juicers which in turn give better yields.Most experts argue that some essential ingredients are lost in the eviscerating effect of fast rotating blades. In the list above, Hurom HO could serve as a good example. It is praised for finally squeezed all -natural, nutritious juice yield. Compared with many others, this masticating juicer has a rotation of 43 RPM.

Again some juicers tend to be good in extracting juice from whole fruit or veggies directly into your glass without the need to slice them into smaller pieces. So if you are not ready or aren’t willing to be sparing some time to do this extra chore, you should keep this in mind.
So it really depends on with someone’s needs. Balancing between urgency and quality. So if you are usually in a hurry, you may have to find a good speedy juicer. But for someone who would rather take their time and reap all the benefits, a slow masticating juicer like Hurom Ho could be your best bet.
Efficiency of the juicer

The efficacy of a juicer often spells the difference between a good one and another that is frail. If you are going shopping for the best masticating juicer, then you will need to check the efficiency and ensure that it’s worth investing on. How smooth or fine do your want your juice? Some people want fiber in their juice while others don’t. Make sure that you know the amount of pulp and how fine the extracted juice is. This way, you can easily decide on the juicer to go for.

Some juicers fall short of expectations because their performance with some tasks surpasses their output capabilities. By way of example, there are those that have blades meant to extract juices from soft produce. Pushing these juicers a little further and expecting them to work the same way for hard fruits could be a nightmare. It could start overheating and end up producing lower quality juice yield. This boils down to how you intend to use the juicer.

Consider the noise produced by the juicer

Making juice doesn’t have to sound like a manufacturing factory if you don’t want it to. There are plenty of things that one should look for in a masticating juicer and noise is one that you can’t ignore. Some people can’t handle the noise, and it is good to know how to choose the ones that don’t have much noise. It is important to keep in mind that the cause of the noise is usually from the mortars and blades awhile acting on the produce. Evidently, high-speed juicers tend to be noisier as compared to many others. Apparently, for some of us, we need this high-speed juicer for quick juicing. At this point, you will have to put both performance and noise on a scale and decide which one you would want more.

From our list above, Hurom Ho and SKG Masticating Juicer have won accolades for being the among most efficient, yet silent. Should noise be an issue that you can’t beat with, then you could always go for those which are slow.

How much are you willing to spend

Being penny-wise is very important when buying almost anything under the sun. There are masticating juicers in all price brackets. They could range from as low as $25 and go as high as $500. Although there is always that notion that highly priced juicers are the best, facts prove otherwise. The best masticating juicer isn’t the one that you break your bank account to get, but one that offers great value. This means that you have to do your homework and find one that fits the budget that you are willing to spend.

You will need to make a checklist of what you expect from a juicer and then see which one falls into your budget. Making a budget before you start shopping is always advisable. This will also help you to avoid overspending beyond what you intended to. And the good thing with that is that there is always a good juicer for almost every price bracket.

Ease in Cleaning

Cleaning your juicer is something that is very important, and it is really great when the whole process is painless. When buying your masticating juicer, you should make sure that it is easy to clean. There are several things that you can use to gauge whether it is easy to clean a juicer or not.
Some juicers come with lots of parts which makes disassembling them time-consuming and difficult. One is usually advised to go for a juicer that has fewer parts and those that are easily separable. This makes the whole cleaning process a walk in the park.

Checking other user reviews will come in handy and also help you in answering some questions on a particular juicer.

User Reviews

How about going through the nightmare of buying something that doesn’t deliver? It isn’t rare purchase a juicer, and after trying your hands on it, it falls below expectations. What if other people already tested for you? You don’t have to take the risk yourself. Instead, you can learn from others by checking what they have experienced while using those juicers. Depending on how much you do research and go through user reviews, you will learn more about a particular juicer.
Luckily, we have already done the hard part of helping you choose the best mastication juicers in the list above.

Does the Juicer have a warranty

What if you bought a juicer that you thought was good and within your first month of use, it fails to work? When covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, compensation becomes easy. Having a warranty could as well mean that you are assured of the juicer’s quality and service. It is, however, worth noting that not all juicers come with warranties while some come with an extra price.
One should also avoid masticating juicers that do no have a guarantee seal it could be difficult to claim compensations. Choosing masticating juicers that come with warranty seal means that you are safe to use them for the period indicated.

Durability of the Juicer

We all love to invest in things that serve us for long periods of time. The best masticating juicer must have a reasonable longevity. Nobody would like to buy a juicer that will come and break after the first week. On that score, durability remains a crucial factor when shopping for the best masticating juicer that fits the bill. Among some of the elements used in making most juicers includes plastics, steel, and silver.

Each material, together with the technology used in the manufacturing defines the durability of a juicer. Every part of the masticating juicer should be sturdy and live up to durability standards. Firmly fixed parts are something you should look at when shopping for the juicer.

Heavy duty made juicers tend to be more durable than others. Although heavy duty juicers made with tough materials tend to be heavier, they will equally have a decent longevity. From a real user’s point of view, one can’t claim to have the best masticating juicer without proven durability.

Safety of the Juicer

Safety isn’t something that you can bargain or debate on. The best masticating juicers are always those that guarantee your safety. The most common safety measure expected from a juicer is the ability to turn itself off in the case of anything. This helps in avoiding accidents such as those caused by overheating and power faults.

Energy Consumption

Unless you come from a distant planet, saving on energy is as important as life itself. Although small appliances such as juicers may take a tiny fraction your energy consumption, reusing them could become costly. People who love making juices frequently tend to use more energy.

One could conserve a lot of energy by ensuring that they are using slow speed juicers with lower revolving speeds. If saving more power is your concern then high-speed centrifugal juicers aren’t advisable. Bellemain made it be listed along the best masticating juicers, but its 1000 watts could become expensive over time. So if you want an energy saving juicer, then you should consider the other four masticating juicers.

Final Verdict:

Masticating juicers is all you need for healthy juice extraction. Candidly, while there may be differences in people’s desires, the ones above are the best masticating juicers of the lot. They have inspired positive reactions among many users and above all exceeded our expectations in every way. If you are looking for a good masticating juicer that fits the bill, you will surely love one of these.