The Yamaha Piaggero NP11 61 key keyboard

The Yamaha Piaggero NP11 61 key keyboard is an ultra -portable keyboard like nothing seen before. Yamaha promises to have knocked it out of the park this time with a true no -compromise, professional, compact and portable keyboard. Not only is the keyboard claimed by Yamaha to be a “walk in with one hand and play” experience, it is also boasts a number of key features such as AWM, an acronym for Advanced Wave Memory (technology used for stereo sampling) and a built-in Stereo speaker system, a further adaptation of a typical keyboard feature with added stereo!


The Keyboard’s key features:

Compact design

The biggest selling point from Yamaha’s keyboard marketing is its slim, light and compact design. However, I must admit that they have reason to boast about it, the keyboard weighs just 4.5kgs and is thinner than any other keyboard I have ever seen. This keyboard is well and truly as it is advertised to be, this Is an extremely beneficial feature for all potential customers of this keyboard, because when has anyone ever wanted a bigger chunkier keyboard? Well precisely, never. This feature is useful to almost anyone who owns the keyboard, taking up less space, easily carried and stored makes it brilliant for those musicians who want to travel with their keyboard or those who simply want to save space.

AWM Stereo sampling

This is Yamaha’s term for the tone generating technology they have built into their keyboards, AWM stands for Advanced Wave Memory. This is definitely a keyboard’s most important technology or feature, bad tone production almost always means the difference between a bad and good keyboard. Therefore, Yamaha has managed to create wave data that specifically mirrors the sound output of the original instrument selected by the keyboard player, ending up with unique and rich sound production from the keyboard. This is very beneficial to any musician because an unrealistic tone production sounds unprofessional and unbalanced, so it’s necessary to create the most realistic sound production possible to make the keyboard fulfil its intended purpose of mirroring acoustic instrument notes.

Built-in Stereo speaker system

Yamaha has gone and taken what is a basic feature in most keyboards and made it better, the upgrade from mono to stereo creates a better sounding, rich environment when notes and samples are inputted and outputted into the keyboard. Stereo sound is beneficial to almost everyone using the Yamaha Piaggero keyboard because of the simple fact that many will use the speaker that comes with the keyboard for sound output.

The speaker system feature is baked well into the keyboard allowing for a regular design and no obstruction to the keyboard player’s needs making the product a good buy for any musician looking for just a simple package with no extras required, or an on the go keyboard solution enabling larger mobility for travelling or non -stationery keyboard owners and musicians with compact needs.

Auto Power off mode

This is a new mode added into the Piaggero NP11 keyboard by Yamaha with energy usage in mind. An eco-friendly function baked into the keyboard that turns the power off automatically if it has not been used for a certain amount of time (30 minutes in this case), this avoids unnecessary power consumption and supports longer battery life. This is a very beneficial feature for everyone using the keyboard, saving money by not wasting standby energy when the keyboard is not in use (also decreasing co2 emissions) and a batterysaver if the keyboard isn’t plugged in and is being used in the mobile, portable fashion which it was truly purposed for.

Battery power or AC adaptor

Another huge feature of this keyboard is the fact that it doesn’t need to be plugged into an adaptor at all times in order to be used and played. This is a very relevant feature with regards to the lightweight portability of the keyboard, without this it would be very pointless and less useful for the keyboard to be designed with such a slim, light and compact design if there had to be a constant connection to electricity mains. This is a hugely beneficial feature for anyone who buys the keyboard and wants to use it on the go, to produce and play music in any location that the either professional or amateur musician is in is very useful and a very large reason making up why this keyboard is bought in particular over others.


  • Light, slim and portable design.
  • Built in stereo speaker system.
  • Battery power or AC adaptor choice.
  • Auto Power off mode.
  • AWM stereo sampling.
  • A variety of piano pre-set songs.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • Short battery life.
  • Non lithium -ion battery.
  • Cheap materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a USB MIDI port?
Yes, there is in fact a USB MIDI port built into the Yamaha Piaggero NP11 keyboard.

What size is the audio input and output in the keyboard?
The keyboard has a larger 0.25 -inch output which will require an adaptor for 0.125 inch inputs for audio output to actually work.

Does the power cord come with the keyboard?
Unfortunately, no, you have to order the Yamaha PA130 120 -volt keyboard AC Power adaptor as an extra that didn’t come with the keyboard.

Are any of the key weighted?
No, none of the keyboard keys are weighted and all require the same low pressure to be activated.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Yamaha Piaggero NP11 keyboard really does live up to it how it’s advertised, it’s light, thin and portable making it brilliant for both storage and travels making it a more useful keyboard for many.

That along with its battery powered option for on the go use makes it a truly portable keyboard with convenience in mind, not only is it an ultra -portable beast, but it’s also a brilliant keyboard in itself, with flawless AWM professional stereo sampling, a built-in high quality stereo system and a variety of piano pre-set songs. The keyboard is certainly no push over with regards to its original purpose, therefore, it is a very viable option for many musicians or simple first -buyers looking for a small, compact and reliable keyboard.