The Singer One Plus 221 -Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine With LCD Screen And Instructional DVD Review

People have been sewing since the 1800’s, some do it just for fun, while others have made a career out of it. The singer company has been there every step of the way and has grown and developed with the art by producing and releasing state of the art sewing machines that have always lived up to everyone’s expectations. Ever since the company has kept up with the customer’s demands and their latest and most advanced releases are nothing short of amazing. The SINGER One Plus 221 -Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with LCD Screen and the SINGER 9985 Quantum Stylist TOUCH 960 -Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Large Color Touch Screen & 13 Presser Feet are indeed the best sewing machines on the market right now. The following best sewing machine product review states some reasons why these sing machines are the best choice for both a beginner and an experienced sewer.


The Singer One Plus 221 -Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine With LCD Screen And Instructional DVD Review

The singer one plus computerized sewing machine is one gadget that has been crafted and specifically designed to suit all your sewing needs. One striking characteristic about it is its ease of use and near quiet operation. It doesn’t make machine noise, and so far it is the easiest sewing machine to set up and use. The singer one plus is packed with advanced features which will give you a sewing experience like never before. It opens the door to more creativity, more possibilities, and limitless ideas.

Its major features include;

Built-In Stitches:

It comes with 231 built-in stitches which comprise of 7 essential stitches, 212 decorative stitches, and five stretch stitches which can move with stretching fabrics. This wide variety gives you space for personalization and uniqueness. It also has a stitch memory feature which allows you to pause and continue where you left at any time. The new stitch editing feature allows you to make changes to various stitches to suit your taste and even create custom stitches. This will make all your projects spectacular and unique with a special personalized touch to your fashion and accessories.


The singer one plus also features a computerized LCD screen which allows you to select from several options during your sewing projects. The selection of items’ on the screen is facilitated by knobs which are found immediately to the screen’s right. The screen also has a stitch selection dial which will provide you with easy stitch selection and show you clear view of your stitch settings including the number of the stitch, its length, its width and its image. This makes you conscious of any patterns you are sewing and can even give you ideas on the next move and the next patterns.

Automatic Needle Threader:

The singer one plus has a swift, smart threading system with an automatic needle threader. Threading a needle could never get any easier. All you need to do is guide the thread from the spool to the needle area through a groove, then press a lever on the side of the machine and you are done. The needle will be threaded automatically which will save you a lot of time.

Random Needle Positions:

It has 13 needle positions and a programmable up or down needle stop feature. You can set the needle to stop at its highest point when you are done sewing which makes it easier to remove fabric from the machine’s presser feet, or you can choose to have it stop at its lowest point which is ideal for appliquéing, pivoting and quilting. You can choose any position out of the 13 needle positions for your individual projects like binding zippers, inserting, cording, and topstitching.


It has presser feet sensors with an error message and a buzzer. Sometimes, you may forget to lower the presser feet onto the plates before you start sewing. In this case, his sewing machine will not start. Instead, it will use its sensors and alert you whenever you step on the foot control to sew when the presser feet are not in their right position. It also has an extra high presser feet lift which functions to give you easy movement and clearance when you are sewing multiple layers of fabric on your machine.

Automatic Needle Mode and Stitch:

The singer one plus features an automatic twin needle mode with an automated stitch length and width adjustment. This feature allows you to create spectacular embellishments and patterns using the decorative stitches on the machine. The stitch length and width adjustment automatically reduces or increases the size of the stitch so that the needle doesn’t hit the presser foot while you are sewing. Therefore, you won’t have to do it manually so you can sew confidently without worries of messing.

The singer also features,

  • A drop and sew bobbin system which enables the machine to automatically pick up the bobbin for you, so you don’t have to draw the bobbin thread. You just set up the bobbin in its case and place the thread tail onto the groove. The bobbin and its case are both transparent which enables you to monitor your thread supply easily and constantly.
  • An extra -large sewing space which will enable you to manage larger projects with ease and a free arm to provide easy access to difficult to reach areas while sewing like the cuffs, collars, pant hems and other places. These features enhance your freedom of movement and give you an easier time while completing your projects.
  • It features a start and stops button with speed control. You can simply press the start button to start sewing and the stop button when you are done, and it does not require the foot pedal. The speed control allows you to adjust your sewing speed to your desired pace for a slower or a faster sewing speed.
  • It also features an automatic reverse sewing button. This helps you to sew in the reverse direction in order to reinforce your stitches for a stronger grip.
  • Three bright LED lights to light up the sewing surface for a clear view of your work.
  • You can edit and elongate patterns on selected decorative stitches which enhance your options and provide you with more room for personalization and creativity.
  • It has a heavy metal frame that serves to hold all mechanisms in place for a smoother and steadier sewing experience.
  • It has additional inbuilt alphabets and numerals which add to your personalization and ability to have names, monograms, dates and signatures on your fashion projects.
  • It has a very high sewing speed of up to 750 stitches per minute.
  • It comes with a 25 -year warranty which ensures its durability.


  • It has over 221 stitch designs to choose from.
  • It has a very quiet and smooth sewing machine operation.
  • You can easily create and customize stitches on it even if you are a beginner.
  • It has adequate lighting which ensures sufficient sewing.
  • It is user-friendly and very easy to set up and start using.
  • It is durable as it is made of heavy duty metal.
  • It comes with a 25 -year limited warranty.
  • Its package comes with many additional accessories to facilitate the expansiveness of its features.


  • The LCD panel has a very low resolution.
  • Multiple stitch chains cannot be saved onto the machine memory.
  • You can only edit the last stitch on a chain so you will be forced to finish your project in one sitting.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to select stitches in a chain since you have to scroll through all the stitches to find one that suits you.
  • The foot pedal has to be unplugged to use the start and stop button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this machine be shipped to countries outside the U.S?
A: Yes, it can. But due to its weight, the shipping fees might be a bit over $100. If you can pay for its shipping, you can communicate to the service providers and arrange to receive it. However, it cannot get into other countries because of voltage standards, so it is best to seek customer support first.

Q: How many layers of fabric can this machine sew through?
A: It can sew through the very thick fabric, even up to 8 layers of fabric. All you need to do is to adjust the height of the presser feet to your desired level.

Q: Can this machine do the quilting?

A: No. It is a sewing machine. But with additional accessories which you can easily come across, you can turn it into a sewing quilting machine.


The singer one plus computerized sewing machine is a perfect model which is very easy to use. This makes it essential and helpful to both beginners and advanced users. Its durability, quality performance and customized features and designs ensure that your results are satisfactory and you get value for your money.