The Review of Poulan Pro960420182 mower, with 42 inch deck

The decision to pick a suitable mower is always very intense. When you finally settle on one, it proves to be such a hefty purchase. More often than not, individuals find themselves scared of facing this milestone in their life. However, you are in luck. I am about to introduce you to an effective and affordable mower. This mower is ideal for your rugged outdoor performance. Its improved transmission make speed adjustments is easy. Coupled with effective and durable overhead valve engine. I dare say this mower is a full package.


Experts describe it as a basic yet best riding mower for your lawn . You get what you pay for. Let us go through the features, pros and cons so that we can finally form an impression of our own.

42 -inch Reinforced vented deck

The riding mower, 42 inch floating deck is the main feature that attracts masses. The 42 -inch reinforced vented deck maintains the airflow even while mowing longer grass by drawing air around into the deck. The deck shell comes with a 10 year limited warranty. This mower allows you to integrate optional attachments that enable it to either mulch or bag. The 42 -inch wide stamped steel deck is a major trademark to this beautifully designed machine.

Auto Hydrostatic Transmission

This Hydrostatic Transmission enable you to adjust speed easily. You no longer have to stop mowing to accelerate ground speed. Auto Hydrostatic Transmission enables one switch speed control. To increase speed simply move forward the lever. Pulling it back toward neutral will slow it down. In case you are not used to a stick do not be alarmed. It may take a bit of practice before you get used to the clutch but finally, you will get a hang of it. Auto Hydrostatic Transmission allows mowing -in -reverse. This has to be the most convenient ride-ons on the market yet very easy to master.

The 155 HP Overhead Valve Engine

The Briggs & Strattor on engine gives you 15.5HP which is more than enough power needed to mow your yard. Using this riding mower does not ever let you down in regardless of the terrain or even give an impression of actually considering it. The 155 HP Overhead Valve Engine incorporates easily serviced air filter design. This durable and powerful engine runs quieter and cleaner. This baby can comfortably get the job done around 2 acres of rough lawn with brute force all the way.

Oscillating Front Axle

As I had mentioned earlier, this is the easiest ride-ons on the market to master. The gear stick is solid and easily reached. Oscillating front axle coupled up with the floating decks gives this mower an upper hand compared to the rest. Users of this beautifully designed machine have expressed a lot of satisfaction towards the ergonomic seating designed 9 -inch low back. The 42 -inch wide stamped steel deck together with its 6 in turning radius enable it to make sharp turns. This is necessary for level cuttings. It greatly reduces the time you would normally spend in trimmina near obstacles.

6 cutting positions

It manages to combine efficiency and simplicity. The result to this combination is total awesomeness. The length of the grass in your lawn is dependent on your imagination. Instead of just a default size, this mower allows key adjustments on the 42 inch deck enough to suit your expectations. You have six cutting deck positions that range from 1.5 to 4 inches. This makes it kinda hard not to find a size that will suit your yard.

However, unless you buy LED running lights, there is no mowing after sundown. This is because this mower come without headlights.


  • The gear stick and the height adjusting lever are easily reached
  • Improved transmission make speed adjustments is easy
  • Effective and durable overhead valve engine
  • Higher level of maneuverability and change the directions easily
  • 6 cutting positions provide any length to your grass
  • Comfortable reverse -mowing


  • No headlights hence no mowing after sundown

FAQs about Poulan Pro 960420182

Q. Is there a lever on the right fender for acceleration or is it pedal -driven on the right front foot area for forward/reverse?
Answer: There is nothing on the right foot area. The brake pedal is present on the left foot and the
forward/reverse on my right hand side with the steering wheel in the middle.
Q. Is reverse mowing possible?
Answer: Yes, move back one turn on the ignition switch and you can cut reverse. If you do not turn the switch and put mower in reverse, it will go dead. For safety reasons the manual mentions NOT to leave switch in the “mow in reverse” but its okay if you keep it in that position
Q. It shows a pedal on both sides. I am paraplegic and cannot use my feet. Other than, to start it do I have to use my feet for anything else?
Answer: The Model 960420182 has both a brake and gas pedal. Sadly, this model would not suit you well. All models have some form of brake. I am sure you could organize to have a handle made to use the brake pedal. I doubt whether any models come with an arm -controlled brake.


This one -time -investment can be easily be put to use and will certainly pay off. This mower is able to reduce the overall mowing time due to its higher level of maneuverability. It enables you to zip around trees, obstacles and houses. You have the ability to change the directions easily.

This is your chance to bring back pride and beauty to your lawn. We all can agree on how solid it feels. Its design is perfect, easy to drive and perfect performance. The powerful engine makes its mowing easy and has enough power to tackle lawns regardless of sizes or shapes. Make an order of this mower on Amazon today and get the value for your money.