The Review of Poulan Pro96042017454 V -Twin 24 horsepower Riding Mower, 54 -Inch

Honestly, there are a number of mowers out there in the market. These choices can be a bit of a minefield. If it makes you feel better, I am here to clear the air. What you want the riding mower for should guide you towards your ideal product. Of cause, your ability to afford or rather how much you can spend on the mower is important too. Now allow me to inform you of a machine that cuts your grass with minimum fuss or effort.


Made by a top brand, The Poulan Pro960420174 54 V -Twin 24 horsepower Riding Mower will steal your heart instantly. This mower with zero turning radius is capable of making sharper turns making it ideal for the yard with trees and other obstacles. The features of this riding mowers are equal to the challenge. The engine is reputable for high performance. We shall duel on the features of this mower to establish why it is a good choice for the yard.

24 HP V -Twin Kohler Engine

You require a machine with strong engine to work effectively through a 5 -acre yard. The engine should be powerful enough to mow at a relatively high speed without malfunctioning or braking down. The Kohler engine is a high performance engine ideal for residential landscaping needs. This mower has a V -Twin Kohler Engine with 24 horsepower. Kohler manufactures this engine specifically for riding mowers.

The engine is famous for its ability to operate with minimum vibrations. This is less noisy and comfortable to the operator. Moreover, this engine is more powerful than single cylinder engines. The reduced vibrations results in reduced possibility of wear and tear. Therefore, this mower is durable.

A pedal control fast auto -drive transmission

Poulan Pro960420174 54 24 horsepower riding mower manages to move smoothly over rough terrain. The mower has a pedal control fast auto -drive transmission that makes it ideal for uneven landscapes. The mower has an impressive speed and responds quickly when steered. It has forward speed is maximum at 5.5 mph and the reverse ground speed is 1.7 mph. This mower is best suited for dry grass. In such conditions, the mower can move up an incline of 25-30 degrees hill easily.

Auto -drive transmission enables great maneuverability. Its pedal control fast ability is very convenient on the user. Poulan Pro960420174 54 is zero turn radius designed. This is great news to those with yards containing trees and other obstacles. Zero turn radius allow a mower to make sharp turns hence can easily navigate around obstacles with ease. Bottom line, a perfect evenly grass cuttings that do not require more time trimming is a guarantee.

2.5 -gallon gas tank

We have said how Poulan Pro960420174 54 V -Twin 24 horsepower riding mower should impress you with its efficient mowing. It is common knowledge that you ought to feed the engine with enough gasoline to produce 24 hp. The mower has a 2.5 full tank capacity. The respective cylinder displacement is 725. Still on power, this mower has a battery 12 V. 30 Ah.

54 -Inch reinforced cutting deck with 10 -year warranty

The width of a cutting deck is very important because it translates to the width of grass section the mower can cut in a single pass. The 54 -Inch reinforced cutting deck houses three blades. Unlike the smaller mowers which only have one blade, Poulan Pro960420174 54 has unlimited productivity. It also has front caster wheels that help pivot the mower at sharp angles. This enables maximum cutting efficiency. The deck wheels help to maintain an even cutting height when moving over uneven terrain. The cutting height of this mower ranges between 1.5 to 4 inches.

20 -Inch rear and 15 -inch front tires

Most people tend to overlook the comfort factor when purchasing a mower. I would really hate you to invest in a machine that will actually scare you off. What a waste of money! Good news though, you would not experience a moment of discomfort even if you were stuck with this mower for long stretches.

The tires of mower greatly determine how convenient the machine operates. The 20 -Inch rear and 15 -inch front tires on this mower are equal to the task. The rear tires are not conducive for operating in wet grass. The tires under wet conditions do not have enough traction and may skid over. The Poulan Pro 960420174 also tops up on comfort with impressive seating. The seat has a 15 -inch high back and with armrests.


  • This zero turns mower is capable of making sharper turns
  • The deck is 54 -inches wide is reinforced with steel
  • Comfortable seat with 5 -inch high back and armrests ideal for long mowing
  • The pedal controlled transmission enables smooth performance
  • Engine horse power makes the mower ideal for residential landscaping needs
  • The mower does not need much storage space since its quite compact


  • Its ability is compromised under wet conditions
  • Require purchase of additional attachments

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does it handle hills or steep inclines?
Answer: It takes steep hills very well, though the deck could be stuck if the terrain is too uneven between tires and the deck.
Q. Is this equipment pull ground engaging?
Answer: I have not tried it for that, but it pulls my Northern Tool yard trailer mighty fine even with a load of heavy materials, like dirt. According to the transmission type, the manufacturer does not recommend using this equipment or similar equipment for tilling. Its design is for speed, not so much power. They recommend using a “garden tractor” if you want to go for power.


Is your yard about 5 acres and you just want a riding mower that is quick and efficient? Poulan
Pro960420174 54 V -Twin will put a smile on your face. It will navigate through tough terrain to produce a smooth and well -manicured lawn you so much desire. This mower is capable of making sharper turns. The forward speed is maximum at 5.5 mph and reverse speed of 1.7 mph is great for your mowing.

The pedal controlled transmission enables smooth performance during residential landscaping. The performance of this riding mower is optimum under dry conditions. however, some reviewers have stated that it also manages to service them adequately under wet conditions. Most people prefer buying this mower on Amazon. This would be the best deal because most times the pricing is the best. Also, free shipping with easy returns make everybody inclined to make his or her purchases on Amazon. Make your lawn a breeze by acquiring this mower.