The Premium Cucitella Pasta Maker Review

The premium Cucitella Pasta Maker has many moms at home raving with great reviews. For the low price of under $60 anyone can create excellent pasta found only in the best restaurants. The problem with most pasta makers is that they are a bit bulky, but this premium model weighs only 6lbs and can fit into any kitchen space. It does seem as though making pasta requires that you read hundreds of manuals before you get it right. Due to its simple design, this is no longer the case. Just insert your dough mix on one side, roll the handle and out comes the pasta on the other.

For a product that calls itself premium, it sure doesn’t interfere with a tight budget. Most pasta makers are rather expensive and may not be worth the price. Thus far, users are happy with their purchase as it does what it says and does it well.


Whom Is This Product Designed?

1. Aspiring chefs
2. Housewives
3. First-time pasta making enthusiasts

The premium Cucitella Pasta Maker comes with some great features which include:

1. Durable and Easy to Clean Material

This pasta maker comes in a high quality, super sturdy stainless steel framework. It makes it very easy to clean for any user. You can imagine the pain it can take to clean up dough mix from your kitchen equipment. Sometimes, cooking is not only about the food but also about the clean up.

The stainless steel also ensures that the product has a long lifespan. It isn’t fun buying kitchen equipment every season simply because it had poor workmanship. Products with long lifespans are actually cheaper in the long run.
Function and beauty meet where a molded ABS plastic frame in a beautiful matte black finish covers the stainless steel frame. The finish compliments other kitchen equipment and should make your pasta making fun.

2. Comfort While Making Pasta

One of the reasons why pasta making was considered an art was the hard labor it took to create. Even today, with some of the best pasta machines, are rather hard to work. With the Cucitella, the era of unusable devices is over. It comes with a comfortable hand crank to roll out your dough without breaking a sweat. There are two parts to the process.

First, you use the adjustable clamp to secure your pasta maker to your table or counter. Then, you use the stainless steel crank to roll & cut pasta. It’s a simple process that ensures that your pasta making doesn’t turn out to be a chore.

3. Adjustable Pasta Sizes

The only reason to buy a pasta machine is to make decent quality pasta at home. Fresh pasta tastes good, however, all that can go to waste if we have poor quality. One of the ways to check on quality is the uniform sizes of the output.
The Cucitella pasta maker comes with various size cutters to ensure you get your desired quality. You have a choice of narrow or wide cutters depending on what you wish to make. You can choose the larger cutters to make thick noodles. Fresh fettuccine is great when you have the right sized noodles. You can switch to the narrow cutters for moments when you crave for spaghetti. If you feel a little adventurous, you can mix them up.

4. Choose Your Dough Size

If choosing the pasta sizes was not enough, then it also allows you to select the dough size that you wish to have. We are all not expert dough makers. In fact, the chances are that you will go through quite a lot of dough before you learn how to make it right. With the premium Cucitella, you can have either thin or thick dough. It comes with sturdy adjustable steel rollers that you should make use. They allow you to choose the exact thickness you prefer for your food at all times.

So whether you wish to have delicate angel hair pasta or extra thick spaghettoni, all you have to do is adjust the device. Don’t forget that since its stainless steel; its also very easy to clean even with the messiest of setups.

5. The Price is Right

Buying kitchen equipment is an investment. You are not only investing in tools that should last you for ages, but you are also investing in a healthy lifestyle for your family.
What you are looking for is a product that doesn’t break easily and that you can use hundreds of times. The Cucitella may be one of the few pasta makers that come with a guarantee. They offer to take it back if you don’t like it for any reason.


  • The Cucitella is more compact making it easy to store.
  • You cant beat the price for similar quality
  • It makes exquisite pasta with little effort
  • Its easy to assemble and start using


  • You cant use water to clean it, so you have to wait for the dough to dry then shake
  • Only small quantities of pasta at a time
  • Its manual so a little energy needed to work with it

Before You Buy the Cucitella Pasta Maker here are Some FAQ’s

1. How much dough can it make?
Its a small machine for family use. The best size dough is less than 3/4 inches to ensure that it doesn’t jam.

2. What is the width of the dough it can make?
Most people use sheets that are about 6 inches and less.

2. Is there are a current sale for this item?
Though usually priced at around $60 there are always offers including the current one at around $40


The Cucitella Pasta Maker is perfect for those who want quality without breaking the bank. In most pasta maker reviews, most of the users are happy with the quality of the dough that it makes. When you consider the price point, its easy to see why its a natural choice for many.
Its easy to store in the pantry, and when you do use it works as described. Don’t forget the fact that it looks good in any kitchen. Aesthetics may not mean everything but it doesn’t hurt either. Take advantage of the money back guarantee today. This happens to be one of best pasta makers in the market today.