The Chuanganzhuo backup camera is a very fancy gadget. The rig comes equipped with Infra Red sensors. As if infrared is not enough, seven LED’s further enhance night vision. This rearview camera also comes with a 4.3 -Inch LCD monitor. This screen is the right size to fit onto your rearview mirror. Images are also exceptionally sharp on this display. This clarity is because the monitor comes with anti-glare capabilities. Anti-glare ensures the screen is not excessively bright!

We all know how blinding screens can be. The camera is also accurate enough to spot out the tiniest of objects. You will enjoy more control on the road. Even dark alleys will feel safer with this cam on your car. Nothing is as comforting as knowing someone has your back. This rearview camera from Chuanganzhuo promises to do just that. For the full Chuanganzhuo backup cam review, READ ON.

1. Excellent Display

The 4.3 -Inch Monitor provides some quality imaging. It boasts of 480 by 272 pixels. Such sharp imagery is quite commendable. Any rearview cam is only as good as its display!

It is the monitor’s display that makes or breaks a backup camera. How do I mean?

The monitor relays images to you, not the camera. If a screen blurs images, a whole system is rendered useless! The blurring of the display may cause an accident. This cam erases this worry. The monitoring system’s screen is an excellent COMPLEMENT to the camera. It even comes with antiglare. Antiglare does away with the excessive brightness common to most displays. What an improvement this is to the screen! Extreme levels of brightness are strenuous to the eye. They make it practically impossible to see the detail on an image.

High levels of brightness also make you temporarily blind to less bright objects. At night, this is more pronounced. On most cams, the monitors are dazzling. You have to adjust to the road after staring at them. The result is temporary blindness on the road. Such impairment, no matter how temporal, is dangerous on the road. You need not worry about this disability. At least not with the Chuanganzhuo backup camera. The screen light is just right!

2. Good Automation

The rearview camera is automated. It starts streaming immediately you back up your car. Imaging will revert to the original scenery immediately you stop backing your vehicle.

Why is this a good thing? In non -automated systems, memory lapses have been known to cause accidents. How? Many people forget to turn on their cams before backing up. The consequence is usually accidents. Ones that would have been easy to avoid. Automation makes sure the camera will always be ON whenever you back up. This feature is an incredible aspect of this system. It makes the camera all the more safe and convenient to use. So, you can forget about forgetting!

3. Durability

Strength is high among the features to consider when buying a rearview camera. The Chuanganzhuo backup camera frame boasts of high -quality plastic and aluminum. It is a camera made to last. Weatherproofing is another aspect to consider in a monitoring system. This camera is weatherproofed under the latest IP67 criterion. The gadget will, therefore, endure the harshest of weather conditions. This system’s tough exterior also helps it to last. Pebbles and small stones hit your license plate as you drive. Such debris is responsible for the mechanical damage of many cameras. With this cam, this is a fear you can put to rest. The cam’s frame is solid enough to withstand hits from such debris. You do not have to buy a new rig every time you drive on rough roads.


4. Multi-Purpose Monitor

The monitor supports DVD connections. You get to use it for the camera and your entertainment. This versatility makes the Chuanganzhuo backup camera worth your attention. It offers the functionality of two monitors for the price of one. The screen also fits over a standard rearview mirror perfectly. It is very hard to spot out. This gesture gives the display a savvy feel to it. Your kids will love it when used as a DVD screen. So, in a nutshell, this camera keeps; your children, happy and silent. What more would you have a backup camera do?

5. Excellent Field Of View

This camera has a broad field of view. It will allow you to see a lot of what is behind you. The clarity of the camera also makes sure the view is not only comprehensive but, clear too.

This camera also comes rigged with image sensors. These sensors allow it to lock on objects faster and more precisely. Full fields of view usually suffer chromatic aberrations. Cameras with full field -of -views often experience this on the edges. This rearview camera is different. Field of view and imaging is splendidly balanced out. The view is broad with no aberrations.


  • The camera has excellent night vision.
  • The display fits inconspicuously onto the rearview mirror.
  • Weatherproofing is splendid on this rig.
  • Field of view is very extensive.
  • This camera has very high resolutions and, therefore, high -quality imaging.
  • The price is very commendable for all the features offered.


  • The guidance on the kit are vague and very hard to follow.
  • Imaging suffers under bright sunlight. Settings have to be adjusted to suit days when the sun lights out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the length of the video wire long enough for fitting a large vehicle?

ANSWER: The cable is long enough to fit most cars. Longer cars like the 2015 Silverado may require you to purchase additional connectors.

2. What AVG wire should I use to connect to the power source?

ANSWER: It must be a .18 gauge wire. The wires are easily available in local stores.

3. Is this a wireless camera?

ANSWER: No, it is not. It is, however, amazingly simple to set up.


The Chuanganzhuo backup camera is an excellent addition to your car. Imaging is, however, weak on dazzling days. Such poor visuals are not a result of poor engineering. In fact, you only have to adjust the settings accordingly. Once you get the settings going, the picture is exquisite. So, to finalize it all, this budget camera is an excellent value for money. You get to enjoy features that usually come in more expensive cams. The camera is also easy to set up. It is almost as easy to set up as a wireless camera. Just check out YouTube for a tutorial. The installation manual is frustrating.