The Casio CTK2400 61 -Key Portable Keyboard review

This keyboard is perfect for those on the go musicians and music lovers. It is built with a compact plug and play design created specifically to create no compromise in the range and quality of tones by not sacrificing a true sound experience for portability. Casio claims to have done so in their keyboard with 400 AHL tones, a built-in microphone and 150 rhythms available to the musician to aid their creativity or practice. Here are some of its key features:


400 AHL tones

In case you didn’t know, AHL is an acronym for “Acoustic and Highly -compressed Large -Waveform”. A fancy term used by Casio for their technology fitted in their keyboards to make the reproduction of acoustic instrument sound waves (such as piano sound) not only possible but also as realistic as possible. The Casio CTK2400 keyboard has 400 individual types of these tones meaning that its sound production and output it not only very accurate and realistic but is also available in a huge variety of separate tones. This feature would be key for any musician looking for good sound production within an affordable, compact keyboard and little to now limitations in the tone outputs.

USB MIDI connection

This is a huge feature of this keyboard, a USB MIDI connection allows the keyboard to be directly plugged in to a Mac or PC. The music industry today is all computerised, with next to no tracks not being produced on some kind of machine or computer. Therefore, a feature enabling this is a key addition to the keyboard enabling both amateur and professional musicians the chance to record, edit and overlay they keyboard inputs into their Mac or PC. Without this connection option the keyboard would be virtually useless for those buying it with the purpose of producing music (being the majority of the targeted sales customers/audience).

Built in microphone

The Casio CTK2400 keyboard’s huge selling point feature is its built-in microphone sampling feature. This means that for a set amount of time you can record any sound you like (typically the keyboard sound production but it can also be anything else like your voice for example), the keyboard will then sample this sound and play it back repeatedly at the speed it was recorded at.

This feature can be used by both professional and amateur musicians to have a back beat or melody which they would like to overlay with other keyboard inputs, making music production even simpler and a more on the spot process rather than a much more computerised process that some don’t like and prefer a simpler method that can be done through the utilisation of this feature.

Improved sampling effects

The keyboard hosting a sampling effects feature is brilliant for plenty of artists sparking their own musical creativity with the Casio CTK2400 keyboard. This allows for an even larger amount of possibilities and variations within a single track already recorded by the keyboard player, meaning that an improve on the sampling effects feature would further encourage the use of them within the recordings and live performances of the either professional or amateur musicians using the keyboard. The application of these improved effects on the sampling use on this keyboard can lead to more interesting, less plane and better specific pre-recorded or recorded music pieces making the keyboard a portal of endless musical possibilities.

Speaker system

A basic yet very useful feature of the Casio CTK2400 is its speaker system, enabling for a more compact and mobile use of the keyboard rather than making the musician go through the trouble of bringing allocated speakers to wherever they need to be next with the keyboard. The speaker system feature is baked well into the keyboard allowing for a regular design and no obstruction to the keyboard player’s needs making the product a good buy for any musician looking for just a simple package with no extras required, or an on the go keyboard solution enabling larger mobility for travelling or non -stationery keyboard owners and musicians with compact needs.


  • Cheap and affordable.
  • Simple to use and install.
  • Many sampling features (built-in mic, improved effects and rhythms).
  • Large range of tones.
  • 61 keys with 48 -note polyphony


  • Low quality build materials.
  • Quiet speaker system.
  • Limited storage of recordings and samples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the keyboard have record and playback capabilities?
Yes, the keyboard can record, alter and playback inputted notes and sounds.

Can you plug in headphones or playback the audio through different inputs?
Yes, you can plug headphones into the keyboard and any other audio outputs that connect via 3.5 -millimetre
audio jack. You can also output audio via USB MIDI to your PC or Mac for other purposes if preferred.

What software is the keyboard compatible with?
The keyboard is compatible with any music software on Mac or PC that has been coded to work with inputs through either regular USB, USB MIDI or 3.5 -millimetre headphone jack. This means most standard music software is compatible and very much supports the Casio CTK2400 keyboard.

Does the keyboard teach the player how to play specific songs?
Yes, one of the keyboards best features is its renowned step-up learning system that is integrated and baked into the keyboard software, it enables the keyboard player to learn music pieces at different learning difficulties with varying tempos and note counts.

Final Verdict

My final verdict on the Casio CTK2400 keyboard is that it is a very suitable and viable option for a varying type of musicians, from start-up amateurs to professional on the go artists looking for a compact, portable and reliable keyboard. With a host of useful features which at least a few will be found to help each individual musicians needs, sampling, recording, playback, pre-recorded beats and a large range of tones all make the keyboard very useful with regards to the various needs of many musicians. These features combine with its low price make it up to be a brilliant keyboard offering from Casio.