The Best Push Lawn Mowers

Having a well kept lawn is one of the things that will help make your home look beautiful, attractive and pleasant to the eyes. It is therefore important that you take care of the lawn in a proper way that will not only make your lawn attractive, but that it will also make your lawn one that your visitors will long to relax in or even party on. One of the things that will make your lawn look tidy, decent and attractive to your visitors is the kind of mower that you make use of. As a result of this, it is necessary for you to know how best to go about getting the best push mower. It is equally very important and necessary for you to know some of the leading brand names of push lawn mowers as this will help guide you in choosing which the best push lawn mower is.

Some of the best push lawn mowers

The following are some of the specifications or descriptions of the best push lawn mowers that you can get for the care of your lawn at home:

1. The American Lawn Mower 1204:


This is one of the best hand reel push mowers that you can get. It is made with a 14 inch deluxe which is very suitable to be used for mowing the turf grasses that are found around your home or even in your office.

The special design helps make your grass mowing very precise, clean and like a scissors in its appearance. Included in the design of this product are a reel that is constructed with an alloy steel, a three (3) spider one (1) blade reel, 1 bed knife blade and a roller that are adjustable and 3 sections in the design.

The handle is plated with zinc and has grips that are made with plastics in order to help ensure that you get great comfort while you are mowing your lawn. The wheels are made of polymer and its weight is just about 19 pounds. One other thing about this product is the fact that it requires some form of assembling. It has about 1 to 1 inch of cutting height and a 14 inch of cutting width while its impact in terms of diameter is about 8 inches. There is also a Ninety (90) day warranty on the product.

Before releasing the manufactured product into the market, the product must pass an inspection test of cutting a paper that is about 1/3000 inch thick. This thickness is thinner than that of a grass blade, some examples of the turf grasses that it is suitable for includes, but is not limited to, the rye grass, the fescue grass and the bluegrass. It is one of the best American push lawn mowers that you can ever think of owning and it is very comfortable for your hands when it is being made use of mowing your lawn.

2. The Husqvarna 7021P Push Mower:


This is a Honda product that is designed to give you the best result for
mowing. It is powered by gas and it is extremely suitable for a yard that is small in size. It is equally ideal for you if you desire a great mower that can be easily maneuvered, a product that is very versatile and powerful and a product that is easy to operate.

This great product comes with a 2 years labor and parts warranty.
It has as part of its special features its design that is compact in nature; this helps to enhance the
maneuverability of the product in cutting grass that are located in areas that can be deemed to be tight. It also has a three (3) cutting system which is the collection of the grasses in its collection bag while the lawn is being mowed, the mulching of the grasses which simply means that you can make use of it for the return of vital basic nutrients right back to the soil which will help you get a healthier as well as a greener lawn and the discharge of the grasses from the side of the machine.

One great thing about this product is the ease of transportation and storage. This is made possible by the design of a foldable handle to the product. The wheels that are double ball bearing design will always ensure that it operates smoothly while mowing the grass and the product is one that is known for its durability. This product is great in that it offers a 4 point and a 9 position adjustment in terms of its cutting height and this makes it ideal to be used for various lawn conditions. It gets its power through the instrumentality of the Honda GCV engine.

3. The Remington RM 3100 Push Lawn Mower:

This type of lawn mower is best suitable for your yard once it has a terrain that is modest. On a terrain that is modest, it can perform a light and even a medium duty of yard work. One of the pros of this mower is that it is not an expensive type of mower but is very ideal for a clean and a smooth mowing of grasses. The product comes with a warranty of about 2 years and this helps give you all the quality assurance that you need for a lawn mower.


It can be operated by simply pushing it and it is designed with an adjustment of height that is a dual lever in design. This feature makes it very easy for you to find, get and make use of the height that is best suitable for you while you are mowing. The product is also manufactured with a 5 blade reel that is both adjustable and durable in nature to help provide you with maximum performance while you are mowing. The cutting height positions can be adjusted from about 0.75 inch to 2.5 inches which also features a cutting path that is 18 inches.

This 18 inches cutting path will help provide you with the ability to mow your lawn just the way that you so desire to mow it. The collection bag on the mowing machine is equally included in the product and this is used for collection of the grasses that are being cut. This helps make your mowing very easy. One feature of this great lawn mowing product is the feature of it is friendly to the environment in that it does not make use of any kind of gas as a source of its power.

4. The Scotts 2000 — 20 Push Lawn Mower:

The pros of the product is that it is friendly to the environment as it does not make use of any kind of fuel as its source of power because it can be operated manually. This manual operation feature of the product will help you economically as it you will not need to buy fuel before you will be able to mow your lawn. It is one of the classic push reel lawn mower of Scotts that you will not help but fall in love with. This product is a power lawn mower that has wide cutting width ability. It has a rear wheel that is uniquely designed to help in the reduction of your having to drag the mower about while mowing
the lawn that is, it helps for ease of maneuverability.


It has the features of drive, push, a none engine, a cutting height inches of about 1 to 3, a type 5 cutting blade, a reel that is a 5 spider ball bearing, a rear tire sized tracking wheels that is about 6 inches, a cutting width that is about 20 inches, a dimension with 28 inches in length X 18 inches in width X 11 inches in height. The front tire primary wheels are about 10 inch.

There is a 20 inches cutting width which can be compared with a power mower of about 1 inch to 3 inch height range and a 9 position quick snap height adjusters that help for the easy to use options of cutting that makes it easy for it to be maneuvered with the 6 inches tracking wheels that are present at the rear. It has a 10 inches composite wheel that is durable with radial tread tires that helps for very great traction with the 5 spider, 5 blade ball bearing reel which has an optimal number of blades for superior cutting and for ease of use. The blades are durable and heat treated, the reel hood is welded and it protects over hanging shrubs and plants during the period of mowing. The loop handle is comfortable with a grip that is made of foam.

It is very easy to assemble. It cuts thick grasses with ease and it equally provides you with a very quiet mowing ability that you will not help but fall in love with. The product has dual tracking wheels — at the rear and at the front, the blades are sharp and are made of steel to ensure easy, efficient mowing and accuracy in the cutting of grasses.

The pros of this product include but are not limited to the following: the availability of
the dual tracking wheel that helps for ease of maneuverability, the ease of assembling the product, the use of the technology of the precision blade and the reel that is ball bearing in nature in the manufacture of the product, the adjusters that are easy to control because of its quick snap technology and the width that provides for wider cutting helps to reduce your effort and time that is associated with the mowing of your lawn.