The Best Juicers of 2020

Black and Decker’s Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor is now available online on Amazon that comes with two- year warranty. This extractor comes with 400 watts power, 120V. It has features that can take extract juice separating it from the pulp. Product consists of

  • P. Fruit and Vegetable Feeder
  • Q. Food Chute
  • R. Cover which is clear
  • S. Stainless Steel Cutter
  • T. Pulp Separator
  • U. Continuous Flow Juice Spout
  • V. Safety Locking Latch on each side
  • W. On/Off Control
  • X. Juice Container (300 ml)
  • Y. Non -Slip Rubber Feet
  • Z. Removable Pulp container

Polarized Plug and screw


The two blades that are used for the plug are different. One blade is wider than the other blade. This is designed in such a way that consumers can avoid the risk of electric shocks. It is necessary that we have polarized outlet or a known technician to fit the plug. It is not good to try to insert the plug just to fit in the plug. Get the technician if one doesn’t have polarized plug.

The screw of this extractor is Tamper- Resistant to prevent the outer cover removal. Keep the children always away from this appliance to avoid fire etc. It is suggested from Black and Decker to not to remove the outer cover. Repair is encouraged but with authorized personnel only.


Once you get the product, the first thing we need to do is the assembling of all parts given by the instructions. If we are using for the first time, it is better to clean all the instructed parts of this appliance. For healthy living and to extend the usage of the product for long time, we need to clean it whenever we use it i.e. the parts such as food chute, the feeder, cover, cutter, strainer, pulp separator, juice spout, juice cup and container that has pulp with the help of soft sponge or any soft brush. After using the product, switch off the unit and remove the plug from the outlet to avoid electric problems.

Electrical Cord

As it is 120 V, It would need a rating of approximately 15 -amperes if any chances of the long cord are required. Always children to be away who pull the cord off and it is always suggested to avoid the extension cord to not to drape in and around the working area. To have a long life for the electric cord, handle gently for its life to be longer. The Accident may happen due to tripping over the cord, so stay far or keep the cord in the area where none is accessible to the electric cord. Damage may happen if there are stains at the outlet or if any jerking is avoided. Communicating with electrical things is always hazardous. In that case contact manufacturer or an expert for any damage

Two-year Warranty

One need to have proof of purchase to have two years warranty and repairs can be handled with the customer care 800 number. They have online service center site to apply for warranty, and it is better to save a copy of sale to avoid future consequences. Amazon provides the online receipt which will act as a copy of purchase by the customer.

Polarized Plug:

The two blades that are used for the plug are different. One blade is wider than the other blade. This is designed in such a way that consumers can avoid the risk of electric shocks. It is necessary that we have polarized outlet or a known technician to fit the plug. It is not good to try to insert the plug to fit in the plug.

Pulping/ Extraction tips

Pulp container should be in its place or else don’t operate it until it is intact. Pulp Separator and feeder should be checked properly. You can hear the sound when it is properly locked, i.e. locking latches have to be pressed well on both sides The tooth of the cutter or strainer is very sharp, handle with care.

  • Carrots need a small portion of our energy to press
  • Fruits like banana would give thick elements called puree
  • Before start juicing, again and again, clean the strainer
  • Cut the pieces that can fill in the food chute
  • Whenever the containers that have pulp is full, switch off and pour it into any other container if one needs to prepare more


  • Cost Effective
  • Pulping is easy
  • Juices at all time
  • Best quality product
  • Kids enjoy putting vegetables
  • It comes with pitcher that is helpful to feed family of four


  • Time taking process to clean, but we know most of the juicers will have similar kind of parts to clean
  • Plug might be a problem if any home doesn’t have polarized plug.
  • Items like yams and carrots
  • Yams need to be cut in small pieces
  • We need to put some pressure on carrots to crunch in the cutter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q — How to purchase the product?

A – It is available online on Amazon.

Q — How to replace the parts of this machine if any one thing got damaged?

A – After the Purchase of this extractor, Consumer will be having option of replacing as well as removing the parts from the extractor i.e. P. R, S, T, V. X, and Z of the above i.e. Fruit and Vegetable Feeder, clear cover, cutter, Pulp Separator, Locking Latch and Juice container

Q — Where are its service centers and its contact number?

A – Contact 1-800-231-9786, and to apply for two years warranty visit

Q — In which countries it is available?

A- It is Available in The United States and Canada, one can have different other rights that vary from state to state. After comparing prices with different juicers, it is seen that Black and Decker’s Fruit and Vegetable Extractor comes with an effective price and is affordable. Children can start learning their cooking with easiest making juices with this machine. Children enjoy dropping vegetables into the container. Giving healthy life with low price, this product would be helpful. The container for pulp is designed with the best quality, and it is easy with the busy running world. It is worth buying for this product that we use on a regular basis as it is cost friendly.

HUROM HO Slow Juicer


This is one juicer we can talk about technology that is used in making this slow juicer. Hurom Hu slow juicer is upgraded with latest choices of technology that consumer required. The parts that complete the whole body of this juicer are

  • Base with Handle
  • Hopper
  • Squeezing Screw
  • GE Ultem Strainer
  • Spinning Brush
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Pusher
  • Two Containers with measuring Scale
  • Bowl with two outlets, one for pulp and one for juice

Motor Settings

This Hurom Slow juicer has three settings to operate that i.e. on, off and Rev. On button helps to start the motor and off button helps to stop. The best part is Rev that helps the motor to have Reverse setting. This Rev Option helps the consumer to operate only when food is stuck in the juicer. It is advised not to operate when it is empty. It is simple logic that one can extract more juice when pieces are cut into small. Overstuff would stop the machine to stop and if any food is stuck take help of pusher. When we push food slowly into the container, it can extract all the juice that is available in the fruit.


The Hurom Slow Juicer has adopted a human -friendly design with innovation. It is designed with slow squeezing technology that helps to extract most of the pulp from the fruits. The slow is determined with rotation speed per minute (RPM). Name itself determines that machine is slow; this helps to extract all the juice from the pieces of vegetables and fruits. It has wings inside that can extract more amount of pulp when compared to other juicers. With powerful parts inside this juicer, it gives gentle feeling with slow RPM and more extraction of juice. It has more chamber capacity with tap facility to extract juice.

Extraction Packing

This is the end part where the juice is extracted juices. It is better to pull out whole extraction packing for cleaning purposes. Stains are to be avoided completely and so it is better to wash the strainers after use. Do not use chemicals in order to clean neatly which adversely affect the containers to spoil its originality. The extraction packing has to be removed properly to clean the stains that lie on the sides of the strainer.

Removing silicon brush will allow us to clean spinning brush thoroughly.
Specification of Hurom Slow Juicer

  • Voltage of 120V
  • Power Consumption 150 watts
  • RPM 80
  • Electrical Cord length is around five ft
  • Single phase induction motor
  • Weight is around 11.5kilos


In order to have good squeezing, the material is made up of Ultem. This item has got many properties such as strength mechanically. It can resist in any kind of temperate which makes the material come to its property even if different temperatures are faced. Evolution of smoke is less and more of the resistance when it comes to flame. It has stress resistance that helps when environmental forces occur. This Ultem that is used in this Juicer is used in many industries like Aircraft, Medical, and electronics. It covers many variations like thermal — helping in being proper when temperature changes, Mechanical- It has tensile strength that helps in keeping the quality of the product, Physical- it can absorb water and so there won’t be rust forming in this Ultem, Electrical — It can manage volume according to speed carrying the strength in electrical waves.

Maintaining distance from kids with this product is necessary. Never repair on your own as this will damage the product. Experts or the manufacturer has to deal with this product. Never use other than 230 or 240 volts. While operating the juicer, never try to disassemble the container or any part of the juicer. When the product has to be placed on one side of the kitchen, have to plug in the socket properly and tightly. When this juicer is used, generally it is good to go with the ground connection of electricity. Wet hands do not be used. Minor injuries can happen if not used appropriately for example water to spill near electric cord. Don’t keep finger inside the juice outlet. This juicer has got weight due to good quality inside it and so while shifting handle gently. To have the complete fit for the juicer, it is required to fit the cap.


  • Latest Technology
  • Affordable cost
  • Two outlets for juice and pulp that helps to choose
  • Option of reverse helps to avoid the items to be stuck


  • Time taking for cleaning
  • Soft handling due to tight packing
  • Weight of the juice is heavier
  • Cannot use the machine for more than 30 minutes continuously

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How about the warranty of this product?

A. It comes with two years warranty and ten years motor warranty, but it is suggested to contact Amazon customer care before purchasing the product as they would mail all the warranty that is related with this juicer. It is better to keep the receipt with you to act as proof further in the future. It should be purchased from authorized distributor in order to be under warranty

Q. Where is the service provided?

A. The consumer has to contact local customer care center. Damages of the product with accidents, commercial usage, etc. would not cover warranty and services. If so some amount is charged to repair according to the issue.

It is tough to handle leafy vegetables to make juice, but this Hurom Slow Juicer helps it easily to make juice due to its RPM and make of the material. It is hard to get the juicer with good RPM with good price. The mixed vegetable juice is the best part with juicer as it extracts well all the content from the vegetables as wells as fruits. Elders enjoy nutrition with this every day from the juice. Though it is said that juicers take time for cleaning, it takes less than ten minutes to clean completely. Some may take five minutes also to clean it.

SKG New Generation Wide Chute Anti -oxidation Slow Mastication Juicer


To extract more pulp, now many of the juicers come with slow RPM i.e. running speed per minute. With a more weighted body of the machine, it has good quality inserted with the best material called Ultem. This material is helpful for any kind of speed and temperatures that are running inside the machine. It covers the warranty of 2 years with ten years motor warranty. The best part with this juicer parts is that we can buy parts of the juicer with lesser cost once the warranty expires. This is one of rarest products that have got more than 90% positive reviews.

It has good features like

  • Sealed juice space that is dip free and Anti -Oxidation
  • Big mouth wide chute for easy juicing and little clogging
  • A good space to handle
  • RPM rate is 60
  • Certified by FDA
  • Steady handle
  • Ultem strainer
  • Ultem Auger
  • 230 watts AC motor
  • 3 inch feed chute that can allow a full apple to get in
  • It is good to switch off the machine to start the cleaning process of the machine.
  • Keep the hands dry
  • Disassemble the machine as instructed in the manual
  • Clean the base with dry cloth
  • If it is washed in dishwasher, the machine has to be on top
  • Other parts apart from base can be cleaned with warm water
  • Never try to use any chemicals that would spoil the look of the machine due to chemicals
  • With the use of washing, brush cleans the blades in running water that cleans maximum
  • Dry the components safely
  • Then assemble the parts as given by the instructions
  • If the juicer is stuck, disassemble and clean it as above

SKG anti -oxidation slow masticating juicer contains thermal cut-off that allows offing the machine if any heat interrupts accidentally. This helps us to be away from the damage control. It can be controlled well with different temperature along that decides risk -free to the consumers. After some time, the machine will start properly as before. The blades that are very sharp are to be handled smoothly. Otherwise, fingers would tend to get damaged. The blade should not be placed anywhere before assembling the unit.

As this product is for home use, children should be away from the product to avoid electric damages. After each use, it is suggested to turn off the juicer. The outlet should be dry; spilling of water in the electric socket may cause damage to the product with the electric transfer. If the food is locked in the cute, try to push little down so that it can extract the juice from the pulp well. If there is any damaged cord, claim new one from the manufacturer.

If any repairs it is best to get paid professional to deal with this electric machine. Never use any product that is not suggested by the manufacturer. The product is designed in such a way there are fewer complaints about the product and its quality. It has the warranty that doesn’t mean it would cover the accidents, misuse, commercial purposes, etc.

Cleaning the juicer is easy by all means when compared to other juicers


It is good to make the machine run for few seconds and then drop the vegetables. But keep in mind that the machine should be switched on before dropping the pieces of vegetables or fruits. Never try to push food into the juicer. This juicer has got pusher that allows food to take in automatically with the pressure of the pusher. If the juicer is vibrating, then try to push a little so that it can take the fruits inside to crush it. Try to remove the pits from fruits like berries, mango, etc. in order to safeguard the blades of the machine and to give longer life for the machine. Globalization with no wastage is followed in many countries. If you wish to upgrade the juicer, try to sell it. Contact retailer to exchange this product or sell the product who can use the machine properly.

Points to remember while using this product is

  • See whether the unit in the outlet is plugged in properly
  • Assembling of parts has to be checked properly
  • Search for any part of the fruits left any in the blades of the machine
  • Pusher has to be checked as food can stick at its bottom
  • The position of the juicer has to be checked
  • Avoid clogging. It means to try to avoid fruits that are ripe to avoid limited period for the filter. It can clog and takes much time to clean the filter
  • If the motor is running with a loud noise, give it some time and the reverse option to be used.


  • It comes with ten years motor warranty and two years warranty for other parts
  • The best options available in this juicer cannot be compared with any of the products
  • Very much affordable and good to buy as when compared with other juicers with similar features. Other juicers are costly when compared to this juicer having same factors of making juice.
  • Rated well by many numbers of people positively
  • Oxidation is reduced


  • Cleaning takes time
  • Blades are sharp, so delicate handling
  • Doesn’t help with fruits that have seeds. Removing seeds kill time

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can I make Mango Juice?

A Yes, but need to remove pits and make

Q Is service center available?

A. It comes with manufacturer warranty, and so it is good to register in their warranty application

Q. Is it good for vegetables?

A. Yes, It is very much accessible for vegetables.

Q. Any instruction manual for the usage?

A. Instruction kit comes along with the product and is helpful if you follow it

Q. How many years warranty is covered?

A. Please contact Amazon customer care. Mostly it comes with two years warranty for the parts and ten years warranty for the motor which is best.


Many juicers can’t handle small seeds. This allows thinking about this product if Apple seeds are crushed in this juicer. It can crush small seeds like lemon seeds, apple seeds, etc. Leafy vegetables are tough to handle with other juicers, but this juicer made it easy. But it is better to make juice of these leafy vegetables at the last as it would clog inside the machine. Apart from this, everything is best about this juicer. With the good price, we get the best juicer that can be used at home for making juices on a regular basis. It is suggested to order the best quality Juicer like SKG Anti -Oxidation Slow masticating juicer to have a long life of the product. Best Juicer ever.