Ten Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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When a woman is expectant, her friends and family members organize a baby shower to celebrate the fact that they are bringing a new life into the world. It is usually a party in the expectant mother’s house or at a friend’s house near where they live. The main reason for the baby shower parties is to help the mother to get all the things need to raise the new baby. Below are ten great baby shower ideas that will assist you in choosing a baby shower gift.

Baby cot

Although a baby cot is an expensive gift, it is one of the best presents that you can give to a mother to be, as a gift. It will help her cut the cost on her budget because, for a new baby, a cot is necessary. You need to order for it some days before the baby shower so that you get the color and the size you want.

Baby cradle

A cradle is like a portable bed for infants up to about four months. It is for monitoring the baby when she is sleeping or relaxing outside her bedroom. You can move it to any room that you want to stay with your kid. It gives you an opportunity also to relax as a mother as you watch over your baby. It is a useful gift to buy for a baby shower because it is less expensive as compared to the baby cot.

Baby Clothes

Babies clothes will never be enough; mothers always feel the need to buy more and more clothes as the child grows. You will never go wrong with buying baby clothes as a baby shower gift for your friend or relative. Although it is important to buy clothes that, a child can wear up to one or two years. Because the mother herself and many people tend to buy clothes that a baby will wear immediately after birth and the very first months, so you find a mother has many clothes of the same size that the kid will outgrow the child very fast, making the mother go back for more baby clothes shopping.

A gift basket

A gift basket is a good gift to buy for a baby shower because it does not limit you on what to put in it. You can put baby wipes, some diapers, baby bathing soaps, baby lotions, baby combs, baby hair shampoo, baby powders, some baby wraps, special moisturizing lotion for the mom and many more other things. If you are not quite sure on what to buy and what to leave, you can take the gift basket and buy those small, items and then put them together in one basket. It is one of the gifts that usually get mothers by surprise, because mostly it comes with those tiny items that we forget to buy.

A baby monitor

This is a radio system remotely used to listen to the sounds made by infants when you are not around them. You place it on the baby’s crib or in anywhere else in the room, where you feel convenient. Every new mother feels the need to buy this gadget to save her from all the false alarms that small babies raise and to monitor your child. Buying this device, as a baby shower gift is a superb idea because every mother will need it.

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Diaper Genie

It is a plastic container with a lid, used for disposing of used baby diapers it seals the diapers one by one in scented film to avoid bad odors, thus making it convenient to keep it in any room in the house. You will never go wrong if you decide to buy the diaper genie as a baby shower gift.

The baby bullet

It is a device for making baby food. With this device, you will be able to make fresh, healthy,  and delicious food that you can put into storage to feed the baby later. It will help you in making your child’s food during every development stage of your kid. It is a great baby shower gift, which you are sure a mother will benefit from in raising her child.


Bibs are essential in the daily routine of the baby; sometimes you can use up to twenty bibs a day. Buying several dozens of baby bibs as baby shower gift is an excellent idea because a mother will need them in plenty.

Baby Shusher

It is a device that parents use to soothe the baby or to make them calm. It is a great gift to buy for a baby shower.

Sleeping wraps

Sleeping wraps keep the baby warm especially during the cold seasons. Every mother would want to buy it for her newborn babies, therefore buying them, as a baby shower gift will be a great idea.

Bottom line

Unlike birthdays, baby shower happens once in every pregnancy; it is, therefore, important to give your loved one the best gift on their baby shower party. Let them feel that they are in your mind and you are a part of their joy. If you have a baby shower coming up, and you are not sure what to buy for a gift, look no more, this article is all you need.