Target 400M White Portable Golf Laser Rangefinder

Target Portable Golf Laser is a sensor hunting golf slope rangefinder that is inbuilt with a binocular lens that has a magnification capacity of up to six times. Target manufactures this Golf laser and the device is ranked number forty-six of top golf rangefinders. This device has a compact ergonomic design that gives it a smooth and stable grip by the golfers. When it is purchased, it comes with one lens clean cloth, Golf Range Finder, and a carry case.


Pin sensor hunting function

The function enables the golfer to find the object of interest accurately. The measurements displayed are usually within the range of what majority of rangefinders in the same price category offers. This measurement range is between five to four hundred yards. It is the significant feature that golfers and other users of this device would benefit a lot.

The high level of pin sensing capacity adopted by the Target Portable Golf Laser is the single most important technology that is worth paying a little extra cost to purchase the device. If you are a passionate golfer, you would always want a device that improves the game, a right device that offers a proper examination of the distance and makes a remarkable experience of the game. Target Portable Golf Laser is worth that choice as it guarantees accurate measurements with the aid of pin sensor function.

Compact ergonomic design

The Target Portable Golf Laser has a structure that is easy to hold by the users. This range finder is composed of hard plastic and hard rubber materials; the black parts are made of hard rubber while the white part of the device is made of hard plastic.

These materials are waterproof, only for ten minutes at a depth of one meter, but the device should never be used underwater. The laser system is always well protected and fully integrated. Rubber armor shields the laser against any accidental knocks and also offers an incredible firm grip. As such the Target Portable Golf Laser incorporates a friendly design that enables the golfers to toggle between conventional range modes easily.

The device has an innovative lens coating

The device allows the users to enjoy incredible image quality regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. This fascinating image quality is made possible by the multi -coated lens that ensures the distance readings are accurate and viewing experience is clear and comfortable. The lens coating facilitates an easy removal of dirt without leaving any trace.

The device lens is made of optical electric materials that measure the distance of both the slowly moving and stationary objects within a given range. Due to its high level of clarity, this device is considered one of the best rangefinders in the market. The device does not boast only of clarity but also, the device has short measuring time, low power consumption and automatic shutoff.

Laser range finding technology

The Target Golf Laser Rangefinder has an inbuilt laser technology that allows golfers measure distances within a second. In a record less than half a second time frame after the power button is released, the user will see with precision and reliability the exact distance covered by the target object. With the help of laser range finding technology, it is possible to determine the distances of objects up to six hundred meters.

The lasers have small power transmission that does not harm the eyes of the users and also measure any target at random. Apart from using this device in golf sports, this laser finding technology can be used in other wide range of activities such as hunting, travel, camping, measurement of outdoor projects and sightseeing. As such this feature is appropriate to improve the quality of the users’ outdoor experience.

Ease of use

The carrying case inbuilt into the Target Golf Laser Rangefinder is enhanced with the strap and belt loop that makes the device easy to carry around and thus facilitates its ease of use. After you purchase the device, an easy to read instruction manual gives you excellent directions and overview to grasp the basic operation of the device.

Through the lens you can view with clarity the object, in case there is an unclear image, you only need to adjust the adjustment knob to fit the lens into a perfect focus. The distinction of the distance between the chaotic background and the most frontal target is made easy with the use of first target priority technology. Besides, this device utilizes pin seeking technology that is extremely sensitive to target objects, and thus users have no need to worry about straining to view golf pins.


  • Friendly design
  • Durable Rainproof construction
  • High quality carrying case


  • Does not penetrate wire screen or glass screen as this material will disrupt the laser beam

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this model come with a slope function?

Its appearance looks like a Knox model that lacks slope.

• This model, Target 400M Golf Laser Rangefinder does not come with any slope functions. Therefore, it is a legal device that can be used in the main tournaments without any issues.

If I wear glasses can it be possible to read the details?

• Yes, it is possible to observe everything with the use of glasses.


This range finder is an excellent device that performs everything it is prescribed in the instruction manual. It contains two modes, one for pin detection and the other pin serves other wide range of purposes. The device is recommended for any person intending to improve golfing experience because this rangefinder gives accurate readings, the exact yardages covered by the golf ball.

It is suitable for both the actual course and the golf range. The device is durable because the materials used to build its structure are composed of hard rubber and hard plastic. It is light in weight and small in size making it possible to hold the device without much effort. Also, this device comes fully packaged with the battery, instruction booklet, microfiber, and sturdy case. As such I would recommend this device to anyone interested in improving their golfing experience.