Summer Infant in View Color Video Baby Monitor

For new parents, finding the best video baby monitors can be an overwhelming task. While many are similar, the real choice is in the details. Each video monitor comes with its pros and cons, with the Summer Infant in View Color Video Baby Monitor as no exception. The monitor comes with add-ons, such as four cameras, that parents can purchase.

This makes for a customizable experience for parents that can help to ensure their individual needs and the needs of their baby are fully met. The baby monitor has been specially commended for nighttime use. Many other monitors boast an ability to be used at night but often do not have a very good image. This baby monitor keeps the picture clear for the parents to watch over their slumbering child. In fact, parents can even see if their child is breathing, which is one of the most important factors in watching over a baby as they sleep.

Handheld Monitor

Parents need to move around. While the baby is sleeping, parents can get the bulk of things that need to be done around the house out of the way. The time can be precious for parents, especially those with their first child. This monitor comes with a 5.0 -inch flat screen monitor with a large LCD that is in full color. The monitor also has a rechargeable batter for convenience.

The range on the monitor while still getting full reception is up to 600 -feet, which allows parents the space they need to get chores done or to have the monitor on them as they take a break or other leisure time, which can be as important as the household chores.

Digital Zoom

One of the challenges of a baby monitor is that you are not physically with the child and feel you do not have as good of a view. This monitor fixes this problem by giving a better view than parents tend to have even when they physically enter the room. This is because parents want to make sure their child is breathing, but they do not want to wake them up to check. This monitor has a digital zoom that is quiet and discreet. Parents can zoom in to see how their baby is doing without making any noise or having to enter the room. This can give a significant amount of peace of mind for new parents.

Digital Privacy In this day and age, privacy is a huge consideration. It seems every day there is a new report of spying through laptop cameras or someone’s information being stolen. This can be a huge concern when putting any cameras into a home, let alone a monitor that looks over a parent’s most precious thing in life: their baby.

This monitor was designed with digital technology that is ahead of the curve. It establishes a secure and private connection that only goes between the monitor and the camera. It is complete with a 2.4-GHz interference – a free signal that ensures parents can move around up to 600 -feet in addition to the security of the camera. These safety measures can help all parents feel better about their purchase.



No matter what time of day it is, parents want a clear view of their child to know that they are safe. That idea is important when it comes to designing a baby monitor. While others boast the ability to see at night with infrared technology, many come up short in delivery. A lot of this comes from poor video quality.

For other monitors, you may be able to see the baby, but it will not be the picture you were hoping for. Instead, this monitor allows the parent even to see the child breathing no matter how dark it gets or what time of day it becomes. The infrared LEDs automatically readjust themselves as the time of day changes and some light decreases. This gives a clear grayscale image back to the monitor, even on the darkest days.

Add Cameras

Although the cameras do not come as part of the standard package, they are a great add-on feature. This can be especially helpful for those with more than one child, making it one of the best video baby monitors for twins. As many as three additional cameras can be added to the monitor. These cameras can scan more than one room at a time.

The video and audio automatically scan during an 8 -second rotation system. This gives parents a lot more options when it comes to looking for their kids. This can be particularly useful when looking for both a new baby and also an older child. It gives parents the ability to watch over two rooms fully at one time rather than having to prioritize one over the other.


  • This monitor has several pros for purchase, including:
  • *Sound activated LED lights.
  • *A belt clip.
  • 600 -foot range mobility.
  • One-year warranty with the manufacturer.
  • *Rechargeable batteries.
  • *Automatically goes into power save mode.
  • *Camera that is for either tabletop or wall mounting.
  • *Volume and brightness are adjustable.
  • Indicator when the battery is low, or monitor is out of range.
  • *Wall anchor and security clips included in the price.
  • *Private and secure.


  • One con some have found is that the parent cannot speak to the child but only hear them.
  • However, compared to the price versus value overall, it seems like a small feature to give up in exchange for the other reliable features and security.


While no monitor is perfect, this monitor is a contender for the best video baby monitor in 2016. While there are some luxury features such as no two-way talk missing, the price point, and overall value outweighs the negative. Furthermore, the security features are above many of the other monitors. The technology used to ensure the baby is safe and that no one can hijack the connection and look at the video alone makes the monitor worth the investment. Add in one of the clearest images of any baby monitor, and the choice is easy.