Summer Infant Best View Digital Color Video Monitor – Review

No one is more nervous than new parents. Every unexpected cry or irregularity in your newborn’s sleeping patterns always seems like a new cause for concern. So imagine how hard it must be to sleep in a different room from your child. Luckily, baby monitors have been designed with the latest innovations to help ease these concerns. The most powerful of these innovations has to be video monitor capability. Now you can both hear and see your newborn remotely while you get some much-needed alone time.

But with the proliferation of baby monitor manufacturers who all include video capabilities, it can be hard to determine which one is best for your new family. Summer Infants latest model, their Best View Digital Color Video Monitor, comes with a substantial amount of features that truly separates itself from other competitors on the market.

Who is This Designed For?

  • New parents
  • Child Care Professionals
  • Day Care, providers
  • Doting grandparents
  • Natal Care Health Professionals

Secure Digital Frequency Technology

Most parents probably know that many older baby monitors used radio frequencies that often received interference or was so shaky that the signal often dropped. What you may not know is that these older analog frequencies were much more vulnerable to interception by third parties or even hacked for other purposes besides monitoring your newborn. That’s why you want a monitor that uses a digital radio frequency to provides a higher level of privacy and security. This prevents leaving this signal susceptible to outside observers. What’s more, the Summer Infant Best View has a range of 400 ft, meaning any distance you view your baby through on the monitor within this range will come in crystal clear on its full-color screen.


2.5 Color LCD Video Screen

Most baby monitors usually present their video images in either black and white or the dark green of night vision mode. And it is true that the Best View does, in fact, come with an infrared camera that gives you ample visibility at nighttime during sleep periods. But the daytime mode comes with full-color capability on its 2.5 inch LCD screen. You might be slightly put off by the small size of the screen that comes with this particular model. But the best thing about a screen this size is that there is no drop off in resolution quality like you might get with a larger version. This means you can see everything within your range of view- even the ability to tell whether or not your baby’s eyes are open – both during the day and at night.

Remote Pan, Scan, and Zoom

Even better than the picture quality available with this model is the range of view that comes with it as well. The Best View comes with a remote pan, scan, and zoom functionality. This means you can rotate the camera angle and tilt the viewfinder horizontally as well as focus in on a particular section of the room you’re observing with this monitor. The digital zoom helps you focus in on your baby’s face to help you determine whether or not they are awake for asleep. This way, you can tell how attentive you need to be as quickly as possible, so you’re able to tell if there awake right away. Having such range of control over the camera via the monitor unit without being in the same room gives you the feeling of having a tiny surveillance system just for your baby.

Sound Indicator

As with all baby monitors, the ability to have sound functionality is essential. You need the ability to be able to hear any and all sounds emanating from your little one’s room. Every cry, every a cough, every fallen blanket and every strange creek and bump in the night should be heard from your baby monitor. But often, many of the sounds that emanate from your newborn’s room are difficult to discern by human ears. This is why the Best View comes with a row of LED lights that indicate any sounds the monitor unit in your newborn’s room detects and displays their intensity with these LED indicators. This means you can tell both audibly and visually if a louder than normal noise is emanating from your baby’s room.

Expandable System

If you truly want to turn this monitor into part of an actual surveillance system, you’ll need compatible cameras that work with this model. Luckily, Summer Infant has designed this monitor to be expandable for up to four camera units and also gives you the ability to scan between each set-up. This is not merely a visual auto -scan function either, as you also get audio as well.

This means you can set up four cameras in four different rooms to monitor multiple children and can not only keep an eye on what’s going on in each one, but you can also hear any sounds in these rooms as well. Setting it on auto -scan lets you cycle through each camera unit automatically.


  • Expandable system
  • Remote pan and scan and zoom
  • Color monitor
  • Night vision


  • The audio may not be loud enough for all sounds in the room
  • Battery drains fast after charging
  • Makes noise while panning and tilting, may wake up baby


Q1. Which Summer Infant camera unit is compatible with this system?
A1. Model no. 28074 works with it
Q2. Is there any static interference with this unit?
A2. Very little.
Q3. Does this system interfere with home wi-fi?
A3. Only slightly, regarding slowing down routers that run on 2.4 GHz frequency.

Final Verdict

Though there are much better units on the market, the Best View Digital Monitor is an excellent buy for the price point Summer Infant is currently offering. You may have to charge it more often due to a weak battery, but there are few options on the market that offer as many features for the price as this one. Highly recommended, especially for households on a budget.