SterlingPro 8 Cup 4 Mug (1 Liter, 34 oz) French Coffee Press

Start your day with energy and delicious flavor! The best way to do that is a steaming cup of perfect java. The SterlingPro 8 is just what you need. The carafe is heat -resistant for keeping the hot liquid inside. It also offers durability. The capacity allows you to enjoy several cups in each batch. You will look forward to each morning you wake to your favorite coffee!


Hi -Tech Filter

The best cup of moca cannot compete with grounds ending up in your cup. It just ruins the whole experience. But you will never struggle with that again. The double screen ensures that no grounds are able to travel to your cup. So enjoy your cup of delicious flavor, with your favorite brand of beans. A French press releases full, rich taste, while the double filter allows you to fullly enjoy every sip – even the last. With the large carafe, you need not stop at just one cup. And for your good purchase, two extra screens will be sent with your order. So curl up with your favorite book or morning newspaper and greet the day with a smile, without grounds to spoil it.

Durable Body

Have you been really excited about an order – until you opened the delivered box only to find the product in pieces? That cannot happen here! The carafe is made of very durable borosilicate glass. That means it will not break during transport. Its heat resistance gives enjoyment of delicious flavor for years. But if you do have a mishap and drop the beaker, it is possible to break it. It is made of glass, after all. For this, replacement beakers are available. Not all brands have this offer, which makes this company more attractive than the competitors. For truly delicious flavor, the French press was born. And SterlingPro created a durable product for a long practice of drinking perfect coffee.

Easy Pouring

On some presses, the lid to the beaker is almost as hot as the coffee it holds! But the clever design of the 8 Cup keeps the lid nice and cool. There is a plastic liner that separates the lid from the steaming liquid. And with brilliant engeinnering, the plastic is never allowed to contact the coffee, so there is no undesired aftertaste Just the smooth, delicious flavor from the beans themselves and whatever decadent additives you have chosen, such as a drop or two of Bailey’s, to complete the evening ritual of an Irish coffee. The knob on top of the lid ensures there will be no dropping it. It is comfortable and easy to pour every cup.


One of the biggest complaints with the stainless steel model is the inability to see the steeping coffee or tea inside. Not so here. You know when you are getting low on the precious liquid with just a glance at it. With the 8 cup, coffee lovers can see when the coffee has finished steeping, as the color is seen through the glass beaker. And with the handsome addition of the shiny, chrome stripes along the body, this becomes a very attractive piece. You need not hide it in a cupboard. Instead, display it proudly on the counter and allow it to be the centerpiece of the morning and evening table decorations. Just add your favorite coffee and this press returns a delicious flavor that you can see!

Large Capacity

When entertaining a friend, it is troublesome to stop the conversation to make another pot of coffee. Most French presses offer up just one cup. But there is enough coffee, steeped to perfection, for people to share. While the filters remove all the pesky grounds, the beaker produces a comfortable amount for a long visit. You need not leave the table to make a dash for the kitchen with the SterlingPro. They have ensured you may concentrate on a delicious flavor, good company and good times, as often as you like. Take time to enjoy a long journey in the morning – without ever having to leave the table!


  • The level of coffee is easily seen.
  • The double filter ensures no grounds in the coffee.
  • The design of lid makes pouring safe and easy.
  • Durable, heat resistant body.


  • The filter and plunger are difficult to separate.
  • May break if dropped.
  • Water should be allowed to cool to 200 degrees before added to the carafe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I make loose leaf tea in my French press?

A. Yes, simply place the leaves in the carafe as you would the coffee grounds.

Q. How do I use the French press?

A. Heat water to boiling, wait until the water cools below boiling, add it to the press, add the grounds, stir and put the plunger on top. Wait three minutes and gently push the plunger. Enjoy!

Q. Does it make a difference to preheat the beaker?

A. Yes, the coffee will remain warmer for a longer period. Add hot water, pour it out, then make the coffee.

Q. How much coffee should I add?

A. For each 8 ounces of water, add two tablespoons of coffee grounds.

Q. Should I use filtered water or just from the tap?

A. Filtered water will taste better, if the tap produces very hard or very soft water.

Q. What if the water is boiling when I add it?

A. It might crack the beaker.

Q. Does the carafe need to be cleaned after each use?

A. It should be fully rinsed each time, for the best flavor.

Final Verdict:

The SterlingPro 8 Cup is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. With its sleek body, it still holds a comfortable amount of Java for even the diehard individuals or the conversation loving couples. Your friends will love it: they will catch the amazing aroma and dive right into it the moment you begin to pour. The pouring is easy; the cleanup is easy. You can feel comfortable giving a cup to your most treasured friend, without worry of the embarrassment of irritating grounds making a play at your delicious coffee. Leave the press on the table, as it makes an attractive addition to the meal.