SKG New Generation Wide Chute Anti -Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer

SKG Wide Chute juicer is simply the most efficient and affordable juicer in the market today. It’s high capabilities and features allow the juicer to crush whole fruit with relative ease and gives you more much better and nutritious juice. With this juicer, you simply do not have to spend more cash in buying a home based extractor. The SKG Wide Chute Juicer is a perfect solution to the problems of multifunctionality.



When it comes to functional capabilities of the SKG Wide Chute Juicer has a 3 -inch feed chute that will just accommodate large fruits like apple and oranges. With this juicer, you will save much of your time especially in chopping your fruits. Additionally, the SKG Wide Chute juicer produces high quality and notorious juice since less chopping off the ingredient reduces oxidation. Less chopped ingredients allow less oxidation and hence the liquid remains more juicy, nutritious and tasty.

In addition, the SKG Wide Chute has high resistance to clogging and therefore excellent in both small and large scare juice production. The juicer is also incredibly easier to use, and safe both cleaning and preparation time.


High power functionality is the other important feature of the SKG Wide Chute juicer. Its 240W Ac motors allow the juicer to spin at extremely high speed. Compared with other centrifugation juices, the magic with SKG Wide Chute juicer is that it has the highest voltage of 240W but spin at relatively low speed (6ORPM5) preserving the quality of the juice significantly. The disadvantages with most centrifugation juicers are that they rotate at a relatively high speed that eventually loses the natural taste and the quality of the juice.

With high rotating blades, high-speed rotating juicers crush, grind and heat the content of the juice increasing both oxidation and the loose juice nutritional value. An SKG Wide Chute juicer produces a natural taste of the juice by just maintaining an essential thing in juice, taste.


The primary and fundament difference between most typical juicers and SKG Wide Chute juicer is its high weight inbuilt antioxidant qualities. The design and the material that makes this juicer are naturally antioxidant. From stainless steel, PEI juicing creeps, to the silicone component, the SKG Wide Chute juicer is simply built with high -quality antioxidant quality materials that do not naturally allow for oxidation of your juice.

Additionally, FDA, UL, and other certifying bodies approve the use of SKG Wide Chute juicer in meeting food production standards, certifies the product. The juicer further minimizes oxidation by having a well -sealed strainer valve and a base during Juicing. In fact, the juice produces high yield juice with minimal oxidation especially in oranges (85-90%), apple (78-83) and carrot (47-47%).


The design of the SKG Wide Chute juicer is incredibly good. The juicer comes with a perfect handle that is simple to use on the contrary from many other juicers. It also has a sturdy handle for convenient handling and cleaning of the 23ibs juicer. Its design allows the multi -functionality crushing and grinding capabilities that you may never get in the typical juicer. It also comes with different colors customized to meet your expectations.

Its design also minimizes the precutting procedures and therefore maintaining the tastiness and the sweetness of the juice. Seldom will you find a juicer that comes with high -quality and premium gift box? Even its big mouth chute brings numerous advantages of using this particular juicer over others.


SKG Wide Chute juicer does not only come with a one-year warranty but is a guaranteed for quality and satisfaction. For instance, in the Amazon, it comes with two -month free trial and even better, two-year warranty. In other places, the product has a five-year warranty for its part and up to 10 -year warranty for the motor.

When the juicer experiences some functionality problems, you simply need to visit your dealer for appropriate compensation. Such excellent deals may not be available for most typical juicers. With such good deals, buying the SKG Wide Chute juicer is not value for your money but one of the best investments. You can also inquire from your dealer on available discount that may usually never lack.


  • The use a large feed chute mouth reduces time often used in the precutting process.
  • The Strong motor that helps in spinning and grinding any all type of fruits and grains.
  • Less oxidation due to its low spinning speed
  • Relatively cheaper compared to other similar products
  • Juice tap that prevent any spill


  • The bigger feed chute mouth does not fit fibrous greens like clog
  • Relatively expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the SKG Wide Chute juicer warranty?

Answer: The SKG Wide Chute juicer comes with a guarantee of 2 years (Parts) and five years (motor). Even after the warranty has expired, you can still buy the product at much -discounted prices.

Question: Most juicer only runs for very minutes. How long does this juicer run?

Answer: Normally, the juice operates for 10-20 minutes. However, you should note that such depends on the type of the ingredients. The harder the ingredients, the less time the juicer spins and vice versa. Of course, the overload protection can shut the juicer if there is low power connectivity, overheating and other inconveniences. Remember, you should let your juicer rest for a couple of minutes before proceeding to the next procedure to better its functionality.

Question: How long can you store its juice?

Answer: since the SKG Wide Chute juicer highly reduces oxidation, you can keep juice in more than 36 hours in a tight container in your refrigerator. Of course, you may not want to preserve your juicer for longer days or even a week.


If you are looking for a juicer that will make a tasty, nutritious and juice free of oxidation, then the juicer to buy is the SKG Wide Chute juicer. It has a 3 -chute mouth that is relatively larger, minimizing the precutting time and producing highly nutritious juice.

The high voltage motor with less spinning capability design and a five-year warranty simply makes the product the best. With ease handling and cleaning designs, the product offers one of the best juicing services. Of course, its price and the much – discounted prices say to give you the value of your money. Grab your copy today and enjoy the amazing results.