Singer 9985 Quantum Stylist Touch 960 -STITCH Computerized Sewing Machine With Large



The singer 9985 quantum 960 -stitch computerized sewing machine is another sewing partner that you will easily get accustomed to. This machine is like an assistant who assists you with every time with your sewing and patterns. It has some features that will surely give you a fun and quality sewing time and the best end results.

Some of its features which make it the best sewing machine are;


It has an eye-catching extra large color touch screen. This screen provides you with a very clear and easy view of your stitch settings, which include the image of the stitch, the number of the selected stitch, its length, width, thread tension, and the recommended presser feet. So you can plan your stitching designs and alter measurements or change stitches to form incredible patterns.

Digital Assistance:

The 9985 sewing machine also has a built-in sewing assistance feature with an audible and visual messaging system. Whenever you are stuck, you can use the help button to instantly learn anything from bobbin winding, bobbin setting, threading, and even changing the presser feet. This feature will save you a lot of time that you would have wasted going through the wordy manuals.

Built In Stitch:

It has 960+ built-in stitches that will give you the widest variety to pick from. A stitch reference chart is just above the upper lid of the machine. This chart allows you to quickly view all the built in stitches and pick the one that suits you best.

Random Stitch Advantage:

It incorporates stitch memory with stitch editing. You can program up to 60 characters into its memory and get to access them even after turning off your machine. Even though the singer 9985 comes with automatic stitch lengths and widths, you can still edit the stitches to your desired personalized lengths and widths. It also has a mirror imaging and stitch elongation feature which you can access at the push of a button. This feature also expands on how you can vary stitch patterns to create something out of your own ideas.

Easy to Use:

You can set stitches to a maximum width of 7mm which is wide enough to create attractive decorative stitches. The automatic stitch locking function ties off the thread at the end of every stitch. This ensures you get quality stitches and prevents unraveling of the thread. To top that, the singer 9985 computerized sewing machine has an automatic thread trimmer. The trimmer cuts out any hanging threads after you are done sewing and trims your stitches to give you a neat and clean finish.


The singer 9985 features a Dresser foot sensor. This sensor stops the machine from starting whenever the presser feet are not in the right position. This reduces any chances of thread bunching. It has an extra high presser foot lifter which allows you to lift the presser feet to greater heights to offer you more clearance, ease, and space when you place multiple layers under the presser feet. You can also adjust the pressure exerted by the presser feet to make sewing convenient for more delicate fabric, which will give you a smoother sewing experience.


It has 13 fully automated and perfectly sized built in buttonhole styles which will help you to sew button holes in seconds. The automatic buttonhole sewers give very beautiful results since the sides of the buttonholes are sewn in the same direction. This prevents gaps and distortion of the fabrics while stitching.

Power Control:

It features an optimum power control system. This system’s function is to sense when less or additional power is required in order to maintain uniformity and speed mostly in changing fabric conditions. This feature will give you an easy time while you sew through multiple layers of fabric. It also has a D.0 motor for an instant start and stop which is essential for an accurate stitch placement.

Needle Threading Advantage:

The singer 9985 has an even threading system with an automatic needle threader, a thread cutter, and a horizontal threading mode which allows threads to feed more evenly. This reduces poor stitch formation and thread breakage to give you strong stitches and a clean finish. The machines have tension adjustment buttons. These buttons enable you to automatically adjust the tension on the thread while you are sewing to ensure your stitches are strong and of good quality, on any fabric you are working on.

It also has an up or down needle control button to stop the needle at an up or down position depending on your preference and 25 needle positions that you can manipulate for any of your individual projects. Other features of the SINGER 9985 Quantum Stylist TOUCH 960 -Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with Large Color Touch Screen & 13 Presser Feet include;

  • A start and stop button to start and stop sewing at the push of a button and a speed control lever that lets you adjust your speed as you wish. It also has a slow speed sewing button which allows you to sew at a slower speed for detailed or intricate work.
  • An easy to load drop in bobbin system with a clear cover that lets you monitor your thread usage and supply constantly.
  • Six styles of alphabet and numerals with a memory feature. You can Personalize projects by adding names, dates, signatures or monograms.
  • A quick snap -on presser foot enables you to change presser feet easily for your desired fabric and sewing methods.
  • It has a heavy duty metal frame that holds all mechanisms in one place.
  • It comes with a 25 -year warranty which includes five years on electronics and one year on adjustments.


  • It has a High sewing speed of up to 850 stitches per minute.
  • It has an automatic reverse feature that helps to sew in reverse and enforce stitches.
  • It is super easy to set up, thread, and use.
  • It has over 960 stitch patterns with numeric and alphabetical decorations features.
  • The foot pedal is not always required thus convenient even for the disabled.
  • The large LCD display offers you total control over your settings and stitches.
  • It comes with additional accessories including 13 other presser feet which expand your creative capabilities.
  • It has a 25 -year warranty which ensures durability and value for your money.
  • It runs smoothly without any lubrication, and none is needed.


  • A quilting tray is not included in the package.
  • It has no stippling stitch for quilting.
  • Some stitch terminologies on the user manuals are quite confusing.
  • It does not save sequences of characters or decorative stitches that you personalize or define.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How well can it handle heavy fabric like canvas or upholstery fabric for home decor projects?
Ans: The answer is that it can work very well provided you use the correct presser feet and needles that suit your particular fabric. These are included in the accessories.

Q: What bobbin sizes does this machine use?
Ans: It uses the class 15 size and not the class 15j, unlike the previously releases models. The bobbin is also included with the machine accessories.

Q: Can it handle large spools of thread?
Ans: Yes, it can handle up to 3000 -yard spools.


The singer company has been in business for a long time. Because of their experience and knowledge on customer requirements and demands, it is only logical that their innovative designs and unique features are for the comfort of their customers. They are crafted to offer only quality satisfactory results.

This best sewing machine review clearly defines how you can expand your creativity and have limitless possibilities when designing and sewing your attires using these machines. You can Order one now on Amazon and get the highest value for your money.