Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker 18/10 Bonus Stainless Steel Screen (1000m1)

While I would easily have the words for Bodum French press, the words for this coffee brewer escape my tongue. With its immaculate stainless steel design, this French press is one you would want to bag and have on your kitchen counter solely for its aesthetic. It’s simple yet elegant and dazzling. Luckily, its aesthetic is not all that the coffee brewer has to give.



For a start, Secura has made this press to outlast all other coffee presses. Both the interior and exterior of this French press are made of premier 18/10 stainless steel, making it quite the durable choice. This is also very commendable on Secura’s part considering very many French press manufacturers tend to make the external in the 18/10 stainless then use a cheaper alternative on the interior or vice versa. What Secura has done makes the quality and durability of this French press so much higher than the stainless steel coffee brewer.

User -Friendly

This French press is also easy to use and doesn’t have any fancy parts or additions that may take a while to figure out. As earlier said, the design is minimalist and therefore making it quite user-friendly for coffee enthusiasts.

Double Insulation

To add on that, this French press has a double -wall structure as opposed to a single one as many coffee brewers do. That goes to say that this French press can keep your coffee hotter for twice as long as the regular coffee press, adding to yet another reason why I think it makes for an amazing coffee companion.

Consumer reports indicate that this French press keeps coffee hot for at least three hours, how amazing is that?


Slightly higher than the Bodum Brazil, this French press comes with a capacity of 34 ounces (1000m1). As earlier stated the Bodum comes in a capacity of 32 ounces. This means that you can have enough coffee for you and all your friends when brewing coffee using the Secura the Stainless steel, without needing to brew some more. However, with the premium quality and aromatic flavor of coffee produced by this French press, you will definitely want to prepare more than one round of coffee.

Filtration System

It has a three -layered filter which ensures that only the right aromatic coffee and flavors get through to your cup. It also has an additional stainless steel screen just in case you desire a more refined taste as you indulge in that savory sensation.

Handle and Knob

Moreover, the press has a cool -to -touch handle and knob on the lid, enabling you to comfortably hold the press even when the contents are particularly hot. This adds on to the pointer of Secura being user-friendly as the cool -to -touch feature avoids cases of hand burns which can easily occur.


On weight, the Secura comes significantly heavier than the Bodum Brazil at 2.4 pounds. However, you really cannot expect plastic and glass to weigh the same as stainless steel. Moreover, the Secura’s weight may be indicative of its durability as it is made using Premier stainless steel material that is a bit weighty in comparison to other metals or materials used in making coffee presses.

Dissembling and Cleaning

The parts of this French press are also easily detachable. This makes it quite easy for you to dissemble them for cleaning as well as assemble them back after cleaning. Again this adds to the coffee press being user-friendly, a general necessity for a good coffee press.When it comes to cleaning, the Secura’s parts are all dishwasher friendly. This means you wouldn’t have to stress over having to hand wash it. However, this is still an option.


At a starting price of $ 26.95, the Secura is a perfect option especially considering that the price difference is not that much as compared to the Bodum. The nine bucks extra from the Bodum is a good price to pay for the extra stainless screen, hot coffee, cool -to -touch technology, as well as the immaculate look if this French press. Furthermore, unlike the Bodum, this one will not crack or break, you actually may have it for life. So let’s do a quick run on what’s good and what’s not of the Secura French press.


  • The Secura French press has an unmatched elegant finish; you would want to buy it so that you can stare at it.
  • It has double -wall construction, therefore keeping your coffee hotter for longer.
  • Comes with a 3 -layered stainless steel filter which ensures your coffee is always smooth and with only the best oils and flavors.
  • It comes with an additional stainless steel screen just in case triple filtered coffee is not smooth or refined enough for you and you need to refine it some more.
  • A capacity of 1000m1 is ample enough for more than 4 -ounce Cups of coffee.
  • Also has an additional stainless steel screen for those who like their coffee very refined.
  • The handle and knob are both cool -to -touch, making it easy to handle even with hot contents inside the brewer.
  • Making of the French press with stainless steel interior and exterior as opposed to only the exterior makes for a durable purchase.
  • That it doesn’t break is an additional allow’ factor
  • It’s quite easy to clean.
  • The Secura is affordable too.


  • On the flip side, despite being affordable, there are cheaper alternatives of this coffee press in the market. Of key question though is whether these would match up to the Secura regarding service delivery as the Secura is premium quality.
  • The stainless steel material is also notorious for showing dirt marks quite easily
  • The double wall construction could work against someone who loves their coffee cold. However, this could easily be sorted by pouring out the coffee into a mug so it can cool down as you wait.
  • Just as the Bodum, customer reviews have complained about the selling point of the Secura as a 8 –cup capacity French press, as the coffee brewer does less than that. It should be noted that the French press manufacturers have a 4 -ounce cup in mind when creating their coffee press.
  • Again unlike glass and other see-through material, you can’t see through stainless steel and therefore it might be hard to know how much coffee is left in there. It would, however, be possible to approximate how much coffee is in a French press by lifting the lid though this might seem a bit inconvenient.
  • Moreover, despite the aim of this double insulation being to keep the coffee hot for longer, there have been claims by online reviewers of coffee in a Secura French press going cold in less than an hour. This, however, may be the odd complaints here and there as the double insulation does not allow for cooling of the French press’ contents that fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Secura come in other colors apart from the silver one?

A: Secura only comes in the silver finish. Therefore customers don’t really have an option of buying it in other colors. In its defense, though. I would say this French press is so elegant and silky; you would not even want another option from it.

Q: How easily does the Secura dismantle for cleaning?

A: There have also been reports on Amazon over the screen and filter parts not being that easy to dismantle. However, I would say it’s a matter of practice. The more you do it, the better you get at it. I have one, and it comes apart just right.


In conclusion on the Secura, this is a French press design that does not only serve you hot coffee for long but also serves it sleek and refined. While it appears to have some limitations, the Secura French press is a stellar coffee press delivering exactly what a perfect coffee brewer should deliver. Its price is not over the top and so makes a reasonable purchase especially for all the goodness it has to give. Save from a few checks here and there; the Secura is a premium quality, perfect buy for all coffee (and tea) lovers.