Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker 18/10 (1000ML)

Waking up just doesn’t work without coffee, does it? So Secura made sure they got it right when making their French press! With an infusion of the richest taste, the result is the perfect cup of coffee. Because it takes only a few minutes to boil up some water, the French press gives you a full flavor, right when you need your infusion of caffiene. Secura makes the press easy to use, easy to clean and pretty. Placing it within sight in the kitchen adds a handsome touch. Even when the carafe is carrying its full 1000ML or 33 ounces, the design makes pouring easy.


Stainless Steel Design

Stainless steel goes with any decor, regardless of the kitchen color. The handle is comfortable to the touch, and is never hot, even when the carafe is filled with boiling water. With a knob at the top, pouring out the tasty coffee reduces spills even for folks with weak hands, by the addition of a convenient hand hold. It can be dropped without breaking.

And the quality of the steel ensures the carafe will remain rust -free for years to come. With the stainless construction of a double wall, the warmth of the coffee is retained for a piping hot cup much longer than other brands. Impress your friends with a beautiful centerpiece that produces robust, delicious coffee every time.

Triple -Layered Filter

Gone are the days of chewing grounds! With three levels of protection, this filtration system keeps the grounds from reaching your cup. Simply push gently on the plunger, and the filter magically traps all the grounds, even those pesky small ones, right where they should remain. Time and again, you will be amazed at how perfection may be created with such a simple design.

And since the filter is made of stainless steel, it will last many years. Have you ever experienced grounds in your coffee? Even the richest taste can be ruined by the presence of a few grounds. And since the first cup of the morning often is the preparation of the entire day, this is an excellent feature for you.

Safe Pouring

Have you ever had fresh coffee poured on your hand? If so, you already know how painful that is! But with the careful design of the Secura French press, not only are you pampered wit the richest taste imaginable, you are safe from burns when using it! Whether you are standing at the counter or sitting at your favorite breakfast nook, you can rest assured the coffee will remain in the cup or the carafe. And with an extra hand hold at the top, it is very comfortable. So banish the thoughts of reaching for a sponge or mop, you need not worry about unwanted spills.

Portable, Green Design

One great feature of the French press is its portability. Whether staying in hotels while traveling or taking a weekend getaway in the mountains, the Secura French press offers the richest taste in any setting. More and more, hotels place a coffee maker in the room.

Though you may use that for making the hot water go into the press, you can enjoy a more satisfying cup of brew than the drip maker. Feel good about the environmentally -friendly design. With a stainless filtration system, there are no paper filters to toss, or the little individual -use cups that end up in droves in the landfills.

Large Capacity, Double -Walled, Dishwasher Safe

When it comes to coffee, you sometimes just cant get enough! The Secura French press offers the size of this carafe to be one liter. Regardless of whether you are alone while sipping the richest taste available or sharing it with friends, you have plenty! The double -walled feature allows you more time to enjoy it. Because it retains its heat so well, you need not gulp down any cup for them to all be piping hot. So kick back and take your time to fully enjoy the full -flavored coffee that only a French press can make. And because this whole unit is safe to place in the dishwasher, it also is much easier for that occasional, deep clean.


  • The filter is three -tiered, so small coffee grounds are caught.
  • You can use several filter screens to achieve the richest coffee.
  • This can fall from the counter without breaking the carafe.
  • Easy pour design.


  • Stainless steel requires extra effort to retain the shiny exterior.
  • The level of the liquid inside is not visible, unlike a glass carafe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the 18/10 in the name mean?

A. The numbers refer to the percentage of chromium and nickel in the stainless steel, respectively. The more nickel, the less chance for corrosion. For example, 18/0 will more easily rust than 18/10.

Q. How much coffee should I add for a full carafe?

A. Begin with five tablespoons and adjust the amount to your liking on subsequent carafes.

Q. What are the 200, 300 and 400 series?

A. Another way to grade the stainless. The 200 series is a lessor grade than the 300 series. The 400 series, unlike the other two, is magnetic.

Q. Does the water have actually to be boiling when added to the carafe?

A. Yes, to extract the richest flavor.

Q. The taste is thick and bitter. Any suggestions?

A. Choose the course setting on the grinder, not fine.


When you wish to have a fantastic cup of coffee, the richest states emerges from a simple French press, because the grounds have time to steep. And Secura has created an ideal, easy -to -use design which in just minutes, offers total enjoyment. While bleary-eyed and still partially asleep, you can climb from the cobwebs of your mind, transformed by a delicious cup.

It is full -flavored and robust. With only a thorough rinse needed, you save time in the cleaning. Quickly join the vigors of the day. Save money with no paper filters. Reduce your overall trash contribution, without use of the single -serving cups of other coffee makers. Order yours today, and begin your mornings with the richest taste of coffee imaginable.