SaluSpa Palm Springs Airjet Inflatable Hot Tub

Manufactured by Bestway, this product provides a great performance level along with a lot of other features. Bestway is one of the most popular manufacturers of Hot tubs, pools, rafting boats, and big sophisticated kids toys. Its leather finish, the yellow matte color looks very high end. It can be easily installed withing minutes in your garden or a finished wooden deck. Ideal for 4 to 6 people, the SaluSpa Hot tub plus spa tub is an amazing product that you must have. And it is compact, can easily be carried in a bag anywhere you want it.


Portable, user-friendly, inflatable hot tub –

The SaluSpa Palm Springs hot tub is inflatable and compact. It is built for people who like hot tubs but want a more affordable, non -permanent one. The best thing about this product is that it can be carried easily anywhere. Even on the beach or near a lake, you can enjoy the hot tub. All you need is an electric source to power it up or a powerful battery. Well for me the car works, just connect it to the battery and keep the car in the start. You can easily fit it in a carry bag or just place it behind your car. It is that compact and user-friendly. The pump comes along with the tub, and it can be inflated within minutes. Easy to setup anywhere you want to.

Amazing heating power and extended height –

Unlike a lot of other hot tubs available in the market, this hot tub has an amazing heating capacity. It comes with a heating unit which warms up the water withing minutes. It can heat up to 104 degrees, which is enough for enjoying a warm hot tub experience in cold winters. The power cable is the standard which uses 110 volts adapter. It also offers a cover which can be used to warm the water even faster. The cover also helps in keeping the water warm when you are not using it. Let’s just say you want to use it in the evening because you have to go somewhere now, then you can use the cover to keep it warm for when you come back. The height of this hot tub is great. It is higher than most of the hot tubs, so you can easily soak your whole body in it without having to dip yourself again and again.

Perfectly capable of fitting 4-6 people –

Along with the extended height, it also-also has a great capacity width and length wise. It can fit 4-6 people easily at one time. With 254-gallon water capacity, this hot tub has a perfect space for six people to enjoy that enormous quantity of water. The inflated size of the tub is 196 cm x 71 cms, so you can just guess how big it is. But the inside of the tub is even vast. It is ideal for four people and two kids, but you can also manage six people at once. It is actually good to stay closer if you know what I mean. But don’t let that stop you from installing it inside your house. It will fit perfectly inside because it is made from a stretchable material. Usually, the hot tubs don’t offer such capacity, but this one has it.

Cushioned air mat floor –

Usually, the hot tubs have tiles as the flooring material, which is very risky for kids and even for adults. They get slippery over time and are really hard to clean. But this inflatable hot tub has a perfect bottom, which can be cleaned in a jiffy. The cushioned mat floor is made for greater comfort. No more slippery floor or hard surface. Inflatables tubs are the best comfort wise, especially when they have a bottom like this one. It is suitable even for kids as no one is gonna slip and break their faces or anything. It is made of very soft fabric material but don’t let that fool you. It can endure a lot and its actually very durable. If you have a nice water source, then it can be filled withing minutes, regardless of its huge capacity.

The best of Lay -Z massage system –

It has the same Lay -Z massage system which offers a complete relaxation. The sensational air bubbles make you wonder why you haven’t bought this product earlier. After an exhausting, workaholic day, you just need some relaxation. And this product provides you that in a jiffy without any efforts. Lay -Z massage systems are best known for their quality and performance. It also comes with some accessories to make this deal even sweeter. It has a supplied cover to keep the hot tub clean and warm, a setup and maintenance guide within a DVD, easier to just watch the instructions and keep them safe for later. It also offers a free filter cartridge and a chemical floater to keep it clean.


  • It has the huge capacity of 6 persons
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors both
  • More depth for full body coverage
  • Durable and very good built-quality
  • Offers one year warranty, no maintenance costs anyways
  • The superior color combination, classy looks overall


  • Deflating problems, thoroughly check it and return if any issues
  • Not effective in extreme winters
  • Not suitable for extra sensitive skins

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does it cost for electricity to keep it hot?
Answer- Based on test results ist nearly about
80 dollars and that also when you use it day and night continuously. That’s what we did on the test for a whole month.
Question: How to drain water from the tub?
Answer: A garden hose adapter is provided that will allow most of
the water to be drained. Once most of the water is drained, open the bottom drain valve on the pool floor to remove any remaining water.
Question: What kind of chlorine or another type of chemicals should I get for this?
Answer: Only a gallon of chlorine will last a long time.
Question: How loud is the pump?
Answer: The pump and heat are quiet when you run bubbles it’s like a shop vac so it can get a little loud.
Question: Does this have seats?
Answer: No it does not but you don’t need seats because of its cushioned bottom.


The SaluSpa Palm Springs Airjet Inflatable hot tub is the perfect design, easy to setup and very compact. It can be easily carried and relocated anywhere you want it. It has a 4.1 stars ratings in the Amazon out of 5 stars. But the reason for this rating is the 512 reviews. As nothing is made to satisfy every customer and it can always have manufacturing defects. But the good thing is that it has a one-year warranty, so if you see nay issues then you can just replace it anytime, withing a year. It has an amazing color shade for a perfect overall appearance. This is a high-end hot tub that comes at a reasonable price. With the extra height and dimensions, you can just unwind properly, without having to fold your legs or adjusting issues. It is perfectly ideal for a family. It comes with cool free accessories with it. Now, I am recommending it because I honestly you can’t get anything better than this for such a reasonable price. Give it a try and see for yourself.