SafeBabyTech 7 -Inch LCD Baby Monitor with WiFi Signal and Digital Camera

Having a WiFi connection to your baby monitor is the feature you never thought you needed, but will soon wonder how any parent has lived without it. The WiFi connection makes it easy for any parent to check on their baby at any time and makes this a standout contender as one of the best video baby monitors in 2016. What is even better is that the display is larger than most that are comparable to this product and make it so the parents can fully and see their baby on a nice big display rather than a small image that they can barely make out.

The monitor also has a sleek and interesting design. It looks very modern but has a price range that nearly any budget can factor in. The sleep mode is also great as it dims the screen or turns off the display while having the audio still active. This allows parents to hear their child without wasting the battery life by having the display on as they are sleeping. However, it is quick and simple to turn the display back on to check on them as they sleep.

Seven -Inch Display

Many of the other monitors on the market have very small displays. This is often so the battery will last longer. This display is much larger than the average monitor. The design allows parents to see more of their child and more of the surrounding environment in which they are sleeping or playing. It is three times the size of the competitors.

The display is also high resolution and gives the best and fullest view of the child. There is also a start of the art night vision included in the display so parents can watch their child sleep at any time of the day or night. The auto -dim feature also allows the user to turn the display off when needed while keeping the audio on.

Sleek Look and Top Notch Tech

Both the look and the technology behind this monitor are top of the line. The style looks similar to one of the tablets currently on the market, making the monitor look sleek and chic. The screen is framed with a clear crystal bezel, similar to the iPad, which blends into any of the color options seamlessly. This makes it easy to place on any table and look like it belongs there.

While style might not be the absolute most important factor when deciding on a monitor, the added feature of an attractive piece that can be left anywhere and look like it belongs is a great addition to parents. It allows them never to have to worry about running and putting away the monitors when guests arrive.


Easy Installation

Not every parent is a tech genius. In fact, many parents do not have any tech skills at all. With many monitors, this can mean having to pay someone to set up the system for you rather than risking improper installation or another disaster. Instead, this monitor is easy to set up. It is a simple plug and plays set up where no programming is needed at all.

That means parents just need to plug the camera into the wall and set the camera up to face the baby. After that point, they need only turn the monitor on, and they will immediately be able to use the monitor. If issues do arise, the company offers customer support that is always standing by to help out.

Clear Audio with 2 Way Talk

Being able to soothe your baby while in a different part of the house seemed like a very futuristic idea not too long ago. In fact, it was not until recently that such an idea had even been conceived. However, this monitor allows parents to not only hear the baby but to talk back to them. This is particularly useful when you want to soothe your baby when they are being fussy but do not want to give the impression that nap time is over.

Even better, the clear audio means parents can clearly hear their baby from just about anywhere in the house to discern what types of cries the baby is giving. This makes it even easier to soothe the baby through the 2 Way Talk option.

Lifetime Warranty

It is not uncommon for any technological product to come with some warranty. Typically, companies will give their customers a full year to report any issues. If it happens within that first year, they will either fix the product for free or replace it at no cost to the customer. Unlike those companies, this monitor comes with a lifetime warranty. This means if the baby monitor malfunctions in ten years when you have your next baby, you will still be fully covered.

On a similar note, there is also a money back guarantee. Of course, this does not last a lifetime, but it can be a helpful point for those unsure of which product to buy. If you are between monitors, it may make sense to start with this one since you can return it for a full refund if you are not fully satisfied.


  • With easy installation and a money back guarantee, customers are trying out this new monitor more and more each day. Here are some of the best features and biggest reasons to give this monitor a try:
    *Money back guarantee.
    *Lifetime warranty.
  • Tilt and pan options.
    *2 Way Talk Talkback.
    *Clear audio.
    *Long-range digital signal.
  • WiFi connection.
    *Easy installation.
    *Large display.
    *Auto -dim feature.
    *Sleek and modern look.
    *Replaceable batteries.
  • No programming.
    *State-of-the-art technology.
    *Full-color image.


  • Some do not like the option of the WiFi, as it does not seem as secure. However, there is the option not to connect the monitor to the WiFi connection if it is not something the parents like as a feature. Connecting to the WiFi does, however, lower the chance of interference and white noise.


Overall, this product is easy on the eyes and a lot of value for what the customer pays. Between the money back guarantee and the lifetime warranty, there is a lot of guarantees that the client will either be satisfied or get their money back in full. However, it is unlikely that the parent will feel the need. The display is beautiful and comes with a monitor that can be shown in the house the same as a television or computer. The auto –dim feature helps save on battery life, and the WiFi connection makes it so that the parent can be anywhere in the house no matter how large of a home.