Safe To Sleep Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor- Review

When you’re a new parent, every unexpected cry or irregularity in your newborn’s sleeping patterns always seems like a new cause for concern. This worry is only made worse at night when your baby is sleeping in a different room. Luckily, baby monitors have been designed with the latest innovations to help ease these concerns.


But with the proliferation of baby monitor manufacturers who all include new capabilities, it can be hard to determine which one is best for your new family. Safe To Sleep’s flagship model, their Sleep, and Breathing Baby Monitor comes with a substantial amount of features – including a powerful breathing monitor -that truly separates if from other competitors on the market. Now, you can tell how serious any irregularities in your child’s sleeping AND breathing patterns truly are.

Who is This Designed For?

  • New parents
    -Child Care Professionals
  • Day Care, providers
  • Doting grandparents
  • Natal Care Health Professionals

Breathing Monitor Functionality

Safe To Sleep offers the first system with the ability to monitor your baby’s breathing rate and alert you to any dangerous breathing patterns. This functionality is as accurate as a hospital grade monitor. Using their patented waterproof and antimicrobial sleeping surface – the SleepMat pad – this system uses advanced fiber optic technology to sense any irregularities in your baby’s breathing rate.

It begins monitoring this the moment you lay your baby on top of the SleepMat. Then, the BreathTrend feature notices breathing problems and alerts your smartphone or the remote parent unit if they stop breathing, breathe slower or faster or if they wake up. There has never been a baby monitor feature as powerful or attentive as the one offered by Safe to Sleep with this product.

BreathScope Mode

The above description isn’t even the full extent of this monitor’s capabilities to alert you to your baby’s breathing. BreathScope is a mode that also displays the breath rate and breathes waves of your newborn as they sleep. This data is relayed to your smartphone in real time. Now, with just a glance at your iPhone or Android, you can tell whether or not your baby is breathing safely in real time. This not only is a powerful option to give you more information as to how sound your newborn is sleeping, but the added convenience of the included smartphone app is a welcome addition that brings peace of mind and is much more intuitive to use.

SleepLog Option

Real-time data is always helpful, but it’s also wise to track your baby’s sleeping patterns over an extended period. This is where the SleepLog options come in. This is like a running record of your baby’s sleep patterns. It keeps track of every second your baby is awake as well as every second they’re asleep. This function then takes this data and generates reports on their total sleep time and lets you know how much of it was deep R.E.M high-quality sleep. This can tell you how much of a good night’s sleep your baby had last night. With this record, you can also predict if they’re going to be cranky today based on how long they had high-quality sleep the previous evening.

Smartphone Functionality

Most baby monitors come with a camera or microphone unit and a video monitor or speaker unit to give you audio and video information. The only components that come with this model are the SleepMat and a remote monitoring unit attached to it. You may think this makes it extra inconvenient, but Safe to Sleep’s response to other manufacturers is made to work with a powerful computing device you already have in your pocket. This monitor comes with an app that you can download onto your iPhone or Android smartphone. From here, you can access the BreathScope, BreathTrend and SleepLog feature and read this data on your phone in real time. It can even be downloaded onto your tablet as well. And a parent unit also works in the same way as the smartphone app for those who don’t have one.

Ease of Use Design

With as few components as possible, this unit is more convenient than other baby monitors. There are no wires or radio frequencies you need to protect this model from. It works on a rechargeable battery, is totally wireless and extremely portable and lightweight. The SleepMat is only about 4 pounds by itself, so it’s no trouble to take with you as you travel. Plus, there’s no extra camera or wall mounting set-up needed. You just place the SleepMat in your baby’s sleeping area and place them there, connect the SleepMat to your Smartphone’s mobile data or home wifi (or to the remote parent unit if you’re not using a smartphone) and open the app or turn the parent unit on to start receiving data from the SleepMat.


  • SmartPhone compatible
  • Monitors Breathing and Sleeping patterns
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy Set-up
  • Hospital -grade accuracy


  • You can’t use any other apps while the “Safe to Sleep” app is on your smartphone
  • Unable to be paired with more than one device
  • Alarm notifications disappear after a few seconds
  • No video or audio capability


Q1. Can you monitor multiple SleepMats with one iPhone?
A2. No, but the app can store different stats to the different units it’s connected to.
Q2. So this means you can connect your smartphone to more than one Sleep mat?
A2. Yes, but you can’t monitor them all simultaneously.
Q3. How do you pause monitoring for feeding or diapers changes?
A3. Click on the power button once, and the alarms will stop.

Final Verdict

The ability to monitor your baby’s sleep and breathing patterns remotely are powerful enough. The added ability to do all this from your smartphone makes Safe to Sleep’s model one of the most advanced baby monitors on the market. It would be nice if it came with a camera and microphone to give you video and audio capability. But for parents who value the kind of concrete medical data that is a better indicator of how well your baby is sleeping, these are sacrifices you will most definitely be willing to make. Highly recommended for parents who value real-time medical data or mere audio and video.