This is a question I would advise anyone buying a push mower should ask; what makes the best push mower. It is important to buy a machine that meets your needs and lasts longer. The goal is to have a perfectly manicured lawn. If you think that getting the biggest mean looking machine is the best, then you are missing out on the point. Furthermore, you will be tempted to spend more on a job that could have been accomplished just as well with a small mower. I like mowing my lawn because it gives the satisfaction of having accomplished something especially when people make good comments. This is exactly why I bought a Remington RM3000. Here is a detailed and unbiased review of the machine and why I think you should try it out.


Easy To Handle

I have used different types of mowers for years. One thing I have realized is that the smaller the machine, the better. Pushing a mower is more or less the same as driving a car. The only difference is that in the case of a mower you have to give it some push for it to move. You do not want a machine that makes you feel like you are doing a major manual work. There is nothing as great as giving your lawn a good manicure on a summer morning when you are topless. I take at most three hours before the sun gets really hot. I fancy using my Remington because it feels easy and I do not have to use much force.

Large Wheels

It might be small in size, but does the mowing job pretty well. Whatever it lacks out in size is compensated by the big wheels. As a professional mower, I know that the size of wheels matters a lot. This is especially so if you have an uneven lawn and you probably have objects such as toys or stones. Smaller wheels put you at risk of getting the lawn stuck in a lawn with tiny holes. Furthermore, you get to use much energy as you maneuver different sections.

The Handle is Smooth

The machine comes with a Styrofoam coated handle. I know this might sound crazy but mowing my lawn feels more or less the same as driving my baby around on her pram. You do not want to push around a machine and end up with sore hands or even blisters. This is exactly why the manufacturer added the foam. My 12-year-old son’s manage this Reel Push Mower pretty well because of this added feature.


Comfort is very important and depending on the kind of lawn you are using you will realize that different heights work best. I had to replace my previous mower exactly because of this reason. I was having back aches after hours of mowing, and this robbed me the fun of giving my front yard beautiful manicures. It’s good to have a machine that you can comfortably use. However, when the height is fixed, you realize that the job cannot be done well unless you do it on your own. My son is 4 foot nine, and he loves mowing as much as I do. At times we have to bet to decide who gets the honors of doing the job. However, it used to be difficult for him because my previous machine was just too high. I could sense the strain, but he is a determined kid and would mow anyway. However, since I purchased the adjustable Remington mower, he does the job pretty well and sometimes even better.

Strong and Long Lasting Blade

If you are used to handling any mower, you know that the blade is a fragile material. Around 80 percent of all mower repairs have something to do with the blade. If it is made of a weak material, then you run the risk of breaking it, especially if your terrain is uneven. Replacing the blade is not only expensive but cumbersome. Over the years I have realized that the factory blade that comes with the machine is always the best. Few replacements work as well as the original.


  • It is a good machine for any light duty mowing.
  • When it comes to storing, you do not need much space
  • It is easy to handle and rides smooth as long as your lawn is even
  • It can be used by just about anyone because


  • If you have a large field, you might need a bigger machine. This one is only meant for light duty mowing.
  • If you have big holes in your lawn or stones, then chances of breaking the blade are high.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to mowing the first question you need to ask is whether this particular machine will meet your needs. The small size essentially means that it is meant to perform light duty work if you have a field that requires some heavy duty work then you need to opt for a larger machine.
Most people ask whether it was difficult to assemble the machine. I did mine in less than 10 minutes, and I am sure it will take you a maximum of 15 minutes if you are new. Assembling is pretty much direct.
The other question people consider is how easy it is to push a mower. The prospect of walking behind a heavy machine scares most people. This one is easy to push because of it’s small size. If my 12-year-old son can manage it well then pushing it should not be a problem to anyone.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an easy to use the best push mower, then the Remington should be your number one choice. I accidentally stumbled on it after my previous one broke and I have never regretted investing in this machine. Nowadays, my son and I take pride I giving our front yard a nice manicure because it does not feel like mowing anymore. It is fun, and we always look forward to summer mornings when the grass grows tall, and it is time to engage in the ritual of mowing.