Are you looking for a backup camera? Consider the Pyle PLCM 7500. This monitoring system comes with a low -light enabled camera. Low -light enabled cams to help you get excellent views at night. The images display on an HD 7″ TFT screen. Distance -line is another fantastic feature of this system. It calculates your proximity to objects.

The feature is like an extra robotic eye. You can now confidently back up into tight parking spaces. The camera can also be automated to start whenever the vehicle backs up. You do not have to keep switching it on and off. Human memory is prone to forgetting! You would soon forget to turn it on! Automation of the process reduces the reliance on our flawed recall abilities.  If you want to increase your safety on the road, consider this rearview camera.


1. Amazing Display:

The 7 inch LCD makes for an excellent show. The sheer size means you don’t need to squint. The rearview camera, also, has 656 by 492 pixels. These pixels allow for very high -quality imaging. With such pixels, even small and distant objects can easily be made out.

Low light capabilities of the rig also make it more appealing. Image quality is not compromised even at night. One of the most practical uses is when backing into tight spots. Light is usually minimal in such scenarios. This camera will make such a feat seem effortless.

It will give you sharp images of the area regardless of the low -light intensity. Such imaging capabilities are rare on low -end buys. Not so with the Pyle PLCM 7500. This impressive vehicle backup camera did just that. It put high -end imaging on a budget price rig.

2. Durable Camera

One of the most significant concerns for backup cameras is durability. A camera needs to be very resilient. When driving, you expose backup cameras to sand, dust, rain, and a lot of other harsh elements.  The camera MUST be able to face the elements and still come out on top. Pyle PLCM 7500 rearview camera does it effortlessly. It is also entirely waterproof and fog -resistant. Rainy days go practically unnoticed by the camera.

The material responsible for making this equipment is, predominantly, aluminum. Aluminum is the same material used to make airplanes. You can rest assured the camera’s frame is right on the road. You don’t need to worry about your camera because this backup camera built for the rough road.

3. Distance Scale Line

Distance scale line is a very savvy feature. Backing up vehicles into tight spots is a very daunting task. The biggest challenge is not knowing how close your car is to other objects. Even the most experienced driver may find himself scratching the paint job. The Distance Scale line helps in such scenarios. Your backup camera not only displays the objects but, it also calculates your proximity to them. With the Pyle PLCM 7500, you do not have to ask for help while parking. It makes the whole thing so easy new drivers can do it. So if you have a parking situation, relax. Take short easy breaths and turn on the distance scale line mode. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish with the right help.


4. Immense Field Of View

170 degrees is a big field of view by all standards. The near-perfect field of view is easily the strongest point of the Pyle PLCM 7500. If you do not believe it, do some research. Read as many reviews as you can. All are in agreement on this point. This field of view is far bigger than all its closest competitors. What this means is that you not only get to see objects that are directly behind you. You also get unobstructed views of objects ALL ABOUT YOU. A wise man once said, ‘To be safe on the road, know you are the only sane person on the road.’  In a nutshell, you never know what crazy things can happen on the road. A wider view of the same is therefore very helpful. With this camera, it is practically impossible for anything to get to you without you seeing it first.

5. Multi-purpose monitor

No one wants to cramp up their small dashboards with monitors. Ply PLCM 7500 knows this. The monitor has two video inputs. More than one video input means it can receive additional signals. ‘Reception of other signals is just a fancy way of saying you can connect your DVD to it. If DVDs are not your thing, how about an in-car CCTV camera? You can also link the same to the monitor. You don’t have to buy an extra monitor for the purpose. Such versatility makes it a very solid buy. Two monitors for the price of one.

 This monitor also comes with its remote control. The remote control makes it very easy to switch between the two video inputs. So, this backup camera brings both security and entertainment to your car.


  • The big LCD screen provides excellent visibility.
  • The camera is small and inconspicuous.
  • The camera comfortably tackles all weather conditions.
  • The camera can be setup to automatically switched on when you back up the car.
  • A 170 -degree field of view is more than sufficient.
  • The price is quite low for the features it has to offer.
  • The camera kit included everything to gear up.


  • It is not as easy to setup as the wireless variety.
  • Installation instructions are hard to follow.


1. Does the system beep when you get too close to an object?

ANSWER: No! The system has good visuals but is devoid of any audio capabilities.

2. How do you get rid of the annoying static lines when your engine is up and running?

ANSWER: Just check on any ground wires on your vehicle. They are the usual culprits.

3. Is this camera water resistant?

ANSWER: Definitely YES! I have used it on many rainy nights. It works perfectly without a single glitch.


The Pyle PLCM 7500 is a well put together piece of equipment. It will be a challenge to install, but, that is just about as far as its weakness goes. Once installed, you have a backup camera that can comfortably go toe to toe with its more expensive competitors.

If you are looking for high -end quality at a low -end price, consider it. Experience one of the best rear visibility on the market.