Pyle PLCM7200-Backup Camera

Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera is a rear view camera capable of night vision and which can be installed in your vehicle to guide you into driving safely. The camera can be mounted above your license -plate and a clear video is delivered through an RCA jack. However, when you put your car back into drive, the image will disappear, and the monitor gets clipped to your rear view side mirror. This makes it a perfect option when reversing in areas with limited visibility or when you want to park in tight spots.

Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera Features

1. Minimalist design and long lasting

Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera is designed to be small in size, light in weight and highly durable and will always keep you safe while on the road. Most of the components have been designed in a manner that doesn’t take a lot of space. The mirror has some video inputs which makes it possible for you to hook up an iPod or a portable DVD player.

The camera itself has been coated to make it showerproof so that you can use it in rainy conditions for longer. The cables are excellent and are of good standards. Depending on how creative you are, you can navigate around and find a suitable place in your car to pass them around. You don’t have to cut away anything in your vehicle to create space, and you even don’t have your license plate covered by anything.


2. Marine -coated seam

One more best part is your backup camera is coated and safe against showers. The plastic that is used for coating meets the highest quality standards and guarantees superior protection for your backup camera. You can drive in rainy conditions and in high speed along freeways and another kind of roads without worrying that your backup camera will get damaged.

However, to ensure that your camera is more protected if you live in hot conditions, you can apply some clear silicone to take care of the expansion and contraction of the plastic material which the camera is made of. While in use, it will remain shower resistant for a long period.

3. Feature-rich camera monitor

You will find that the backup monitor camera is quite a something and offers a respectable 7 inches and 800 x 480 resolutions. The cost of this unit seems to be concentrated on the screen, and the quality is incredible, with good picture quality and solid buttons.

The anti-glare coating is of much help when it comes to the sun. Since there are inbuilt speakers, you can connect it to an audio source. You can switch automatically between PAUNTSC while also using the universal size clip to connect to other monitors.

4. Comes with lots of features

Pyle PLCM7200 backup camera offers some useful and highly functional features that include exterior license -plate mount cam, distance scale -line display which helps you in judging the distance between your car and other objects, marine grade – a waterproof construction which makes it possible to operate in rainy conditions.

The performance of the camera in the night and other low-light situations is not that bad. You can see clearly up to several meters away. The wider viewing angle which is a real sense is about 100 degrees offers comes handy when you need bright visibility when reversing into tight spots.

5. Swivel angle adjustable cam

The swivel angle adjustment camera is among the best features that Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera offers. This Backup Camera for pickup Truck can change the angle of view to suit the angle that you want covering at any particular time.

The clear lines ensure that you judge the distance to the obstacles and objects that are behind you with a high level of precision and accuracy, therefore minimizing the possibility of hitting anything that may be situated along your driving path. Also available is a mirror auto switch that acts as a monitor when you are reversing your vehicle, but will switch off automatically when you put your vehicle to drive position.


  • Adjustable swivel angle.
  • Powerful camera with excellent nighttime visibility.
  • Monitor with a high resolution and wider view.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Durable marine coated seam.
  • It’s designed for durability and lightweight.
  • The price of the camera is affordable.


  • Just like other low-cost backup cameras that are available in the market today, there are some quality problems that you may encounter and among them include:
  • Some customers have reported broken monitors and cameras when their package arrives brand new. These should be returned to the seller and replaced.
  • The quality of instructions is below acceptable standards. This can be attributed to the variety of motor vehicles which the backup camera is installed. You will find that the included instructions are more than just a picture.
  • The integrated rear LED is too dim and may not light more than a few meters away from the vehicle.
  • The camera offers poor night vision and blares when in direct sunlight.

Our Verdict

How to install a backup camera? Pyle PLCM7200 backup camera is easy to install. The crystal clear pictures which it offers are exceptional and the night vision is much better than what most factory installed units offer. The image is both clear and bright. The wiring is simple, especially if you have done one before, but anyone can install it quickly and efficiently. Simple tools are required for the installation, which can be obtained at low price from your hardware store. The marine grade waterproofed -construction ensures that rain does not damage the backup camera. The distance -scale line display comes handy when parking, reversing and during night vision illumination. Pyle PLCM7200 backup camera is highly recommended to those who need quality and feature-rich backup camera at a competitive price.