Premium Pasta Maker

The Premium Pasta maker is a great machine that will ensure you prepare quality pasta from like a pro. The machine has great features which make it very efficient in making of pasta. The maker has a sturdy stainless steel that makes it very durable. It also has adjustable cutters and rollers which allow you customize the thickness of your pasta or your noodles. With a reasonable price, this machine offers you supreme quality on top of being durable, easy to use as well as easy to clean. The following brief details about the machine will show you why you should not hesitate to order for one of these great units for great pasta preparation.



The premium pasta Maker is a very great kitchen appliance and is suitably designed to be used by various people such as

  • Chefs in restaurants
  • Housewives in the kitchen at home
  • And even maids


The Premium Pasta maker has the following great features which make it very efficient in performance.

1. Super- strong stainless steel: The machine is made of a sturdy higher quality stainless steel that perfectly matches its affordable price on top of making the machine durable. The steel is also fitted within a molded ABS plastic -frame that has a great black finish which is definitely worth the price of the pasta machine.

2. Comfortable Hand Crank: This Pasta maker has an adjustable clamp which stabilizes the machine on the table or counter top when the pasta maker is under use. The stainless steel crank, with a molded plastic handle, is then used to roll and cut the pasta. This comfortable accessory makes the unit very easy to use.

3. Wider and Narrower Cutters: The machine is equipped with cutters to enable the machine to make delicious Fettuccine and Spaghetti easily. They also allow you to switch between the thinner strands of spaghetti and thicker fettuccine and noodles. You will be able to achieve your preferred thickness on you delicious homemade pasta.

4. 100% Guaranteed Money back: The premium pasta maker comes with a great refund policy when ordered online via Amazon. If a client is unsatisfied of the machine is faulty they will be refunded for their full purchase. This is one of the major reasons why you should purchase online on Amazon.

5. Sturdy steel rollers: The Premium Pasta machine has adjustable Sturdy Steel rollers which influence the preferred thickness of the various pasta ingredients. The steel rollers allow you to obtain the exact thickness that you prefer from extra- thick spaghetti to delicate thin pasta.


  • The unit has separate steel cutters for fettuccine and spaghetti.
  • It includes adjustable rollers for customizing the thickness of the pasta dough.
  • The sturdy steel clamp attaches the machine securely to the counter or table for easy usage.
  • It has an easy -to -use hand crank that has an ergonomic plastic handle which allows you to turn the noodles out without exhausting your arms comfortably.
  • The compact design of the machine makes it easy to store this model.
  • Ordering this product on Amazon is guaranteed (risk-free).


  • Its plastic frame gives it an overall cheap and weak feeling.
  • Another issue is a clamp. Even though it is adjustable, some have found it impossible to clamp the model onto the counter top securely.
  • There have also been complaining about the hand crank which keeps falling out constantly when the dough is being cranked.

Frequently Asked Questions

The commonly posed before buying questions and answer include:

1. What is the width of a sheet of dough that this pasta maker can roll out?
This is about 6 inches. It eventually involves trimming down as you are near the Final noodle cutting, and the size goes to 4 inches to have your perfect Noodles

2. Which model is this machine between 150mm and 180mm?
It is the 150mm model.

3. Can a motor be added to this machine?
This pasta maker lacks an additional official motor. So there is a probability that there can be no additional motor to the machine.

4. Does the premium pasta maker include a clamp for holding the machine into place and if there is; is it adequately wide for use on granite counters?
It comes with a clamp. The counter should be about 3 inches for successful and easy clamping. It may probably go up to 4 inches.

5. What is the amount of dough that can be put in the pasta machine? Will it jam up?
A recipe should be about two 3/4 cups of flour, five eggs, salt and olive oil. It is advisable to cut the mixture into two halves. Every half may be flattened to facilitate easy feeding of the dough through the rollers without any problems. The machine should be able to make your pasta without jamming up

Final Verdict

The premium Pasta maker is definitely built nice and very durable. Its stainless steel construction might be heavy, but it provides the strength of the machine to hold up greatly over a long period. The pasta machine includes a thick plastic frame and a stainless steel body which makes it one of the best pasta makers sold on Amazon. The model is easy to use: it uses a crank action, and therefore one needs to use the given making your different pasta recipes.