Premium Pasta Maker:

Instructions on How to Use:

You first need to mix up your ingredients for the dough, of course. Make sure that the dough is not so moist that it will stick to your pasta maker. Also, make sure that the dough is not too dry, or it will fall apart when it comes out. Mother thing that makes it easier when using this pasta maker is to have two people working it. One will need to hold on to the dough and feed it in while another turns the crank to make sure that the dough does not try to bunch up and get clumpy. Do this a little at a time so that you can straighten the dough as it comes out so that there is not just a big lump of clay at the end of the process. All in all, it is a very simple process even though it is a bit easier with two people working together.


Who this Product is Designed for:

  • Chefs
  • Housewives
  • Seasoned and beginner cooks
  • People who cook for their enjoyment
  • Cooking teachers

Feature 1:

The Premium Pasta Maker is made from stainless steel and has a molded ABS plastic frame. This ABS plastic frame has a matte black finish. The mixture of the black frame along with the silver color of the stainless steel gives this pasta maker a classic and expensive look. It is affordably priced though and is very durable. Being made of stainless steel means that this pasta maker will take a lot of wear and tear without breaking down on you. Stainless steel also will not rust and stain like other metals, which is a must have in my opinion when you are using something a good deal for cooking meals. No one wants to use something that has a dirty look to it.

Feature 2:

This pasta maker has some different cutters that let you change the size of the noodles you are making quickly and easily. If you are making spaghetti, you can use the narrow cutter to make sure your noodles are small enough. However, if you decide you want fettuccine, you can use the wide cutters to make the noodles bigger.
You can quickly switch the sizes so that you can get your noodles made in a shorter amount of time. This is great for those who have large families or who are entertaining and do not need to take up a lot of time switching cutters out on a pasta maker, this quick change out is possible with the Premium Pasta Maker.

Feature 3:

The hand crank on this pasta maker is extremely easy to use. I know that using a hand crank is not hard, but sometimes it can get very uncomfortable using one. However, the hand crank on the Premium Pasta Maker has a molded plastic handle that makes it comfortable in your hand and easier to keep using for longer periods. I like the thought of being able to use a product and be comfortable at the same time. There is also the adjustable clamp that you can use to securely attach your pasta maker to the counter, cutting board or table area that you are using. It is important to make sure the clamp is tightened enough so that your pasta maker does not move while in use.

Feature 4:

Everyone has different tastes in food and pasta is no exception. There are some people who like their pasta thick and others who prefer to have it thinner. Well, when making pasta with the Premium Pasta Maker you can choose how thick or thin you want your noodles. This is so handy when you have a lot of people who like pasta done certain ways. It saves on trips to the store trying to find pasta that is just right for every person. All you have to do is adjust the stainless steel rollers to the thickness you want and start making your noodles. You can make every type of the delicate angel hair to the extra thick Spaghettoni pasta.

Feature 5:

The last feature that I want to point out is not exactly a feature on the product, but it is a compliment to the quality of the pasta maker. It is a 100% guarantee that the Premium Pasta Maker is made to be of the best quality.
In fact, the makers of this product are so confident that everyone will be satisfied that they have added a full refund guarantee. This means that if you are ever unsatisfied with your pasta maker at any time, you can return it to the company for a full refund of what you paid for the Premium Pasta Maker. I see this as a big assurance that the quality of this pasta maker should never be doubted when the company is willing to guarantee it in such a way.


  • Made of stainless steel and ABS plastic.
  • Affordable price for a high-quality product.
  • Separate steel cutters for different size pasta.
  • Risk-free guarantee that you can send it back if you do not like it


  • I do not have one con to put down for this excellent product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there separate cutters for the spaghetti and fettuccine, or do you just adjust for what you need
A. The Premium Pasta Maker has separate cutters for the different noodles.

Q. Is this pasta maker easy to use for those just getting into cooking
A. Definitely! This pasta maker is good for the beginner and seasoned cook.

Q. Do you just receive a refund or can you ask for a replacement if you send the pasta maker back
A. You can get a refund or request a replacement, whichever one suits you.


The Premium Pasta Maker is a great quality product that is sure to please anyone who uses it. It is affordable, well made, long lasting and more! So whether you are just now getting into cooking from scratch and want to try your hand at pasta or if you are a seasoned cook who wants the best for your kitchen then this pasta maker is sure to work for you. It has features that will suit whatever dish you choose to make. When you start shopping be sure to add this one to your list to look at, you will be glad that you did.