Poulan Pro Riding Mower

With a long standing history of providing hardy machines that are capable, this pick definitely lives up to expectation. Each aspect right from the headlights to the front facing v -twin Kohler engine goes on to display finesse that has the operator’s needs in mind. This brawny machine looks and indeed is a workhorse that encompasses sheer performance and leading technologies that make mowing a relatively effortless encounter. Expansive lawn tracts entail a capable heavy duty companion that can carry out the task at hand to completion perfectly.

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Engine capacity

Running on a 24hp twin cylinder Kohler engine, there are few superior peers that are up to par with this beauty. This is definitely among the most powerful engines that are fitted in a mower. By opting for this kind of heavy duty champion, one can expect a solid performance coupled with an extra feature that users will be pleased to use.

Among them is the pedal control fast auto drive transmission that lets one dictate the pace of work. This can come in handy especially for those long courses that spell long dreary working hours. The performance will save a lot of time while still keeping up a decent standard of work all through. A sturdy Kohler engine is undeniably top tier.

Wheels specs and nose roller

20 -inch rear and 15 -inch front tires allow navigation through dense undergrowth and any other fathomable terrain that may lie before it. Such specification translates to a 16 -inch turning radius, which is impressive while making turns and roundabouts on the ground. Ground clearance is sufficient to let it through the most demanding and entangling kinds of lawns with relative ease. Navigation is a defining aspect that affects directly work output.

Traversing terrain that is uneven with relative ease means that mowing is continuous and consistent. Strong wheels can handle both the weight of the rider and bulky mower while still providing an operational capacity to maneuver about. Quality tires are able to cushion much of the impact during the actual mowing.

54 inch reinforced deck

Having the best lawns around entails taking up a tough cutting deck with a wide allowance. At 54 inches, this mower is definitely an industry leader that is meant for the roughest scrubs around. This specification alongside a power packed engine work in sync to give an exceptional cut that will be well appreciated.

A major concern is whether the mower will be able to hold up intact when subjected to uneven terrain full of overgrown shrubs. The reinforced deck is quite capable of delivering a good job while remaining in prime condition after many episodes. Once the assembly has been done in line with the manual instructions, regular maintenance will keep the cutting deck in top working order.

Fuel tank capacity

The 2.5 gal. The tank is sufficient to cover a considerable portion of land without the need for constant refills. This translates into fewer disruptions while carrying out lawn mowing. Sufficient fuel capacity is an important setting that is appropriate for the large or commercial scope of work. This enables the operator tackle expansive areas at adjustable speeds so as to finish the task without breaking a sweat.

More often than not, expansive work needs a worthwhile companion that can shoulder the workload and deliver a superb job. Sight gauge enables the operator estimate the amount of fuel present in the tank at any given moment. This helps in planning the right amount needed to complete a certain endeavor without incident.

Reverse pedal

This ability is essential in getting the most out of the powerful lawn mower. Back and forth movements together allow better agility than before. Instead of having to go around or make a turn, the reverse pedal comes in handy as an outstanding feature that makes operations convenient and easy.Controls give the rider more freedom to carry out their work and yield professionally looking outcomes that everyone will love.

After getting the hang of all these controls, one can handle the motorized options more confidently. Feature laden mowers are always in great demand as they simplify the work and reduce the time taken on an assignment. Reverse capability can help out when the machine is stuck in the entangling ground.


  • This heavy duty model has an added capacity to take on laborious tracts with ease. Each aspect has been calibrated to be able to perform anything from the simplest to the most difficult of mowing assignments
  • Accessorizing is possible with items such as a 3 -bin Soft sided grass bagger to collect the cut grass and hence reduce extra work.
  • An all-purpose mulching kit is available that increases the scope of work at any given time.


  • This heavy duty machine is bulky hence restricted only to areas that can allow it access without incident.
  • Extra allowance has to be made for the machine to be able to fit through narrow access points.
  • The cost of acquiring the mower is just under $2700 which is costly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the warranty terms on the Poulan lawn mower?
A: There are a ten-year belt and deck warranty on each purchase. Terms and conditions apply.
Q: What is the shipping fee for the Pro Poulan Riding Mower?
A: Free shipping is offered on each purchase.


Manicured lawns are very appealing especially when done with the assistance of a potent machine that is able to bear the workload. The reinforced stainless steel deck is easy to maintain and will last long giving excellent service to the owner.

Despite the high initial cost of purchase, this is just the gadget that will transform the entire lawn into a skilled piece of work effortlessly. The quality outcome offsets pricing consideration that the user gets on their lawn.