Poulan Pro 961120130 PR450N2OS Briggs 450e Side Discharge Push Mower in 20 -Inch Deck

Do you have a small to medium sized lawn? Would you like a swift and easy mowing experience? Or do you just want a lightweight, easy -to -use mower that gives perfect trims? If so, the Poulan Pro 961120130 PR450N205 Briggs 450e Side Discharge Push Mower in 20 -Inch Deck is ideal for you. Featuring a compact design that makes it easy to maneuver around rocks, trees and flowerbeds, the 20 -inch mower gives wonderful trims quickly. It has a side discharge cutting deck that is perfectly suited to yards with flat terrain while its easy -to -start engine delivers adequate power for quick and clean mowing. This Poulan lawn mower also discharges waste out on the side of the machine as you mow, so you don’t have to stop to empty a basket or filter.

Features of Poulan Pro 961120130 PR450N205 Briggs 450e Side Discharge Push Mower in 20 -Inch Deck

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Sufficient Motor Power

Running on a 140cc Briggs & Stratton 500ex series engine that generates 4.5 ft. lbs. gross torque, the push mower is supplied with all the power needed to cut through thick and high grass quickly and cleanly. The durable engine is backed by a fast and reliable starting system (a simple pull cord) to allow you to begin mowing as soon as necessary.

The mower comes pre -oiled so you don’t need to buy oil the first time around. You will only need to add gasoline and then power the engine to start mowing. In terms of noise, the engine is less aggressive and can be used early in the morning without interrupting your neighbor’s sleep. The engine is easily stopped using a nifty front bar.

Good Cut Quality

Poulan Pro 961120130 PR450N205 Briggs is a lightweight and easy -to -use mower featuring a 20 -inch side discharge cutting deck. It is ideal for small and medium-sized lawns and is well -suited for yards with flat terrain.

The push mower treats small twigs, wild grass and everything else in its path the same way, gliding powerfully through the lawn and cutting high and tall grass cleanly. However, to achieve your desired trim, you must set the right cut height.

The mower gives very good quality trims with easy -to -cut grass such as Buffalograss, but for thick patches such as Fescue and Zoysia, you will need more passes to achieve an even turf.

Quick Height Adjusters

Poulan Pro 961120130 PR450N205 Briggs Mower comes with 4 quick height adjusters with 5 lever positions. This allows you to customize the height of your grass from 0.1 inch to 3.5 inches and achieve your desired lawn appearance.

While adjusting the height may be bothersome as each wheel must be altered individually, the preset number of configurations per wheel will enable you to quickly identify the best setting for your terrain and grass type.

If your terrain is uneven, it is advisable to set the front tire slightly lower than the back wheels in order to generate a tighter grip on the mowed surface and induce slight traction going forward.

Compact Durable Design

Unlike competitor units, Poulan Pro 961120130 PR450N2OS Briggs Mower comes pre -oiled, fully assembled and ready to use immediately you remove it from the box. Therefore, you will not need to break your head assembling or oiling it.

Its compact design also means it is easy to move around rocks, trees and flowerbeds. With a 2 -year warranty offered for such a low-priced mower, you will not need to worry about trying to over mild slopes or any obstacles on your yard.

The mower also has reinforced, stainless steel blades which offer great precision when cutting grass. The blades remain sharp for many years of use and you will not need to worry about them for at least some years.

Cost -Effective

Poulan Pro 961120130 PR450N205 Briggs Mower is rich with several useful features that make it good value for money. From a reliable engine, a convenient starting system, quick height adjusters, front and rear wheels, to reinforced stainless steel blades, the push mower has all the features necessary for a quick -fix for any lawn. It is a perfect mower for those looking for a temporary quick -fix or a backup mower for a regular mower.


  • Comes fully -assembled and pre -oiled meaning mowing can begin the moment it is unpacked.
  • Compact design ensures great mobility around the lawn.
  • Its weight of 51.1 pounds is easy to handle using its durable handles which also facilitate activation of blades for action.
  • Its powerful engine supplies adequate power for cutting tall and thick grass.
  • It is well -suited to flat terrains and easily used on small and medium-sized lawns.
  • It offers the flexibility of 5 different lawn levels, allowing you to customize your lawn as you please.


  • Terrain limited to flat and even areas: and functions well on small and medium-sized lawns.
  • No bagging system. It discharges the clippings on the lawn as it cuts grass.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Is the mower self-propelled?
A. No. It is not self-propelled and will move only as quickly as you push it.

Q. Does it use regular gas and oil?
A. Yes. It comes with an initial supply of oil, but you will need to add when necessary.

Q. Can it be used on a steep hill?
A. Yes. The mower is auite liaht and easy to move around. even LID a steep slope.

Q. Can it cut thick and tall grass?
A. Yes, it will. With proper setting of the lawn height, the mower will give good quality trims even on thick and tall grass.

Bottom Line

Poulan Pro 961120130 PR450N20S Briggs is a great, easy -to -use mower over normal terrain. And since there are only very few uneven terrains, the mower yields good results in most lawns. Besides, as a compact mower, it offers the advantage of affordability which makes it a viable option for the normal lawn owner. It also allows you to freely mulch your yard with the grass clippings discharged on the lawn, making for a healthier yard.