Omega Juicers VRT 350X Dual -Stage Low -Speed Juicer Review

The Omega VRT 350X Dual stage juicer refers to a great juicer with an ability to make the finest juices from fruits or even vegetables and greens. This is because of their strong, stainless steel as well as a powerfully equipped motor that gives it a great performance. They are very important, especially for a family setting where they were mostly designed as a solution for easier juice production. Most people will tend to purchase masticating or cold -press juices for making refreshments that fit a family setting. This article reviews on why you should consider this as the best masticating juicer product for your home.



If you are a fan of great tasting and soft juice, then the Omega Juicer VRT 350X Dual -Stage Masticating juicer may most probably be the best juicer product for your use. It is a great juicer that is constructed and designed with the consumer in mind, where it is designed to be easy to carry, easy to fit in counters, easily cleanable, among others. These great features that make it great for its functionality can be listed such as; Low -Speed Juicing System:

The Omega Dual -Stage Masticating juicer comes equipped with a low -speed juicing system which enables it to effectively create a one of a kind and unique juice that you can ever imagine of, as compared to other juicers which have a speed of up to 15,000 rpm. Thanks to the low speed, it can maintain enzymes, preventing oxidation and even allowing juice to be stored up to 72 hours. This is because the juice has or is equipped with all the health and nutrients that it needs.

Versatility for best Production:

The Omega VRT 350 X Masticating juicer has been created and designed for versatility, where it is able to produce the juices from soft fruits or vegetables and also has the ability of processing and mixing of food. The multi -functional feature enables this juicer to be used for other purposes such as processing of food, homogenizer, among others. It is able to do all this and at the same time ensure the foods do not lose any nutrients or health, which is the most important when it comes to consumption.

Low -Speed Squeezing Juicing System

This great juicer comes equipped with a low -speed juicing system that enables it to create or come up with awesome quality juices you can ever imagine of, where it retains all kinds of nutrients as well as health obtained from the fruits or vegetables. Foaming that is produced by the juices is also reduced or minimized in the best way possible and hence a juice that is able to last for a very long time, in a period that lasts up to 3 days or 72 hours maximum.

Powerful and Ultra -Quiet Motor for Continuous Juicing

This Masticating Juicer also comes equipped with a powerful motor that enables it to be very effective for the juice production and at the same time ensuring that there is continuous juicing or production of juice, hence producing plenty of quality juices for the juice lovers. The motor is also very quiet, hence very comfortable and effective for use in any kind of setting while at the same time producing wonderful juice. The juice will also be softer as compared to other masticating juicers.

Awesome Design for its Functionality The Omega VRT 350 X Masticating juicer is designed in a unique way such that it is able to be great and effective for juice production by users, equipped with and ability to fit the in the majority of table tops or even counters for the effective making of juice. There are also plenty of provisions that are made with the juicer to ensure the consumer/user has everything that he/she needs while using the masticating juicer product. Some of these features that are provided with the favor or the user are such as; filter cleaning brush for brushing the filter, juicing jug for the collection of juice.


  • It is very silent in operation or while in use, hence making it very effective for use anywhere and almost at any time.- Ability to make great soft juices, regardless of the ingredients, and yet within a short time.
  • This juicer brings a great saving for the money, as compared to other types of juicers which are not able to provide juices in plenty.


  • Since it is mainly designed for the soft fruits, extracting juice from the hard fruits or even hard vegetables like carrots will tend to be quite difficult.
  • Some of its parts are not really easy to wash and hence may be quite tricky when it comes to cleanup
  • It is quite costly when it comes to the pricing, due to its performance, where it retails at more than $400

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How good is this product for juicing stuff like wheat grass?
Answer: The Omega Juicer VRT 350 X is very effective and great in juicing of wheat grass and other greens as it extracts all the nutrients and flavors from the foods.

Q. How long does the refurbished VRT 350 X have regarding warranty?
Answer: The refurbished VRT 350X masticating juicer may have a warranty of about one year or more, depending on the product information as detailed on their website.

Q. What is the average operating voltage in the Omega Heavy Duty Dual stage Masticating Juicer machine?
Answer: The Omega Dual -Stage masticating machine comes equipped with an average voltage operating between 110-120 volts.

Q. How long does this product take to produce quality juice?
Answer: The duration used to make the juice with this product will depend on the amount of juice that you will be making.

Final Verdict

The Omega Dual -Stage low speed masticating juicer is a great product that has been crafted and designed for juice lovers, enabling them to make any juice on their own mainly from soft fruits or vegetables. What is more, this product is designed to totally meet the needs and desires of the user for a variety of uses. Despite its high cost, it still gives a great performance and performance in the production of awesome quality juices.