Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer – Black and Chrome

If you so much into juicing vegetables, you need a juicer. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Masticating juicer is not only made and designed for home but also for commercial use. This product physicality appearance is as beautiful as it practically is. It juices almost everything, from fruits to vegetables. Most people sometimes refer this juicer as s “the low -speed juicer.”

t processes at an average speed of 80rpm compared to the rest of juicers that are known to process at an average speed of 1500rpm. While the low rate seems like a disadvantage, the good thing about it is that it prevents oxidation, maintains healthiest enzymes, and allows storage of juice without degradation in a period of 72 hours



What comes to my mind when I hear of a juicer is the idea of making juice. I bet this is the impression to many people. While many other juicers are designed to make juice specifically, Omega J8006 can do a variety of tasks. These includes; turning nuts into butter, making baby foods from various ingredients, and grinding coffee, mince, and garlic. As you can see, it is not only about juice.

When you have this product at your exposal, you have too much to gain, and this justifies the price at which it is currently going for – $294.14. This juicer makes it easy for people who love varieties as it will perform all these duties at the will of the owner. You will want to use this juicer if you are the type who likes variety such like.


When purchasing anything that is supposed to serve you within the shortest span of time possible and what meets your eye is that the gadget is slow, you are most likely to turn your attention elsewhere. Such, however, should not be the case with Omega J8006. It processes at a speed of 80rpm which is a very low rate compared to the rest of the juicers which are known to process at a speed of 1650 to 15000rpm. It’s is quite a big difference, but it has its advantages.

It prevents oxidation, maintains healthiest enzymes, and allows storage of juice without degradation in a period of 72 hours. If you decide to make juice, for your either consumption or commercial purposes, the sole reason is nutrition. You cannot achieve this if you are going to lose all the essential nutrients as well as getting your juice degraded in a short span of time. Omega J8006 solves this problem.


While many people will want to pay for quantity, quality matters a lot. Omega J8006 has two steps of processing. At first, the juicer extracts the maximum amount of juice it can get from the input — fruits, vegetables, or any other ingredient — and processes it. Many juicers leave it at this place, and the consumer is expected to take the output at this stage.

However, this is not the case with Omega J8006; this product has a second and the final stage. In this second stage, the pulp generated from step one squeezes before ejection. It results in a high quality and dry juice ready for consumption. If you want a juicer for commercial use so far, Omega J8006 is the right one for you and your clients. Its two stage processing that can be vital to a loyal customer following.


When you are making your juice, you do not need to tell everyone. In many cases this might be inevitable as the juicer you are using is noisy and people must be aware that someone is on the verge of taking juice or nut butter. The engineers of this product seem to have looked at this issue keenly; Omega J8006 is soundless in operation.

Nobody gets to know what you are doing without your consent. Another thing is that this juicer is durable. Many customers will want to buy something that can serve them for quite a long time. Some even want the service for a lifetime, which is not realistic. This juicer is durable and can serve you for a long time so far.


Since this juicer is very productive and efficient, you are guaranteed to get the maximum out of the minimum input you would probably be having. When using this juicer, you stand a chance not to lose many of the ingredients in the process of making the juice. It is an important aspect as fruits and vegetables might be scarce commodities.


  • Apart from making juice, Omega J8006 can perform other tasks like turning nuts into nut butter.
  • Prevents oxidation and degradation of fluid in a period of 72 hours
  • It is durable.
  • It is quiet in operation, not noisy.
  • It is economical and prevents wastage of input.


  • Slow compared to the rest of the juicers
  • It may be hard to maintain due to its flexibility of performing different tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Omega J8006 a cold pressure juicer?

Answer: Yes, it is a masticating juicer same as cold pressure juicer.

Question: Is the output — juice — smooth or can you feel the fiber?

Answer: The sauce is smooth as this juicer processes in two different stages that make this a reality.

Question: Who is the manufacture of the Omega J8006

Answer: This juicer comes from Korea.

Question: Is it BPA free?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is not the case. It uses a polycarbonate housing.


This juicer is most useful for leafy vegetables such as spinach and other greens. It comes from its ability to squeeze the juice out of them with ease. However, this juicer needs space to keep and will not favor people with diseases such as arthritis. A lot of effort is required to handle this juicer, and they may prefer other vertical auger juicers such as Omega VRT. When it comes to cleaning the juicer, it may not take you more than 15 minutes. This juicer comes with a brush and has only four areas to clean.