Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer, White

Omega J8004 is one juicer that most referee to the as -slow juicer. Similar to Omega J8006, it processes at an average speed of 8Orpt. It’s a very slow pace considering that many juice makers will want the final product as fast as possible. This juicer grinds almost every particle in its way making the end product very excellent and of great quality. If you need a juicer for domestic use only, you will want to use this product.



Omega J8004 is known for its low speed of operation. This speed is very pivotal to its success in making quality juice. It enables the juicer to grind all particles in its way to make the product fine for consumption. Additionally, it also prevents foaming/oxidation. When the juice is processed at a very high speed, it is more likely to oxidize making it unsuitable for consumption.

Low speed also makes the juice produced free from clogged fiber from the inputs — vegetables. While this may not reach the expected levels at times, in most cases the levels of clogged fibers minimal make this juicer’s speed justify itself. I would say that Omega J8004 is the best juicer for domestic use.


The design of the Omega J8004 juicer is such that assembling of it is very easy. When you have a juicer, and you cannot perform it or can not assemble it, it becomes tough to use it which means you have to seek the services of another person to help you do the job. But do you even higher experts to make you a single cup of juice? It might be very expensive.

The engineers of this product were keen on this and made it an easy product to assemble for cleaning among others. Additionally, this operation is a hassle -free. You may not need an expert to assemble or clean Omega J8004 juicer for you. In fact, you can operate it on your own, and it is the very simple thing that you can handle by yourself.


Juice is known as the most nutritious food. In this case, you have to be very careful when making it so as not to come up with a final product that instead of helping the consumer, it becomes a health hazard. Many juicers use plastics that put the customers at dangers of contracting the illnesses that come with the same.

This juicer uses very high -quality containers to collect the pulp like bowls and cups making the consumers evade the risk of using plastics which could result in disastrous diseases. The end product from this juice is always regarded as highly quality considering its slow speed outcome.


It would be quite sad if you used too much of vegetables and fruits only to get a subtle amount of juice. In many cases, you find that these ingredients are very expensive and if you don’t use a juicer that will take care of that you might end up using too much cost on juice alone.

Remember you cannot live on juice alone. With Omega J8004, you are assured of an increased output as this juicer can squeeze all types of ingredients thoroughly to the point that no more juice comes out. In other words, this juicer is very economical.


If I use the word impressive. I’m probably using the right word. The quality of juice from Omega J8004 is of a high quality. Remember this juicer takes a lot of time to process its juice. Additionally, its products are free from oxidation and degradation. You can store yourJuice up to a maximum of two days. It has zero degradation within that span of time. No froth, no heating and this makes the juice very fresh for at least two days without any damage.


  • Affordable and pocket -friendly, and many can afford its $219.48 price tag.
  • It yields high -quality juice.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Omega J8004 is simply economical. The juicer produces the significantly higher amount of juice with relatively little amount of ingredients.
  • Free from health hazards.


  • Covered by a plastic exterior
  • Creates Ruckus

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between Omega J8004 and Omega J8006?

Answer: The main difference is that Omega J8006 is chrome and a relatively expensive than white mega J8004. Many people have seen the difference to be cosmetic, their colors.

Question: How natural is this juice to clean?

Answer: This juicer is among the easiest to clean. Different types of juicers have various types of cleaning processes, but I think J8004 has relatively simpler cleaning process. You just have to take out the parts of the juicer that are normally very easy, do the cleaning and assemble it for use.

Question: Can Omega J8004 Juice fruits like melons with their skins?

Answer: The tests are very positive. However, it does not sound that good to juice fruits such as melons with theirs skins for consumption.

Question: How loud is this juicer while in operation?

Answer: This juicer is loud but not as noisy as a blender.

Question: How does Omega J8004 work for fruits Versus vegetables?

Answer: Most people use it for vegetables, and it has been proven to produce healthy juices. For fresh fruit, you have to cut them into small pieces for the juicer to be effective.


If you are that fan of vegetable and fruit juice looking for a juicer, then Omega J8004 will sort your needs out. It will make it easier to make quality and nutritious juice that will satisfy all your expectations. This juicer has a fantastic warranty of 15 years meaning that this is a juicer that is more durable. Its user -friendliness is also an additional advantage as you can operate and clean it with ease. Omega J8004 is pocket -friendly even with all these amazing characteristics. When thinking of making juice, J8004 is a life companion.