Norpro Pasta Machine

The Norpro pasta machine motor is a motor driven pasta making machine that offers great results in preparing fresh pasta. This machine is suitable for home use and has great features that will offer you quality pasta. Norpro is a UL approved machine that ensures it is easy to roll out the pasta at home. It includes chrome plated steel and rollers which make the pasta maker very durable. The machine also includes a clamp which securely holds it on the counter- top for stability when under use.

This sturdy machine performs efficiently and with style on a variety of recipes including spaghetti and fettuccine, this sturdy machine handles the job with efficiency and style. Its Instruction and Recipe booklet offers you guidance in preparing the pasta like a pro.


Who is it designed for?

This pasta machine is popular for its suitability to those living in small apartments. Its counter top design makes it very convenient for kitchen use. The machine can be used by:

  • Chefs or cooks
  • Housewives
  • Maids


1. Chrome plated steel: The Norpro Pasta maker includes chrome plated steel that makes this machine very durable and efficient in performance. The stainless steel also ensures that the unit is easy to clean and as well as simple use. The machine can perform well over a long time thanks to this chromed steel.

2. Rollers: This model is equipped with 5 and inch rollers that are made of nickel plated steel. The rollers, when adjusted using the regulating knob with nine thickness settings, allow you to obtain various thicknesses of delicious Pasta. This makes the unit efficient and convenient for making the preferred thickness of different pasta ingredients such as spaghetti and noodles.

3. Countertop clamp: The Norpro Pasta Machine has a Clamp which holds the machine securely to a counter top or table for convenient and efficient usage. The Clamp also makes it easy to use the machine since it ensures it is stable on the counter top when under use.

4. Instruction and recipe booklet: The unit is equipped with an instruction and recipe booklet that recommends users to wash their hands and also offers guidance in the preparation of various pasta including cuts pasta sheets, fettuccine, and vermicelli. This booklet has simple instructions to guide you when you are making your different pasta recipes.

5. Compact design: The pasta maker has a compact design which makes it easy to clean the unit and also very simple to use with the help of the simple instruction on the included recipe booklet.


  • The machine is entirely made of metal, and that includes the hidden gears that drive the rollers which offer easy cleaning access.
  • The crank and clamp handle are both removed easily for storage and hold the machine firmly when under use
  • The clamp features a molded plastic T -handle used for turning the screw so that if it clashes against drawers under
  • The counter you have to either clamp it on the table or open the drawers.
  • The unit is durable, strong and sturdy built.
  • It is an easy -to -use manual machine
  • It includes the recipe and instruction booklet which are greatly advantageous to the user
  • It is very durable, and its compact design makes it easy to clean


  • The machine also has a few limitations as experienced by a few customers
  • The gears have at times been said to stop functioning after about a year or striped
  • The design and construction quality has at times been described as poor.
  • After a long period of usage, rattling within the pasta machine’s housing may be noticed. This occurs when some of the mounting screws become loose.
  • Assembly might be challenging to those with limited knowledge or skill about screws.
  • The included two-speed switch tends to provide low speed continuously. When on the high-speed mode, the machine jumps between high and low speed unless the user holds its button down which is definitely a bad switch quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the commonly asked pre-purchase questions together with their appropriate answers to build you the confidence of making your order for this unit online on the Amazon website.
The questions include:

1. Where is the Norpro Pasta Machine made?
The Pasta Maker is made in China for the Norpro Company which is based in the US.

2. Does the model fit the Norpro pasta machine motor?
Yes, it does fit. The motor works fine on the effective machine.

3. Can this pasta machine be used for fondant?
There is unclear statistics for this function. It should, however, be remembered that the model only rolls out the sheets of pasta in accordance the roller’s width. Unless the fondant is small in size, you may have to finish using a rolling pin.

4. Is the Pasta making machine suitable for a novice?
Yes, indeed it is convenient. The machine is easy to use and can be used by an individual who has never made pasta before. The toughest part of the process is kneading the dough. Otherwise, all one needs to do is Roll the dough and then run it through the machine’s cutter which is entirely an easy process.

Final Verdict

The Norpro pasta machine is generally of great quality with great features and benefits that are worth its value. The unit has a solid construction with high quality and durable materials that are easy to clean. Its ability to make various pasta thicknesses has made it very popular.

The pasta maker is also very easy to use and clean and therefore perfect for home use. By purchasing via Amazon, you may end up saving big on the (open -box and pre -owned) where you buy the Norpro Pasta Machine and get the Amazon warehouse deals and discounts of up to 46% off the price tag of the machine. The product is also eligible for a 30 -day refund policy as well as free shipping offered by Amazon. All these make the Norpro Pasta Machine worth acquiring.