NIKON Nikon Coolshot 20

Nikon Coolshot 20 is one of the smallest laser rangefinders in the market. It is 55 grams lighter and 2cm shorter when compared to the original Nikon Coolshot. The incredibly small size makes this rangefinder the best over most of other lasers because it is slim enough to be easily slipped into a jacket or trouser pocket. This rangefinder is inbuilt with magnification lens that can magnify objects up to six times and it is accurate up to 550 yards or 500 meters.


Five Most Important Features


Though Nikon Coolshot 20 rangefinder comes in small size, it delivers an impressive accuracy that incorporates a measurement range of six to six hundred and fifty yards. This high level of accuracy is made possible by the device six times magnification lens that helps golfers fix their attention on the ball and the flag up to five hundred and fifty yards.

This integral six -power monocular lens is built on Nikon optics. The users should never have to guess the distance, but with the use of this device, they will picture virtually everything on the golf course owing to its high level of clarity and precision. Thus Nikon Coolshot 20 is a reliable device that gives a shot -to -shot convenience on every step in the game.


One of the key features about Nikon Coolshot 20 is its size. The device is very light and small, and it is appropriate to be carried along the golf course. It weighs just one hundred and twenty-five grams and measures only 7cm by 9cm. This size makes fifty-five grams lighter and 2cm shorter than the earlier Nikon Coolshot.

This rangefinder is considered one of the smallest golf devices available on the market. Its compact shape enables golfers to operate the device with one hand. Besides, Nikon Coolshot 20 is light and small enough to be accommodated in the pockets of pants or jackets. Hence golfers will be able to use it without having to reach into their bags countless times.

The device unique features

This rangefinder operates on a First Target Priority system that enables the gadget to focus on the object in the background and will give the golfer precise distance readings despite the presence of other objects around the target. This system is the single most important features that make it possible to detect a flagstick positioned in front of several obstacles such as trees.

Another unique feature that this device possesses the 8 -seconds continuous scanning that is initiated just by a single touch of the button which configures the rangefinder to search measurements of small or multiple objects. The 8 -seconds scanning in-built in the device gives the golfers the chance to examine the distance between trees, pins, hazards, and mounds.

Ease of use

The compact and small shape of this rangefinder increases the comfort when using the device. It is an important feature because it ensures the device is carried easily around while attached to the golfer’s belt or pocket. Many users rates highly Nikon Coolshot 20 mainly due to ease of use.

What is needed is only to point the gadget to the preferred target and the rear button pushed to turn on the rangefinder and the target will be visualized. The distance readings in the device can be changed from yards to meters by pressing the mode button at the front of the rangefinder and so the device will be easy to use for everyone.

Also, just by pushing and releasing the power button will initiate the 8 -second measurement that allows golfers to measure multiple targets faster.

Other specifications

As a user, you will like the fact that this rangefinder is waterproof and this feature enables you to use it under any weather conditions. Nikon Coolshot 20 operates on sophisticated technologies that guarantee accurate and useful information even during cold or rainy days. It is a perfect device to be used in places that experience constant rainy conditions.

The device has a wide temperature tolerance and thus golfers are not forced to put aside when the weather becomes unstable. It has a two-year warranty wherewith the manufacturer will replace or repair it in case there are malfunctions and defects in the quality or the materials used.

Besides, the device contains a strong nylon case that protects it and comes with an adjustable loop that allows users to attach the device to their belt or bag.


  • The device is lightweight, compact and retails at very affordable price
  • it picks up flags without issues even when trees are behind
  • The device is comfortable and stable to hold


  • lt lacks the additional features of the more expensive Nikon Lasers, for example, slope measurement options

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I can find instruction manual once I purchase the device?

• Search through the viewfinder. When putting the X on the flag, press the button, and you will get a readout.

After that, you can practice on a wall or a tree. It is that pretty simple.

Can this device work well with the pins that have reflectors?

• This device can operate even without any reflectors, particularly at a distance of not more than two hundred and forty yards. Any distance further than that makes it difficult to obtain accurate readings.


This device is one of a whole new laser that retails at very competitive price. If you are planning to purchase a rangefinder and you are wondering which laser to go for, then Nikon Coolshot 20 is a great choice. It is an incredibly easy to operate the device and fits well in a small pocket in the trouser or the bag. The inbuilt First Target mode makes it possible for you to pick up the flagstick and not anything else behind the green.

This device is useful, particularly when you have not used any laser. Though it does not come with the extra features just like the other devices on the market, its compact, neat and affordable price makes Nikon Coolshot 20 very impressive.