New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer – Healthy Juices At Home (GREY)

The New Age Living SJC-45 comes with both efficiency and ability to squeeze out every drop of juice from every ingredient. It’s designed with full digital control that simplifies the handling and the operation of the juicer. While most juicers come with different materials, the New Age Living SJC-45 comes with a plastic material that ensures what you consume purely vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.



The New Age Living SJC-45 has a powerful watt of up to 200 with as low as the spinning rate of 45PRM. Such in turns facilitates production of high-level juice free from oxidation. Such spinning also ensures ingredients like most vegetables and auger squeeze fruit maintains their nutritional without damaging precious enzyme and nutrients.

he low spinning rate is also necessary when minimizing oxidation of ingredients, a process that destroys the quality of the juice. If the rotating blades, rotates at extremely high speed, there is a possibility of crushing and grinding the ingredients more, a process that may lead to the loss of a nutritional component of the juice. The New Age Living SJC-45 has high power low spinning capability compared to the other typical juicers.


Perhaps New Age Living SJC-45 is the most simple and easier to use a juicer. It has a uniquely simple design that has simple control functions that are easier to operate. Additionally, you can one can remove parts of the juicer with much ease and remove any blockage. The digital control has also instance reverse that a user can quickly reverse in case of any complications.

Apart from being amazingly easy to use, cleaning the juicer is not necessary a hustle. It comes with a cleaning brush that facilitates easy and efficient cleaning. The juicer does not finally require any additional training as any user can relatively do everything necessary in the production of tasty, nutritious and sweet juice.


The New Age Living SJC-45 has a complex mechanism in squeezing health juices from the hardest type of fruits. It’s designed to grind, crush and squeeze juices from a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. From white grass and soya beans to nuts and vegetables, the New Age Living SJC-45 quickly and effortless produce high quality and nutritious juices that one could imagine.

The high power motor and the spinning abilities are ideal for both domestic and high demanding commercial applications. Its juicing bowl can hold as much as 450m1 juice enough to fill two full glasses. Due to its efficiency and its versatility, you can also use the juice in the extracting marinade, sauce, delicious juices, milk and even baby food.


When it comes to producing the most secure and safe juice, New Age Living SJC-45 is simply the best. From the stainless steel glass material, plastic BA to durable bottle material produces safe and nutritious juice free of any spoilage. The juicer is certified by major certifying bodies like UL and FDA as having passed food and consumer standard.

The New Age Living SJC-45 design and materials assure you that only the liquid, vitamin and the minerals component of the fruit gets into your glass. With just as little as one minute, this particular juicer assures you that even oxidation, a process that manipulates that may alter the original nutritious component of your juice remain intact, giving you all the desired part of the sauce.


The New Age Living SJC-45 has a perfect warrant plan. Most dealers offer longer warranty period of as long as five years. In fact, most dealers offer an even more extended warranty period when it comes to the sections of the New Age Living SJC-45. Further, still, most dealers offer much -discounted prices that guarantee you the value of your money and a good investment plan.

Even so, when your juicer experiences some functionality problems even after your warranty period is over; just visit your dealers for compensation. Of course, they may ask you to pay some few bucks but ensure your juicer functions frequently. When such happens, do not hesitate to pay, as your dealers will restore the original state of your juicer.


  • Easy to use and handle
  • Strong motor
  • Less oxidation due to its low spinning speed
  • Relatively larger compared to most typical juicers.


  • Does not have feed chute mouth for easy processing
  • Relatively slower compared to the 3inch feed chute

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: is it a cold pressure juice

Answer: Yes, the New Age Living SJC-45 is a cold pressure juicer.

Question: does the New Age Living SJC-45 have any warrant?

Answer: The New Age Living SJC-45 comes with a long-term warranty of up to five years. Even when the warrant expires, the juicers are still available at much -discounted prices at most of these New Age Living SJC-45 dealers.

Question: How long does the New Age Living SJC-45 run?

Answer: The New Age Living SJC-45 will typically spin from 5-8 minutes without stopping. Even so, you should rest your juicer for a few minutes before proceeding with the next spinning. What that does is to improve the functionality the juicer. The overload protection system will typically stop your juicer in the case of overheating, when there are power connectivity issues or even when you spin for a longer period. Remember your juice functionality depends on how you handle it.


With New Age Living SJC-45, purchasing a juicer should not be necessary a big hustle. From motor power to relatively low spinning speed, this juicer offers you the best quality, nutritious and oxidation free juice. The juicer further provides you multifunctional capabilities extracting juice from all hard fruit juices to smooth vegetables, giving you incredibly healthy and tasty juices.

You can even make baby food with this particular juicer. So, if undecided of the juicer to buy, the New Age Living SJC-45 is the perfect option for you. Even with cost, the New Age Living SJC-45 is incredibly affordable, comes with excellent discounted deals and therefore not only giving you the value of your money, but also a sound investment.