Mousand New Version Video Baby Monitor Security Digital Baby Videos Camera with Night Vision/Temperature Monitoring/ 2 Wa Talking System/ HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY

For new parents, finding something reliable but easy to use goes to the top of the priority list when selecting a video baby monitor. There seems to be a new best baby video monitor of 2016 each day, with each model having its set of reasons parents cannot live without it. This monitor has many of its best features right in its name. The monitor can give great video quality at night while also allowing parents to talk to their child through the monitor. Even further, the parents can monitor the temperature of the room without ever having to step foot, and the monitor has alerts for when the temperature is not what it should be. The added feature of long-lasting battery life can help any set of parents get a better hold over their house as they welcome the new addition to the family.

Night Vision

No matter what time of the day it happens to be, a baby still needs to be watched. When a parent is trying to get a baby to sleep in their room without the parent in there with them, there is a lot of anxiety. As a result, parents often check on the baby several times throughout the night. More than likely, this will interrupt the sleep of the baby if they were asleep, and will often cause them to stay awake if they were not asleep.

By being able to check on the baby with a clear video image, parents can relax a bit and let the baby try to sleep on their own without any worries about their safety.

Temperature Monitoring


Babies cannot handle too much variance in temperature. For many parents, this means continually checking the room and other things to make sure nothing too hot or too cold is near their child. This makes the temperature of the room itself even more important, as it can lead to many issues with an infant and even older babies. The monitor will alert parents when the temperature is not right. This means without an alert; the parents can feel confident that the room is where is should be. This can open a lot of time up for the parent to get things done that have been neglected or spend time with the other children of the household without any anxiety about the baby.

Two -Way Talking

While every monitor allows the parents to hear, the baby, very few give the option for the parent to talk back.

This is likely because there was not much thought-pf use previously. In the past, if the parent could hear the cries of the baby over the monitor, they would go into the room to soothe the baby. However, with new technology, it is now possible to soothe a child without having to get up and go into the room. This can be very helpful when a child is starting to sleep on their own and only needs small reassurances to get through the night. At that time, it could put things back a few steps to physically go into the room, as the baby will likely seek attention.

Long Range Digital Signal

Parenthood is tough. A lot goes by the wayside as the family adjusts to the new member of the house and as the baby begins to develop. One of the biggest issues is cleanliness. Many mothers, and often fathers, have been known to go without showering or picking up around the house. Of course, much of this is due to exhaustion. However, one great way to lessen the exhaustion is to have a long-range digital signal that allows the mother to be further from the child without running back to check on them. By having a bigger range, the house can be picked up easier and parents will have the time to jump into the shower from time to time.

Remote Control Lullabies

Parents can soothe their child without even speaking a word. In addition to being able to speak to your child through this monitor, you will be able to play them soothing lullabies to help them get to sleep. This can be a gift for parents trying to get children to sleep on their own and with less comforting. Rather than running into the room and singing, or coming in and reading or playing something, parents can play one of the many lullaby options on the monitor when they see or hear the child stirring. With the addition of the long-range signal, this means a parent can be on the other side of the house and soothing their child back to sleep while they get much-needed work or relaxation in.


  • This hassle-free and simple monitor comes with many features to make the lives of a new family much easier. Some of the highlights of these features include:
    *Portable monitor.
  • Two-way talk talkback system.
    *Eight lullabies built into the camera.
    *Automatic night vision.
    *High contrast monitor.
    *Long battery life.
  • Temperature monitoring.
    *Secure signal that is interference free.
    *Multiple languages for support.
    *Easy installation.
    *Wireless Monitor.


  • There are very few cons associated with this baby monitor. One small drawback is that there are not multiple cameras, as others have as an option.


For the price and quality of this product, it will be difficult to find another option that will be as perfect for a new family. The range for the wireless monitor is very large, and it has a quick and easy setup. This means even the least tech-savvy parent will be able to watch and soothe their child without issue. Additionally, the night vision is one of the best in the industry, making this one of the best video baby monitors currently on the market. However, it is the temperature monitoring that puts it well above average. Keeping baby at a gentle, calming temperature ensures better sleep and better health overall, and the monitor does all of the work for you allowing time to address other important aspects of home life while the baby sleeps.